Craig Xen - 5:03 AM Lyrics

Aha boy its 5.03 am 5.03 am I'm up and hustling
Why you sleep bitch I'm up and hustlin'
Ey what's up ehy ehy ehy say what's up say what's up say say
What's up say say say what's ehy ehy ehy ehy ehy say say
What's up say say what's up ehy

Boy its 5.03 am why you sleep I'm up and hustling
Spiritually waying to that beat with my other hand
Understand niggas fuck with Xen out of respect
Rap game careers
I'm an pimp pimpin' ven [?] hey
Pimp Pimpinology, Xen University
Niggas turn on me
Imma burn them to the 3rd degree
You don't wanna versus me
[?] brought a Verse for me
I disrespect his label and his team
Then sent him back to him
Fuck you and your clique bitch
I'm on my own shit
Infinite militia on the underground hitlist
Killswitch, I haven't fleeked in the gar [?]
Trynna black balls it, but they can't stop me
Grow on me you kid
Rolled over that's your options
I ain't in that politician
No, I don't sign shit
Independent Xendepent on Craig
I got spouted
Niggas they got sneaked
Hit me up cause I'm buzzin' that
Bitch get off my dick quick
Leet? give me your Soundcloud
Paypal leet, million digits, yeah we talking now
How that sound
Nigga quit that shit
Put the pin down
Rapping ain't your passion
You just want some enemy [?]

Bitch I threw up on the first tape, nigga
The mind stronger than the motherfucking body but keep resting man
Motherfucking [?] right here with me bruh
Infinite militia
Say wassup
Aye I'm finna get some rest nigga, God bless

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Craig Xen 5:03 AM Comments
  1. The BroSki Boi

    The beat sounds like when rob jumped ski 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

  2. Music Mann Mike

    Craig fire

  3. Shawn Pruitt

    Listen to this at 5:03 am


    While you sleep 😴

  5. Phanticall

    Been 3 years and still bumping this shit it don’t get old

  6. James Paquin

    definitely on some performance enhancing drugs filming this at 5am haha


    James Paquin i had a blunt xen was sober

  7. ieDekay

    Fun fact - killstation was sleep in the same room of that hotel when we shot this


    One of my favorite Xen songs to this day ❌🧢

    Dainius G

    5:03 AM


    How come I never known about this

  9. lamar kwadare

    Pimp pimponoligy

  10. Xx_G*59_xX F.T.P

    Since no one has posted where the area he shot this video it was In CORPUS CHRISTI T E X A S😎🤓🤔😅

  11. Tayy Beatt

    The black side of xen that no one has ever seen😭😭😭

  12. Money Won't Buy Love


  13. kyleah marie

    craig is easily one of my favorite artists

  14. Andrew Rodriguez

    Still jammin 🔥

  15. Lorenzo

    1.5 speed 🔥🔥🔥

  16. Tre Deezy

    Turned the black balls in but they can't stop me

  17. Deadwarlord PvP

    Someone didn't get laid tonight

  18. Destiny Sophia

    I hate how this isn’t on iTunes!

  19. _dylan.n__

    Rob cinder block stole this beat

  20. D. Miller


  21. Legendary Fish Gaming

    Listen to this at 1.25x speed 🔥

  22. Chaz Burke

    How does this only have 100k?!

  23. Bianca Julius


  24. Term

    The description got me weeeeaak, no cap.

  25. Dylan Smith

    Straight up stole this beat Don't You Dare - Rob $tone

    Ironiic Clipz

    Dylan Smith his is made before lol

  26. benchod

    bare flesh pt2

  27. fr0zty_the_bot

    Screw mtsu I'ma go to xen University

  28. Son of Sparda

    Don’t you dare🙄

  29. La Flame

    H town till I drown

  30. Before The Storm


  31. Law

    It feels wrong not listening to this song at 5:03am

  32. Santiago Alvarado

    I’m here at 92k views :))) can’t wait till it hopefully hits 1 mil

  33. Zay


  34. Noah Caldwell

    Please go look at his Instagram and see what happened he went from fresh out of prison in this video to a little white nerd. I love it but please explain lol


    Noah Caldwell hear me out. People change for the better sometimes lmfao

    M. GGG

    Noah Caldwell he's not white he's lightskin

    He ain't white

  35. doomslayer97


  36. er teschio

    Say WASSUP

  37. Slim Shady

    3 6 mafia vibes

  38. Showkey Instrumentals

    listing to this at 5:03 am

  39. Kiddink

    haha it was 4 am

  40. Aiden Hambone

    Fuck you and your clique I'm on my own shit

  41. Stolen Account

    Same beat as don't you dare by Robb stone


    except robb stone a bitch

    Stolen Account


  42. Jarryn Smith


  43. Nicolas00


  44. Anferni Reyes

    Hey wassup!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Lamar.


  46. Taylorspliff

    Crime mob vibes

  47. Rami Qammou

    im for the movement "GIVE CRAIG XEN MORE CLOUT TOKENS"

  48. Kevin Gueta

    Its 5:03 am lol

  49. JoshuaXgod

    He hit that hoe


    Bumpin this shit at 5:03 am bitch

  51. josephpa05

    What time is it?!

  52. Dom K

    yo Deekay this is dope! im DK haha peace ✌

  53. SkeckS G

    ripped version on ice cube

  54. blunt

    dis nigga

  55. Gabriel Munguia

    This shit bangs forever! 💯

  56. Gavin Gamez

    black Kats

  57. itvchi.exe

    I've punched myself in the face after listenin this

  58. josephpa05

    Happy New year PHHAGOTS

  59. andrew a

    watch what ya say before you get bottled, turn around and walk off with my dime piece model, bitch you in first gear my raps is full throttle, my 44 clips on the auto full throttle 100 shots fired 99 ya body gone swallow, fukin with that kid ill leave ya pockets hallow kill ya right quick but no one loved you so theres no sorrow, better go back and get to writtimg amd come back with it tomorrow after ya ask ya boy for sum raps that u gone bowwor

    Eric Jones

    Andrew Alex the dude you’re trying to throw your gay ass raps at😂

    andrew a

    Ejay jones i threw em at you bitch

    andrew a

    the day i actually rap 😂😂 you dumb pecka head im clowning LOL

    Eric Jones

    Andrew Alex what surprises me is that you disappear for at least 3 days then you come back with your 8 mile wanna be, mom did my samurai sword get delivered, rap is dead nowadays headass

    andrew a

    your a fukin idiot it says says when i sent allcthe messages u clown. i reply when i get notified. u are legit a tard.

  60. nachoõcheezz


  61. andrew a

    lol go to bed


    Andrew Alex L

  62. andrew a

    bitch say something

  63. andrew a

    lol this dude is straight garbage 😂

    Big Smoke

    Andrew Alex nigga you listen to fucking rae sremmurd and machine gun kelly, dont go around calling other people's music garbage when you listen to shit like that.


    +Big Smoke x.x

    Alex UV

    Shut ur bitch ass up

    Demon Mist Clan

    I'll beat yo ass boi

  64. Vidar GJ

    Lyrics anyone?

  65. Adam netzel

    2018 still bumpin this on the reg just so hard! xen better be makin $$


    U mean 2019 now

  66. Nick

    wtf ive been in dare at the same time as you and now i find you because of craig xen

  67. K3V

    yo you used to do cod vids is craig your cousin or some shit


    nah we cool


    @ieDekay yo that's tight

  68. _ delolala

    He was also up for three days or sum right? Haha I loved the video and this my favorite rapper, inspired me to 180 my life

  69. Afro 笑

    top 5...easy

  70. greg phat

    The description is basically why im addicted to craig

  71. Shogane YVR

    Been bumping Xen up in Vancouver for a few months, untouchable

  72. braden

    So this guy is a drugy thug? That's what I'm getting from the video


    "independent xen depend on craig and thats bout it"

    yeah bro hes a drugy thug

    no you're a fucking idiot

    xen doesnt even drink or smoke weed

    fuck you


    well there was cigs at the beginning and he looks like a thug. sorry I didn't know


    gab lol I smoke weed everyday and my ass hairs have a higher IQ than your brain

    alecia rushing

    ...a cig tho... not pills... or...okay

  73. leeder

    htown vibes

    bob flo

    leeder reminds me of slim thug

    Dustin Cooley

    5th Ward

    Minnesota Fatz


    La Flame

    H town till I drown

    Andrew Rodriguez

    Lmao Craig from Houston

  74. Chris Gonzalez

    how can I download?

  75. DroidzVFX

    can I use this for an edit ;)

  76. mrcs

    Good job with this

  77. Levvy

    is it 360p to be k00l or am i early

    Ronin Warriors

    ur just early


    @Ronin Warriors thnx


    This made me ctfu tbh

  78. VizuhVFX

    oh shit u live in corpus


    no i live in dallas

    Luis Gg

    +ieDekay oh shit you live near me


    +Luis im everywhere

    Luis Gg

    +ieDekay if your serious about making videos you will be everywhere


    yea wat he sed

  79. Ring V2

    my nigga