Craig Xen - Hibana Lyrics

As my friend would say, "Time to ring some ears"
Bitch, I pull up like Hibana
Pull up like Hibana, nigga
Ah ha, bitch, I... like Hibana
Get the eh, yuh, eh, yuh, eh, yuh


Bitch, I pull up like Hibana
See the shots, rippin' through yo armor
Yo, eh, pullin' like I'm broke
I'm a dick, get me wet, play wit' me and I'ma bust it
Capitao, blow shoot right through your blouse
Leave yo' mouth wide
Leave yo' eyes gouged
Whatchu bout' boy
Like I'm Sledge, hammer slam his head
Crush like a camel
God damn I'm off my meds
I got fame now, pockets on Montagne now
Big knots
Remember I used to trap out of my auntie house
Who want smoke? I got smoke
Like I'm Glaz
I'm a Spetsnaz killa
Kill a nigga when I spaz
Flashbang, my pinky ring bling, bling blow
Bling Ying
Boy don't make me come and breach [?]
Hate me but I got rank, I'm a diamond in the rough
You a bronze, coppa
I'm a don dada
One-shotta, kill
Ace when I ADS
Ay, shit get real
I'm a demon when I'm siegin'

Eh, bitch, I pull up like Hibana bitch
Seein' shots, rippin' through yo' armor
Yuh, and I'm hurtin' like I'm broke
I'm a dick, get me wet, play wit' me and I'ma bust it
My beauties are in place!

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Craig Xen Hibana Comments

    i pull up like obama

  2. Eli Rollins

    This song is a bit gimmicky but it’s still so good

  3. Stëv

    When they ask who I main in siege

  4. Caleb Robinson

    i freaked when i realised what this was :joy:

  5. 日向夏美


  6. Acrum 62

    I'm a dick! That mean what? PLAY WITH ME AN IMMA BUST

  7. 2G4U_ Toxic

    Took me a whole ass minute to figure out this is a r6 song 😂

  8. De'Merriko Reynolds

    R6 bars🔥

  9. snouf

    capitao, blaow

  10. conor Harris

    Didn’t realize this whole song is a siege bar 😂


    fuck yes

  12. Angel Cintron

    Weeb Team 6

  13. SamuraiLeg3nd20 YT

    Weeaboo operator

  14. tid

    delete this

    Wolf XVII

    tid shut the fuck up nigga

    Lemon Ade

    Why should he delete it, just because you don't like it lmao

    XCHii GUEVARments

    Delete your existence

    Lemon Ade

    XCHii GUEVARments no thanks

  15. Tyler Boren

    Ayee this shit is fire💯💪