Craig, Jonny - Dirty Christmas Lyrics

Here we are it's winter, snow is coming down. Dirty Christmas this year, oh yeah. The fire's on high, I move my hands down low. This is my present to you (open me up). Just her the paper and underneath the tree, pouring bottles, kissing you softly. Every wish you made seems to come true. Dirty Christmas this year, yeah.

It's a dirty, dirty time. It's a cold winter night. No fire to melt the ice, but your body on top of mine. [x3]

Open up your body, baby. Wrap your legs real tight. Let's play a game of who's naughty or nice. I'm not checking no list, girl, to see if this is right. I'm giving you all of me tonight. Deeper we go now, deeper we go. Just lay back and enjoy this time, oh yeah. Deeper we go now, deeper we go. Dirty Christmas this year.

It's a dirty, dirty time. It's a cold winter night. No fire to melt the ice, but your body on top of mine. [x4]

Let me go deeper now. It's dirty Christmas this year. Diamond in the room. Just lay back and enjoy the show. Dirty Christmas this year. Just lay back and enjoy the show.

It's a dirty, dirty time. It's a cold winter night. No fire to melt the ice, but your body on top of mine. [x4]

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Craig, Jonny Dirty Christmas Comments
  1. V0dkacupcakes

    Great vocals! But I'm not to crazy about the beat. Or the lyrics. Jonny Craig will always be my favorite singer<3 his voice makes me so happy to be alive listening to it.

  2. Taylor L. McKnight


  3. Oscar Cazares

    Thank you for the upload :)

    Jessica O

    you're welcome :)

  4. Thiago Padua

    Good job Jessica !!   

  5. Brandon Setsodi

    Thank you Jessica (:
    Anything you want for Christmas this year?

    Jessica O

    You're welcome :)
    World peace, no more poverty, cure for all illnesses. Any of those would be good Christmas gifts. :)

    Brandon Setsodi

    Sounds good, idk if I can help with any of those. But I'll try to be peaceful (:

  6. césar borges

    hahaha actually i thought that because of your name, here in Brazil is quite common that name. But anyway, any news about the new album? (my english sucks)

    Jessica O

    It's actually a pretty common name worldwide. :)
    The album is supposedly supposed to be released around easter time, but who knows really, it's being worked on.

  7. Michael Nyary

    Jessica, thank you for uploading this. This will be playing In my car throughout December.

    Also, where do I find girls like you with great taste in music!?

    Jessica O

    You're welcome :)
    Also, share the music you enjoy with the ladies, it's possible they'd like it, just never heard of it.

  8. Wisnu Pangarso Wibowo

    i wish the sound of new jonny album will be like this :)

  9. césar borges

    Jessica O tu é brasileira?

    Jessica O

    I believe you're asking if I'm Brazilian, but I might be wrong. And no I'm not, I'm Canadian. (if that is what you're asking, and if it is, that's extremely irrelevant)

  10. Alyssa Kropik

    This song was produced by zrokk.

    Jessica O

    It was engineered by Zrokk, produced by Dae.

  11. Sam Salgado

    wow i love you for putting this up

    Jessica O

    You're welcome :)

  12. ian h


    Jessica O

    It was originally going to be released last year, which is when he made the song. He was going to go back with the name Diamond Monroe after he announced an acoustic album of six songs with Dae Bryson, but he never did, haha. But this song was produced by Dae before he went to make Find What You Love and Let It Kill You. I hope that clears it up :)

    ian h

    @Jessica O YES IT DID. THANKS JESSICA! :-)

  13. Alissa Renteria

    He can make anything sexual but sound still so beautiful

  14. Christine Pemelton

    Love it! Thanks for uploading

    Jessica O

    You're welcome :) enjoy.

  15. kevNchris445

    Thanks for uploading (:


    @Jessica O you are so ugly its ridiculous 
    thx for the upload ugly 

    stAye chiLL

    @7575danny tf? she's not even ugly, you dumb as sheet.


    @V0dkacupcakes He doesn't want to do it and explain how to undo something that's happened.


    @stAye chiLL He's not dumb he just has a different view on what he considers is attractive Dumbsheet.


    Yes, and he should of kept his view/opinion to himself, because that is rude and uncalled for and I'm sure if somebody would call him ugly, he wouldn't like it too much.