Cozart, Jon - Boy Band Parody Lyrics


Mid-life is tough babe, the end is nigh,
I've seen boy bands come and go,
The wife read "Fifty shades of grey"
'Cause I couldn't please,
She left me like that, no strings attached,
Every little thing I do, never seems to pull me through,
Depression made my marriage break up,
And my Porsche won't make love,
Never got my G.E.D, or a guest spot on glee,
Since I turned forty three.

[One Direction]

You're insecure, feel like a bore,
I've got a hunch we know what you'll adore,
It's time to seize, with one disease,
We'll burn you up hotter than 98 degrees,
Cold corporate suits in a room can smell it,
Simon says we're brand new,
A horde of girls threw my date down an empty well,
After they threatened to drown me in styling gel,
This bands been grown from the help of my cloning cells,
They all know
Oh oh
They all know we're beautiful,
Songs manufactured so carefully,
Flip of my hair, I cure cancer and heart disease,
Me me me me me me me me me, us, me me,
We all know,
Oh oh
We all know we're beautiful,
That's what makes you buy our shhhh.

[Jonas Brothers]

I got so old,
Just Rollin' in, mickey gold.
But I lost control,
And I'm ready to smoke a bowl.
Big Disney's diggin' for treasure,
Took my youth as a financial endeavor,
But my pure fingers ready for pleasure,
So I'm breaking up (breaking up) with you Disney,
And lightin' up (lightin' up) with team Miley.

[Backstreet Boys]

(Yeah) Your one desire,
Make us retire,
Don't care how hard you pray,
Backstreet is here to stay.
Sex appeal,
It's our sixth or seventh comeback,
Buns of steal,
One guy still has a six pack,
Let's get real,
Calling milf's and Tyler Oakley,
Backstreet is here to stay.
Your mom, your mom, your mom, your mom,
Our demographic
In this consumer market,
Your mom is our target,
(We're touring with the new kids) For our boy band buffet,
'Cause backstreet is here to stay,
Yeah, boy bands are here to stay.

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Cozart, Jon Boy Band Parody Comments
  1. Jon P

    I can't believe I've never seen this until now. I would friggin pay for an album of full versions of all these songs, lol.

  2. Trish Una

    Nostalgic :(

  3. WarriorWolfeh

    Why was this in my recommended 2019 is almost over

  4. flooma k

    Whistle a lot, I whistle this too, but my friends think I like the boy bands. I wish my friends knew what I was actually whistling XD

  5. Meliodas 1870

    i completely forgot about all of these bands lol

  6. Rolf Eckhardt

    5 years later still an awesome song. wonder if jon still has his sixpack...

  7. Quinn Tran

    Who else re-watching all his videos because he hasn't posted for a while and you are missing him?

  8. Kai Beard

    haven’t listened to this song in years still have it memorized

  9. Owen 99

    Can't go wrong with Backstreet Boys

  10. Joumana

    A lyrical genius...I said it

  11. Cherina Phillips

    "Sexy, dirty, grossness" 😂🤣😂🤣

  12. Chloe Ellis

    HOW is this 5 years old?!

  13. Beautiful styles

    I LOVE 1D!

  14. Cherina Phillips

    I'm turning 31 next week and I just squealed like a 9 year old. My preteen heart LOVES THIS SO MUCH❤❤❤ god! I feel old😭 BUT I LOVE IT!😂🤣😂 BSB FOREVER!

  15. Grace Bender

    Honestly, I’m 15 and I WISH boybands were more like they were

  16. oh no its rey

    Backstreet boys is so on point omg 😂😂

  17. Gray

    Five years later, Backstreet is back on tour and so are the Jonas Brothers.

  18. Rachel’s Corner

    Paint really needs to come back I miss his videos

  19. youtube viewer

    i’m a huge fan of the jonas brothers and the way you changed the lyrics made me laugh so hard

  20. StormTheWolf

    I have a question

    Can girls join this boy band buffet?

  21. Ashlie Down Main Street

    We need a part two now that the Jonas brothers are back and one direction broke up

  22. Guess Who

    Jokes on u... they Jonas brothers can’t break up they’re bRoThErS

  23. tainted minecraft


  24. Patricia bass

    I'd love to watch BSB react to this lol

  25. Catgirlcraft

    ‘This band’s been grown through the help of my cloning cells’ omg I died

  26. Missy Faye

    Man.. I forgot how good this was..

  27. j t

    is no one gonna bring up how good jon looked in the one direction one?

  28. pentaholic21

    "Or a guest spot on Glee"
    I love this because Jon auditioned for Glee and got rejected

  29. pansexual! at the disco

    okay okay okay...

    "Since I turned 43"
    Chris Kirkpatrick turned 43 about two weeks before this was released.

    So within the span of two weeks they:
    Wrote The Lyrics
    Choreographed The Video
    Designed Props/Costumes
    Edited The Video


  30. Malia Ferry

    we were all teenagers with Brittany Spears, Insink, and backstreet boys, and now were all moms, Your Mom, Your Mom Your Mom that me

  31. Luke Huizenga

    Buns of "steal".

  32. Sara Kane

    As a director all I can say is 👏👏👏

  33. Kayla Hobbs


  34. MmeganN E.

    Has Jon ever grown a real beard though?

  35. Jibanyan 641

    Me-me-me-me-me-me-me-me-me-*US*-me-me! I laughed harder than I should have.

  36. Mandiee Leaver

    I love your music

  37. Die_Melli Einschütz

    His voice omg

  38. Shae Lucia

    I was so about to say the backstreet part was soooooo wrong. Then I remembered I am mom age to today's teens.....and I still love them. I feel old right now lol.

  39. wheelerdealer

    “A horde of girls threw my date down an empty well”
    I feel that man

  40. MmeganN E.

    How’d I just find this now? ITS EVERYTHING!!!

  41. devilangelchild

    Backstreet boys came back again

  42. ReallyCoolSami

    5 years later, the backstreet boys are back... again

  43. gacha studiozzz

    I feel like 'I want it that way' is a meme now 😂

  44. John Michael Santiago

    I hope there's another one like this. 🙏

  45. iKONic and NCTzen

    "Your mon is our target"

    Mom actually loves backstreet boys

  46. Tabbyexplosive

    How has it taken me this long to find this absolute treasure I don't understand. I'm laughing so hard

  47. Taysia Kaune

    My favorite part is the 1D parody lmao 😂😂😂

  48. Taysia Kaune

    Who needs a whole band when you got technology! 😂

  49. Liam O'Bagel

    Oh since the Jonas Brothers are back, this didn't age well.

  50. godzillamaste magner

    Really jonas brothers

  51. Lonely Potato

    Who else thought that Jon kinda looked like Sherlock during the Jonas Brothers one?

  52. Its Us

    Just realized that boy bands are basically the human version of the lek system for bird mating.

  53. Seren-Rose Blake

    2:26 that voice crack is actually 👌

  54. William Remsen

    Amazing. Lol

  55. Patricia bass

    Funny loved it!! And yes, Backstreet is here to stay and yes, us moms love them. Lol

  56. gay group chat

    Like go off

  57. Conor Thompson

    Why am I seeing this now???

  58. Conor Thompson

    When was this???

  59. Bethany Parker

    This shows the Beatles are the best boy bands of all time

    Liam O'Bagel


    Bethany Parker

    Liam O'Bagel what?

  60. Almond.Milk.Is.Gross

    The 1D one hit me like a truck

  61. crispy noodle

    I'm still pissed that they didn't choose u for glee.

  62. Princess Loki

    Okay but I saw NKOTBSB and it was one hell of a concert given how old some of these dudes were at the time vs how young I was !

  63. slug_withallmylove

    Peter and Jon! Yasssss! 🔥

  64. tasha miller

    Omg this is great😂😄

  65. Ponydem

    When the Jonas brothers are back

  66. Michael Pearson

    I would be lying if i said i have watched this 10 times. But i have LOL

  67. Devyani Vadawale

    I love the transition from one direction to Jonas brothers

  68. Devyani Vadawale

    All the lyrics are black but they 'grey' in 'fifty shades of grey' is actually grey in colour and I loVE THAT

  69. Ashley Sma

    Fuck, at 34 now, this is truer than I care go admit. Next, Limp Bizkit will be making a comeback.

  70. Xylia Fontenot

    Jon is sooooo cuteee😍

  71. Missipy [inactive]

    Am I the only one that thinks Backstreet Jon looks *really* similar to tbe german Rapper Alligatoah?

  72. Dakota May

    Umm excuse me but backstreet boys are the best band around and r here to stay so get over it

  73. Nikki

    I literally died when he said “my pure finger’s ready for pleasure” omg he came for their necks😂 when I first saw this I was butthurt bc I loved 1D so much but this is literally lyrically genius and so funny! They’re soOooOO talented also Jon is so hot as an *NSync member oop 👀

  74. Helena Heger

    Is nobody talking about that fucking sixpack (3:03) ??? O:

  75. Rhiannon Pohl

    Who's here after the Jonas Brothers reunited?

  76. Beautiful styles

    Ok so this is simple. I see 1D I click

  77. Molly

    Its currently the end of summer 2019 and whenever I hear any of these songs I still sing Jon’s lyrics instead of the real ones haha

  78. Lilly Ayman


  79. Irma

    I feel horrible because i only knew the nsync and backstreet boys songs.............

  80. sponge puffs

    The Jonas Bro’s one is fairly accurate in 2019

  81. Kata S

    got a bit whooshed the first time I listened to this. though about what age would these day's moms be (Backstreet Boys fan), then I realized... it's around my age :)))) duh...

  82. Millie Rocks

    3:12 the start of the literally best part of this entire video

  83. Clara

    Still watching this 5 years later because it's fucking banging and hilarious

  84. Vero Ortiz y Ayala

    Not joking backstreet is coming to my country Uruguay for the fist time in 2020, my 35yo sister screamed her longs out 😂

  85. _.marriissaa

    sis there’s 5 backstreet boys 😂

  86. Kiersten B.

    As a Directioner I kinda feel attacked by the 1D section just a little bit

    Abbie Wilkinson

    Kiersten B. this was before Four and Made in the AM which is arguably when they became more independent, did more of their own songs and doesn’t really fit the stereotype shown in this video anymore

    Kiersten B.

    @Abbie Wilkinson true true

  87. memeteor shower

    whenever i hear “i want it that way” i think of the b99 opening and then this
    i could not be happier

  88. memeteor shower

    5 years later and i still can recite the whole thing lol

  89. Henrik Fredriksson

    i love your parady songs and wish for you to make more of them! maybe som parodys of pixar movies or something?! i'd love to hear some new songs, it's to bad that it was a while you uploaded something!

  90. Steph P

    I wish they would react to this it would be hysterical

  91. Olivia Greenwood

    "Flip of my hair I cure cancer and heart disease.."
    Directioners everywhere: THEY'VE FIGURED US OUT!!

  92. Natalia Cadavid

    His hair..omg

  93. Hanan Rukkiya

    Please make a kpop version of this

  94. Faraway Brawl Hacks

    When you're 14 and someone throws an insult at you: 3:13

  95. Raph Vader

    Impressive work! It`s obviously how much effort you pot into this video. I love you guys. Both of you, you`re still my favourite a cappella artists. You should really do more of these fantastic collaborations! I`d really appreciate it. But i appreciate you anyway.

  96. C P

    I love it. Good parodies!

  97. מעין ללי

    I love it already XD

  98. Akshay Peddada

    I knew 3 songs from the parody.

    1. *NSYNC - It’s Gonna Be Me
    2. One Direction - That’s What makes you Beautiful
    3. Backstreet Boys - I want it that way

    So, what’s the 4’th song by Jonas Brothers?

    Ibis Wolf

    Burnin' up

    Akshay Peddada

    Ibis Wolf ok

  99. Holly Ingram

    On behalf of Britain, can I just apologise for 1D?

  100. Стейси S

    The 1D parody killed me 😂