Crane, Rozzi - Lose Us Lyrics

I feeling weird 'bout you and I
Something has changed I don't know why
Looking at you my old best friend
Is this a phase? Is this the end?

I got a million thoughts about you a day
Face to face I got nothing to say

We're gonna lose us now
Can't fight the truth that we found
Yeah, that we've been growing distant suddenly
And I can't believe
That I won't be there for you, there for you, there for you
We're gonna lose us now

We spoke our minds, I miss those days
Our secret language is now erased, oh
Candles and flowers and compromise
At least we leave knowing we tried (yeah, we tried)

You and I will drown in denial
Let's bite the bullet, say our goodbyes

We're gonna lose us now
Can't fight the truth that we found
Yeah, that we've been growing distant suddenly
And I can't believe
That I won't be there for you, there for you, there for you
We're gonna lose us now
Hey, yeah

I could go on and on and on
About the things that broke my heart
I could go on and on and on
How it was you who drove us apart
Truth of the matter is
It doesn't matter if, it was me or you
Sometimes the biggest flames, burn out anyway
So looks like we're gonna
Lose us now
Can't fight the truth that we found

Yeah, that we've been growing distant suddenly
And I can't believe
That I won't be there for you, there for you, there for you
We're gonna lose us now
Don't wanna lose us, baby
I can't believe
That I won't be there for you, there for you, there for you

We're gonna lose
We're gonna lose (lose us)
We, we, we, now (we gonna)
We're gonna lose (baby)
We're gonna lose
We, we, we, now

Looking at you my old best friend, mmm
Is this a phase? Is this the end?

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Crane, Rozzi Lose Us Comments
  1. zarabella


  2. Giuly Sanci

    am i the only one who needs the bloopers or behind the scenes of this? Love both, although i came here for Scotty ♥

  3. Vincent Lambda

    let's adress the elephant in the room: are they fucking? 😊

  4. Rhiannon

    I am loving this! Amazing; the song and the video!

  5. Emm Aya


  6. Antoniel Filho

    Why this videos doesn't have like millions of views? It's so good

  7. Violet R. Peter

    How do people sleep on this? This is a masterpiece ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. stealingroses

    Yooo @1:31

  9. Stylez

    Everyone talking about Scott...... But damn Rozzi

  10. hellenelkantar

    Omg, what a beautiful duet!!! <3

  11. Gabriella Hall

    Incredible talent....very underated🔥

  12. 池太桃

    s o s e x y

  13. Pechrachanna Sim

    Omg, girl! Your voice is so soothing and sounds great! I just found out about you!

  14. Lauren Reilly

    Why the hell does this only have 80,000 views. This is insane. I just found it and will be listening to it on repeat. Have loved your stuff for so long Rozzi. Have no idea how you don't already have a Grammy. It's coming. Keep Going. <3

  15. Kej_TRin

    I love it !! 😍😍

  16. Izabella Ramos

    amazing 💞

  17. Daffodil Holler

    She deserves to be heard.

  18. sellyn nayotama

    My jaw is completely dropped.

  19. EnterNameHere

    Rozzi Crane is about as sexy as they come.

  20. Cindy Cortez-Ramirez

    Scott’s voice is like an angel 😇

  21. Cindy Cortez-Ramirez

    ThisIS her song she should get full credit

  22. Cindy Cortez-Ramirez

    I ship them!!!!!😍🥰😘😚😋😛😝😜🤪🤓🤩🥳😏🤣😂😅😇😀😃😄😁😆☺️😊🙂🙃😉😌

  23. Cindy Cortez-Ramirez

    She looks like dua lipa

  24. Joshalyn Kirkham

    Here from "thank u, next" on Scary Pockets!

  25. Yahn Sortica

    Vim pelo marcio guerra!!!!!

  26. BaBeBoBs Beauty & Fitness Consultancy

    That harmonious collaboration. Beautiful.

  27. ewa siemak


  28. koldfish

    Love you Rozzi

  29. Panitsiree Saengsawang

    I love voice you 😍 from thailiand

  30. renatta carson

    Why I am just seeing this

  31. Jade Percival

    this is fucking fire

  32. Random Girl

    The popcorn!! :(

  33. Götz v.B.

    Really great stuff.

  34. Suênia Virgínia

    Quem é do Brasil curte o comentário.
    Vim pelo canal do Márcio Guerra, que falou muito bem da Rozzi.

  35. Yuvti Mohit

    Who's the producer of this video??

  36. Schumifannr Eins

    Simply amazing!

  37. Destiny Nashay

    Seeing Scott play straight is so odd lmao like its convincing but I just know it ain't right 😂

    Destiny Nashay

    Actually nevermimd the believable part I kept watching and when they kn eachother face u just know lol

  38. Jean Paul Limage

    I'm literally flabbergasted this even happened. What a frequency together they attained. My goodness #snaps

  39. Taylor Udall

    sO GOOD

  40. Junu Jeong

    Damn this is fire...

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    Indicação do Márcio Guerra Canto... 😍😍😍

  42. Neggah Lú

    Wonderful 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Amazing...

  43. Márcia Sales

    👏👏👏👏👏 Brasil.

  44. Omy Winehauso

    Vim pelo marcio guerra


    Marcio Guerra


    Vim pelo marcio gueraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



  47. Vanessa Tavares

    I didn't know Rozzi until now. I was listening to Scott and was led to this video. Loved so much. These two have amazing voices. I'm upgrading my playlist. Thank you two. Kisses from Brazil.

  48. Aline Freitas Alves

    You gyus are AMAZING! what a voice! congrats!!! and a lot of success for you! xo

  49. Rapahel Carvalho

    Canal Marcio Guerra Canto...Aqui estou...kkkk


    Estamos aqui kkk

  50. Amanda Lima

    you guys are so amazing

  51. Joine Vieira

    Hey Brasil aqui quem mais? Vozes incríveis


    É noix

    Omy Winehauso


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    Wow what a piece of great song! Hit-like!

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    Love reaction s2 ROZZI CRANE - GRAVES MEDIOS E AGUDOS PODEROSOS - Marcio Guerra

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    Vim pelo Márcio Guerra 🇧🇷🇧🇷

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    I came here because of Márcio Guerra Canto. You are simply amazing and I am addicted to all of you’re songs. By the way this video clip is one of the best I have seeing lately. Congrats!!! I am in love with your talent. Best of luck!

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    Márcio Guerra me apresentou essa voz !!!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤

  58. veronica neri

    Amei sua voz depois de conhecer no vídeo do Márcio Guerra ❤👏👏

    Julia Costa

    Kkkkkk eu sabia que ia te encontrar aqui Veronica

    veronica neri

    @Julia Costa kkkkkk Professor manda!

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    I came here after Marcio Guerra's channel, and man!! I'm in love! 😍 what video music and voices!!

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    I met you guys because of Marcio Guerra's appointment.

  61. Tainã Luz

    Que voz incrível!!!! What a wonderful voice!!!!! *-* What a wonderful videoclip!! ♥

  62. Bhryan Vinicius Da Vinci

    Marcio Guerra brought me here. Such an amazing voice, girl!

  63. alatasam

    double wow i’m in love with you Rozzi and this song too, new favorite

  64. AhsokaTano

    Scott has the best voice in the biz hands down. I mean when JT says he envies your voice you know ou got it

  65. Indiana Melo

    Makes me sad the amount of views this has. Too much quality and greatness in this music. Its so noy fear.

  66. Maitê Alegretti


  67. bill rowe

    Why is she not a huge star yet?

  68. M K

    This sounds like scomiche’s story now *sigh* beautifully done tho, the harmonizations and scott’s perfect falsetto 😍❤️

  69. yeon lotus

    love you

  70. The Winningest Duo

    Beautiful song

  71. The Winningest Duo

  72. Chris Aranda

    Such a heartbreaking song about a dying friendship/relationship and they both sing it with real emotion

  73. Green Hornet

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    How did I not know about this! THIS is how I've always wanted Scott to show. All that soul & Rozzi, girl, you killed it!

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  77. Pamela Kefalas


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    This song is stuck in my head!! This needs to be on the radio!!! It is GORGEOUS!!!!😍 and the video is STUNNING!!!😍

  79. Cecy Z

    Rozzi you have a GORGEOUS voice !! I'm new to your talent..I'm already a Scott Hoying fan..Together you guys are AMAZING!!!💖😍💖😍


    Cecy Z 😘😘😘😘

  80. Richonda Fegins

    Omg these two 😩😩. I know this was like a dream come true for Scott, he always admired her and her voice ❤️❤️❤️ I’m glad they were able to do something together. This is everything. They are both super talented.

  81. Tina Traczykiewicz

    Perfection! Love your voice Rozzi! Best wishes and much success!

  82. Tra Three


  83. Meh TheTableGoat

    I feel like their voices are the same voice just in a different gender.
    Their voices make the same sound on really high notes

  84. No Name


  85. Michelle Willson

    This is amazing. SUCH A VIBE.

  86. Keith Long

    Rozzi's voice is stunning. wow.

  87. Iago

    That was... holy... I'm lost for words, truly.

  88. Susan Sisson

    Scott has always given off a masculine vibe, and lately he's been evolving into more hetero videos, singing with several equally talented women, including Shoshana Bean. I think he'd like to be able to sing on Broadway, so he's been transitioning to his own slant on male-female relationships, showing off his dramatic chops, as well as his outrageous vocal talent.

  89. Dsaladbar

    This is a random thought, but I would love to see you do NPR Tiny Desk Concert!! You'd be amazing.

  90. The Zenome Project

    3:21 is what I mean by her being a vocal freak of nature...seriously...if I had the ability to do that, I would never stop singing again. She's a legit 3 octave singer, and I mean a real 3 octaves, not a screech at the top and burp at the bottom type of 3 octaves.

  91. The Zenome Project

    Rozzi sounding amazing, but that's no surprise considering she's a modern day high note queen and vocal freak unlike any singer that's currently in their vocal prime. Scott puts on an outstanding performance, too. Thank god you're back, Rozzi.

  92. almendra baez montecinos


  93. Eleah Burman

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  94. Veronica Jones

    Scott that falsetto was flawless and beautiful! You two are amazing together. ..... I ship it <3

  95. Jane Doe

    I love Rozzi's voice and with Scott this is amazing. Scott is the heart and soul of music and it shows in everything he does. He is one of the most diverse music artists today. his range of talent fits the total spectrum from his vocal range to establishing PTX, writing, arranging, and on and on. His heart is music and he is savior in developing uniqueness and I love everything he does here and the rest of his collab. Rozzi keep that rasp its amazing and Scott do not change that beautiful heart.

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  97. Phil C

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