Craig Xen - I'm A Feminist Lyrics

Ima fuck a nigga bitch then I'm breakin her neck
I understand why a feminist don't pay me respect
I'm a cut throat hoe pimping, homicidal, lost soul
Gathering these bitches just to dump em in a black hole
Fuck a mans
I can't make amends
Ain't got no regrets, had to get it how I live
Since a kid, I been on some other shit
Duct taping babysitters up before I smother em
Hoverin, over the decaying corpse
Wonderin should I fuck it in the ass or in the face first
Sick thoughts, louder than a black church
Screaming in my head tell me I need to act first
Paranoid, hella paranoid
Hella mellow tho you probably thinking I was good
Yeah I'm straight, straight, sick, sick, twisted
Fuckin on his corpse with my light-skin shrimp dick
(Ok we heard you the first time)
Him grim, him sinning with a big grin
Head bumping to a scratched limp bizkit disc

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Craig Xen I'm A Feminist Comments
  1. Tasty Acey Check out my montage

  2. Django J.F Shafer

    damn this shit would hit hard if he wasnt rapping

  3. Lissie Lamb

    First song, I'm frightened

  4. the otakugod

    If you go to the youtube album it says I'm a feminist murder

  5. calubv

    Him grim

  6. WXLDWXLF - topic

    You can tell big time that craig xen is hella influenced by eminem

  7. korkor akor

    Good song

  8. Vylense

    This is that really good shit.

  9. BlurryFace

    *_People: getting triggered bc is a man saying "im feminist"_*

    *Me: oh*

  10. Nick Bizarre

    Def got some as the world turns dope ass old Eminem vibes lol. Love this shii

  11. kyleah marie

    craig is so versatile with his music, it's surreal

  12. kyleah marie

    nobody :
    craig : im a feminist
    me : okay we heard you the first time

  13. lysergic acid

    Paranoid hella paranoid

  14. El For Logic

    I’m getting skii mask vibes


    El For Logic that literally makes no sense at all but ok

    El For Logic

    what smh. I’m saying I can hear Ski Mask The Slump God in his voice, it makes plenty of sense. You just failed to make any sense of it


    nah. the flow and adlibs are just s little similar at some points in the track, but the lyrics, delivery and everything else ain't really.
    btw you know they're from the same collective right? they all sound similar to some extent


    I swear they sound the same sometimes

  15. Staple_Boi

    Holy skaaaaaaaaa………DOOOODLE MAN!!!

  16. Намзалт

    Like número 1k.

  17. SUlClDE Onfroy

    Why this shit fire but then so disrespectful? But song should be played at a live concert!

  18. Ash Kiarra

    love you all, much dedication to all of you alls projects ,I love them

  19. Ash Kiarra

    sorry for a lack of support I FUCKED UP, wish I was there earlier

  20. Ash Kiarra

    members only devotion getting hot-hot like battery acid , even more FYEer, but just so you know ive been always a fan

  21. Ash Kiarra

    shit crazy . I'm sober str8 rn though, ily guys

  22. lawl

    Im kinda mad this is underrated


    Im kinda mad


    Very very underrated


    basically 2020 now and people dont know the dif between underrated and underappreciated

  23. Jmez

    Craig Xen is slept on fr


    Jmez he is great artist

  24. Code Alpha

    solid flow in this shit

  25. Arxchne

    Slaps most definitely members only very rare Craig xen

  26. Jessica Erjavec

    feminists going wild

  27. Slumber

    I respect woman. Someones gotta do the dishes


    And make sandwiches

    lysergic acid

    Hyper StackzZ fuck sandwiches

    No U

    Damn ima hop in the kitchen.


    bars can I have two Mc doubles and a 20 peace nuggets?


    😂😂😂 you right though

  28. Itz Moon

    This slaps

  29. Krusty Milk

    This bop

  30. Lil PBS

    new school bizarre ;)

    Boethiah Covin

    Yo its you

    Boethiah Covin

    Weird way to find you here

    Lil PBS

    @Boethiah Covin haha what you mean bro? You know me

    Boethiah Covin

    @Lil PBS yeah I'm Michael from school

  31. xRenji

    @RGN Viking6

  32. LeoNitrixKingZ Jr

    Straight heat 🔥🔥