Craig, Jonny - Block Out The Noise Lyrics

Put our phones on in not disturb mode
Got each other, nobody else home
No distractions, they multiply
No deserving, just you and I

Let's make a world, then we do what we want
No limits and no guard is up
I'm in control and there's no need to stop

We block out the noise
Only sound is my voice
And now we focused on each other knowing that there's no one else around
Block out the noise
Only sound is my voice
And now we focused on each other knowing that there's no one else around
Block out the noise

Now the time limits nowhere to go
My hands moving on you real slow
But I can speed it up when you're the man, you're the man
Tell me how you want it all to be
We can make a getaway with no light
Baby, you just name the place

Let's make a world, then do what we want
No limits and no guard is up
I'm in control and there's no need to stop

We block out the noise
Only sound is my voice
And now we focused on each other knowing that there's no one else around
Block out the noise
Only sound is my voice
And now we focused on each other knowing that there's no one else around
Block out the noise

Close your eyes
Turn around for lies
Tell me what you need to make me feel alive
No wrong or right
Do what you like
I'm gonna shut it down on the you and I

Close your eyes
Turn out the lights
Tell me what you need to make you feel alive
No wrong or right
Do what you like
I'm gonna shut it down on the you and I

We block out the noise
Only sound is my voice
And now we focused on each other knowing that there's no one else around
Block out the noise
Only sound is my voice
(My voice)
And now we focused on each other knowing that there's no one else around
Block out the noise

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Craig, Jonny Block Out The Noise Comments
  1. SilentAuthor655321

    This is about taylor. I love taylor and jonny deserves to go to hell.

  2. Queenpanda97 memelover


  3. MidnightPandaGames

    this guy belongs in hell

  4. Jessica

    Get help you sick fuck. Your music isn't even that fucking good. Fucking narcissist

  5. Jada S

    Your a sick person

  6. lord farquaad

    “people call me a rapist, so i might as well be one”

  7. bailey .downer

    So disturbing to hear this music knowing what kind of a person he is and what he does/has done.

  8. alexissguillenn

    “I’m in control and there’s no need to stop” .. after watching Taylor’s video that part really freaked me out

    keilah nooroa

    Its seriosuly sickening.

  9. Allison Barry

    Woman beater asshole! You need to be in prison!

  10. Migfunny

    Is that Taylor Nicole

  11. liveforthis160


  12. Craig Brown

    HeyJohnny boy Put down the needle pick up a firearm put it in your mouth you know what comes next No woman deserves to be treated the way you treat them you’re going to get what You deserve on the streets At a show or sitting on your couch watching TV you got it coming And you deserve everything you get good luck

  13. Madison

    Jonny needs help.
    Regardless of what anyone says about him, it’s clear that his lyrics scream his internal mental struggles, and I really hope he gets the help he desperately needs... not just for his sake, but for everyone in his life....
    Maybe then, this absolute MASTERPIECE of a voice can be saved and be heard by a wider audience... because it deserves to be heard.

  14. Jaycee Profitt

    Let’s be honest he pick a girl who looked like Taylor and he’s voice is good but the things he’s done

  15. Breathin Ariana

    Jonny has been *cancelled*

  16. Julia Cuda


  17. Molly Jackson

    Get some help dude

  18. Brittany Hart

    This song sucks

  19. VAPEL GT

    Who’s here after Taylor’s video ?


    s t a t i c

    Me! Ugh I'm so disgusted of what he did to so many women

    Pamela Blake

    I am a survivor of really bad violence when I was younger and listening to Taylor storyit's so close to home I wish her nothing but the best and honestly Johnny you need to get help because if you have a childwould you want anybody to do terrible things to them as you have done terrible things to other people no you wouldn't. peace and love

    Janelle Iboa

    Sadly I am. But we shouldn’t be. I want to leave this comment for all of us to click out. He doesn’t deserve this attention.

  20. Christian Bohol

    I have no intention of listening to this but only to dislike this vid.

  21. Edwin Martinez

    Bitch I thought that was Taylor💀💀

  22. TwentyOnePilots.MyBlood

    Your the worst person ever

  23. Kassandra Almaraz

    Get help for yourself and your family

  24. Pearl The Gamer


  25. Hmmm

    He's a serial abuser.... don't support him

  26. Sprocket

    the fuck is sbg records promoting this trash... dude gets his girlfriends addicted to heroin

    way to go sbg records

  27. Alyssa Hawxhurst

    If only he wasn’t such a shit person

  28. Tiffany Kozak

    Fun you Craig

  29. Ximena Estrada

    The fact that he took a girl looking too much like Taylor it's fucking weird

  30. RitaRedeklug

    I can't stop listen to it x3

  31. CREAMY crEm

    He can do solo music so well and have collabs of his own. I have been a fan for over ten years and he just gets better 🖤

  32. Bobby Vela

    2 more comments to 666

  33. Bobby Vela

    3 more comments to 666

  34. Bobby Vela

    4 more comments to 666

  35. Bobby Vela

    5 more comments to 666 comments

  36. Tori Achy

    Love the song and love the tattooed goddess in the video 😘

  37. Kevin Mevoli

    Love jc no matter what but the thing he does with his voice on this should be his new sound


    No matter what? You should reconsider.

  38. Jaret Ramirez

    Jonny, you mafk, you've done it again. A GODDAM MASTERPIECE

  39. DelusionalX2

    Who’s gonna tell him that if he goes solo he won’t have a band to leave

  40. Nicholas Adams

    Can I give this song 5 million likes? God I love when this man sings IDC what kind of person he is I love him

  41. kittycatbroda

    I need moreeeeeee

  42. Lindsay Lawson

    So wait I thought he left Slaves to get better? Was he really just trying to be solo?

  43. Erich Schiller

    He could have such a huge, amazing career if he wasn't a stupid dickhead. Suboxone is your friend. But only for a little while, that shit is also poison.

  44. Kimmy Marie

    Sex to my ears 💋

  45. Tom Ace

    Who the fuck is Taylor. ?

  46. Faviel

    the first lyric isnt even correct lol

  47. Quinn Dang

    Craig has a great voice, but as an artist he sucks. His lyrics are trash and he doesn't say anything of meaning. Dude said he was inspired by Arethra Franklin. Get back to that shit bro. Return to your goddamn roots. Be a humble student and learn from people again.

    Martin Ezequiel

    Quinn Dang I kinda disagree. He has amazing lyrics? Have you not heard slaves like at all? Read the lyrics and come back and say that again haha.

  48. Nymphetamine

    You messed up Taylor's life by introducing her to drugs, using her for her money and abusing her. You're awful. Taylor Nicole Dean deserves so much better.

  49. black santa

    Johnny got issues, but hes pretty much the only reason over ever listened to any band hes ever been in.

  50. Kleiren dug

    A este video le faltó la presencia de Jonny Craig para que se mantega la sensualidad.

  51. arisenryan

    Sucks... Boring, uncreative visuals. Basic ass melodies. Simpleton rhyme schemes. Juvenile lyrics for a man his age.

    Quit getting blasted off of hard drugs every day, Jonny. This adolescent state of arrested development has become thoroughly pathetic at this point.

  52. J Mac

    Yeah so this isnt singing to a girl, hes singing to the drug

    j b117

    I literally just pictured him singing to a brick in lingerie

  53. TheNagisa24

    Boring song. Faggot deserves to OD

  54. Daniil Dymov

    Anyone that gives their girlfriend a drug addiction deserves no respect from me, you are sick and desperate.

  55. Sara P

    This comment section makes me fucking sick

  56. Shake Junt Bitch

    All the fucking haters just leave, stop saying you love his music but not him for who he is, fuck your opinion. We are all people, how hard is this one thing to realize? How much does it have to be beaten into your mind to stop judging another, I understand people do shitty things but many many many of us are misunderstood and I don’t mean by others, no, by our own selves. You have to go through what you have to go through in order to reach that bliss and clear headspace, some find it easier than others and in shorter periods of time. But please, shut. The. Fuck. Up about his personal life because you do not know what he goes through on a daily basis.

  57. _EFTEE P

    This is an absolute banger. Gutted he turned out to be a waster man :(

  58. CGagnon5

    Slaves is nothing without Jonny

  59. Ari

    Great song. Fuck you though.

  60. _ Jorge

    I might sound dumb af but can y'all fill me in about jonny and this taylor girl y'all talking about?

    Erika Santistevan

    _ Jorge look up Taylor Nicole Dean she has stories about her side.

  61. Hands and Harvest (Bryan)

    Is this the jonny craig from Emarosa, DGD and Ghost Runner on 3rd? Honest question

    Tater Raid

    Yes the same one.
    His latest band was called Slaves, which he just left earlier this year.

  62. Josh Torres

    Cte is nothing without Dave

  63. North Lane


  64. M. Sami

    More like Block the nose lol

  65. M. Sami

    More like Block the nose lol

  66. M. Sami

    More like Block the nose lol

  67. Cody W

    I'm confused as to how he is with this label, the same label as Slaves....

  68. Lala Loops

    You should take a page out of the movie Candy with Heath Ledger. The movies gives this idea that there are 3 stages of addiction; heaven, earth, hell. I’m may be wrong but this does sound like a song dedicated to using with your partner. Because it reminds me when I first start using with my partner, we both went into this addiction together and it was heaven at first. It was something we enjoyed together but eventually became hell. We were so toxic by the end but perhaps we always were toxic since we did heroin. Anyways watch the movies, it’s amazing, and I could see a similar concept with an album.

  69. scratcher king

    His songs get better every time he makes a new song.

  70. Travis Spaulding

    All these lame ass drug jokes. Fuck off.

  71. Crisscross

    Lol he got a girl that looks like Taylor 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  72. Hamster Hedgielover

    He really has to find the one that looked like Taylor the most

  73. 이쉘비

    It really hurts my heart to actually be able to hear the effect of palatal perforations on his voice in his songs now....

    Travis Spaulding

    I’m not sure what that even is.


    @Travis Spaulding when you abuse coke, overtime it can burn through the nose, creating a hole down into the soft palate (roof of the mouth). If you listen carefully, you can hear their effect on his singing now.

    Travis Spaulding

    이쉘비 ah, I did know about the burning of holes lmao but I didn’t think his use of it was so bad that that’s what’s happening with him. How can you be so sure that what you’re hearing is that? He damaged his voice with too much strain so it’s possible that what you’re hearing is the effects of him straining his voice overtime.


    @Travis Spaulding The sound is not a straining sound. I don't know how to explain the sound... it's like... if your nose was stuffy but you're kind of drowning in the snot kind of sound, you know? You can hear it a lot in this song

  74. Olivia R Dunham

    Y’all know he currently is and has for a while been a heroin addict right?

    Naomi Nolan

    Olivia R Dunham everyone has known for years

    Fionn Ternet

    Check out the new Taylor Nicole Dean video

    Elena Sanchez

    Hell yeah

    Elena Sanchez

    @Fionn Ternet i did and the heroine one he is a dick

    Fionn Ternet

    @Elena Sanchez yea

  75. Daisy Munoz

    I hope one of the snakes bit him at least once

    Viv Dazed

    Daisy Munoz 😂

  76. James G


  77. Elijah Connorrey


  78. MrMnj1193

    What stupid song. Horrible auto-tuned "singer"

    Turquoise Cheetah

    You clearly have never heard this man sing live. I recommend looking up a performance.


    @Turquoise Cheetah ill pass thanks. The music is horrible

    Timothy Mavelock

    @MrMnj1193 You have a shitty understanding in music and a shitty personality just by the way you comment.. there is no where near auto-tune in this and even if there was every artist uses it but HEY who am i to judge against someone thats naive. but to criticize just that, shows how feeble minded you are. this guy is angelic live and has potential but battles a drug addiction and so many frown upon him. you tell me, go do hard drugs and tell me how hard it is to break an addiction, ill wait. every person is different, i know people who have done hard drugs and have been trying to break it and have when it feels like an escape, the shit can be difficult to run from. same reason you probably drink or smoke cigarettes, it makes you feel relaxed and stress free but sometimes in large doses that dont even help the most strongest willed people cause it has no affect which in return is a habit itself thats hard to break. which in return causes them to find something more powerful to numb away pain. this guy has a large amount of talent. and even people who hate him for who he is have a hard time staying away from his music. the opinion you throw out is a mear .1% to those that are around equivalent to a spec of dust floating in the wind. you speak as if you are someone and better then those when you are just as insignificant as the next person to comment, a spec of dust to be lost in the cosmos. remember we all live and die just be to thrown back into the life of recreation to where everything we once known is forgotten. you have done nothing important in your life to matter. so what thinks your comment is gonna matter when you chose to click on the song, and listen to it.

  79. Alex St. Germaine

    Holy cowfish. Tats me/\

    Alex St. Germaine

    Rev. Arr

  80. Alex St. Germaine

    I don't care boot ur personal decisions. The noise song is nice but I tink it can b more. Aight? J Craig(atron) we know ur awe(badass)some. So.....prove it. (Kindly)

  81. saida blasac

    Perfection!!! We need morreeeeeeee

  82. Yesenia Marie

    this song got me dangerously close to calling my ex

    angel cabrera-marotto

    Don’t do it playa

  83. Schizo Maniac

    После emarosa и slaves не сразу признал его вокал. Эффектов многовато.

  84. Raymond Drewett

    Who is the girl in this video?

  85. JaneD0eNyc


  86. at5840

    I though that was ginger

  87. Stephen McKee

    Why the vocal edit? Talk about unneeded A&R work. Jonny's voice doesn't need a filter.

  88. Nicole Storm

    So y'all delete the comments related to Jonny being harmful toward women or what? How about the ones related to him being a fraudulent scam artist?

  89. Raphael Merino

    I found her on IG😍

  90. Tanya Ahmed

    The song I play when I wanna shoot up heroin 🥰

  91. Mike Vollmar

    No matter what he does, ima love this dude because he’s has so much talent. He’s just a lovable rogue imho.
    If you don’t expect him to dirtbag you or relapse then you’re really just being hella blind to his tendencies.

    No ones done until there done, still fucking top tier vocals regardless. I hope he gets what he needs whether it be treatment or a sack.

  92. Tsunii

    I thought that chick was Taylor

  93. Warbraid

    what font is this

  94. TalkingCheeseBurgerr

    Bro please get help and become a better have great potential to be an amazing artist and person. If have an ounce of care for yourself, your fans, your talent, and those you have hurt then please take the higher path.

  95. Tina Davies

    Wow hope this girl is just a model he used for the video.. but somethings telling me that any, somewhat serious amount cash he has isn’t going toward anything besides his addiction. So she’s probably doing this for free because she’s probably dating him.. hope she knows what she’s in for.

  96. Alexx

    Why waste such a talent to shoot up heroin, manipulate your girlfriends to use drugs just so you can continue using, abuse them physically, mentally, and sexually? This dude is a fucking piece of shit with only three options. Get some help, die, or go to prison.

  97. Raphael Sindermann

    is an album coming? I like this.

  98. John so low

    Idc what the dude has done or will do its not my life I'm here for entertainment and this song slaps I like it

  99. 黄huang

    OMG this jerk choose someone that looks like her ex who he abused


    Ikr it's too obvious

  100. TheGodclouD

    233* people are the noise