Counting Crows - Recovering The Satellites Lyrics

Gonna get back to basics
Guess I'll start it up again
I'm falling' from the ceiling
You're falling from the sky now and then
Maybe you were shot down in pieces
Maybe I slipped in between
But we were gonna be the wildest people they ever hoped to see
Just you and me
So why'd you come home to this sleepless town
It's a lifetime commitment
Recovering the satellites
All anybody really wants to know is...
When you gonna come down
Your mother recognizes all you're desperate displays
And she watches as her babies drift violently away
'Til they see themselves in telescopes
Do you see yourself in me?
We're such crazy babies, little monkey
We're so fucked up, you and me
So why'd you come home to this faithless town
Where we make a lifetime commitment
To recovering the satellites
And all anybody really wants to know is...
When are you gonna come down
She sees shooting stars and comet tails
She's got heaven in her eyes
She says I don't need to be an angel
But I'm nothing if I'm not this high
But we only stay in orbit
For a moment of time
And then you're everybody's satellite
I wish that you were mine
So why'd you come home to this angels town
It's a lifetime decision
Recovering the satellites
Everybody really knows for sure...
That you're gonna come down
That you're gonna come down

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Counting Crows Recovering The Satellites Comments
  1. Shahrul Azwan Sahbudin

    third day 2020

  2. Suzanne Bryson


  3. Terry Kane

    I so love this song. So awesome. So American.

  4. vivek ghalay

    Everybody's satellites..... Everyone has one.groovie.

  5. Rob Banks

    She sees shooting stars and comet tails....she's got heaven in her eyes....damn junkie😏

  6. Ger Lyn

    One of the Tightest bands I have ever seen .. Totally blew me away .. did not miss a Chord .. Adam is pure Genius !

  7. LucielZ1

    Esta canción es una verdadera belleza. Tanto la melodía como la letra y el sentimiento en ella. Hermosa.

  8. Kenny Sommer Presents Sir Real Music E Mor A

    Will give the almost original Golden State Warriors title team a big hand if they beat the Toronto Raptures. Coach AD n the CC great bay area Berkley folks! Peace Go Bulls! Bears Cubs!

  9. Rob graham

    You're everybody's satellite I wish that you were mine. Great line.

  10. Richard John Martin

    25 morons

  11. odinson99m

    20 years on and this song still just crushes me.

    Suzanne Bryson

    Sames :'(

  12. Angela Pulzone

    This song always reminded me of my mom and how she had to deal with all of my episodes and constant medication changes. God bless her and bless the Lord for delivering me from all of that mess. Im finally free of all of that however l admittedly still love this band and all of their albums to the moon and back! ❤

  13. Mike Ray

    Still listening 2019- When you gonna come down?

  14. CB96

    I won't say who, but this song is so unbelievably accurate to some people that I know. Being with someone whom you love, but they go through horrible depression, from time to time, and you can't save them.

  15. John

    This is my favourite song of all the songs in the world. :)

  16. Alex Clare

    Awesome - but also sad They would be great to see live.

  17. Universally Speaking

    She’s got heaven in her eyes.

  18. Joseph Davis

    He tells my life story and this one is just an example of it. Wow. I guess we are only human
    When you gonna come down
    When you gonna come down

  19. 4thcoming


  20. Matthew Jenkins

    Whoever gave this song a thumbs-down has no soul in their body when I get into my head this song makes me weep sometimes

  21. michael spitzer

    the best band everrrrrrrrrr

  22. marcela rueduch

    Gracias dsc

  23. Russell Smith

    Counting Crows, Dave Matthews, and The Cranberries all take me back to my high school years. I miss the days ☹️

  24. Sykes Freerunning

    I was tasked to create my own version of a song. I was given these lyrics and I can aptly say that they are the most uninspiring, messy lyrics that I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. As hard as I tried, the lyrics do not fit with any musical theory.

    Perhaps I'm wasting my time here, listening to this mess of a song. However, I wanted to see the creative vision of such an artist to create the most appalling vocals. Certainly an eye opener. I can now see that it doesn't require talent to succeed in the music industry. Although, I wasn't in any uncertainty.
    All in all, Adam is not a "lyrical genius" I'm afraid. He, as far as I can tell, wrote these lyrics when tripping balls on acid.

    Adam seems to be guzzling a large cock during certain moments of this "song". An action I'm sure every person in this comment section is a big fan of.

    I don't consider myself a vocalist, however even I could sing this song effectively due to the fact that I would be gagging at the pathetic nature of the lyrics.

    Sykes out.

    Sykes Freerunning

    What a well thought out and constructive comment. I wholeheartedly agree with this intelligent, handsome gentleman.

    JustLi'l Ol'me

    1. "Mother recognizes all your desperate displays/She watches as her baby drifts violently away...."
    My mother, (RIP), enabled my gay, alcoholic, meth addled, three DUIs, work furloughed brother for years. Drove him from jail, to his house for a shower, then to work, then back to jail, a three hour round trip in Bay Area traffic at 72. Line speaks to her, and to the parents of so many of my former students, lost to poverty, drugs, alcohol, abuse....

    2."We only stay in orbit a moment of time./Everybody's satellite: I wish that you were mine."
    Found my first (birth) mother after 31 years. Met her at 33. Rejected out of hand until I was 44. A beloved librarian in her small state big city, an Appalachian "cosmopolitan" area. Beloved by her friends, her children's friends, my real father's family and friends. As her first born,and only child by her high school sweetheart (ah, the late 60s and family engineering), I could see in the interim how she was everybody's satellite. And I wished nothing more than that she would be mine.

    lots of ways to interpret Adam's lyrics. YMMV.
    CUrious as to what you did make of his words with new music. Post. Love to hear it.


    Sykes Freerunning Adam’s lyrics are not for all. Most people don’t get it, but if you peel the layers, it makes sense. This song is a sequel to Mr. Jones. He has finally achieved some success and the song talks about the highs you reach in life, but you’re going to come back to earth eventually. One of their best, ever.

  25. Wander-A-Lot Travel

    Grand lyrics for a great song!

  26. Beverly Jones

    man ... what can I say just amazing band my daughter's have seen them about 4 we still love will always love counting crow's

  27. SenatoR gittRduN

    And you’re everybody’s satellite... I wish that you were mine...

  28. Tyrone Wiggins

    Fuk yeah. Recover that space junk Adam. I'll fly with you.

  29. annoyed moderate

    Adam is a lyrical genius

  30. Hales AE

    sooo many always gives me the chills it's so beautiful, one of my favorites of all time!

  31. michael spitzer

    counting crows are the best

  32. Janet Stone

    this band is always the background music of my lfe

  33. Nightingale of sorrow

    Great great song. It could also be interpreted as Adam or a friend on a manic high. Bipolar highs often parallel these lyrics...

  34. John Kenny

    regrets/do overs/making amends/mulligans/

  35. Devon X

    Smart people love this song. Period.

    Eric Chociej

    How you meen ? I is dummer than a pikle an likes this tune

    Andreas Cikota

    This whole album is remarkable

    Diego Vicencio

    I love this song, it doesn't matter how smart I am. So why you come home=

    richard boyens


  36. Waldo Dixon

    this makes me thank of mom rip

  37. namesvoorbugvall

    my mum got me this lp when i was 21 birthday iam now 41 its still magic she died last year but a gift she gave me

  38. SN2903

    Recovering the satellites is in my top 2 or 3 favorite albums's a beautiful piece of art and Adam has a special gift and doesn't get the credit or recognition he deserves. He truly is a genius.

    Mauicio Gonzalez

    august, hard candy, recovering - three of the best albums ever and they are all his :)

    Steven Shadoin

    Absolutely this is literally my obituary in advance.. I am nothing if I am not this high

  39. Norman Bfifteen

    will never understand why this song didnt chart. Its well built musically and has incredible lyrics. Its in the running for my fav song of all time. The guitar arrangements are perfect. Would love to see a re-release as a single.


    Seems to me that many good songs don't chart, for some reason.

  40. Van Dyke Group | RE/MAX Fine Properties

    God, we're so Fucked up, you and Me... ...when you gonna come down...

  41. odinson99m

    "..We only stay in orbit, for a moment of time..."

    Coma Toast

    My favorite lyric from any song ever. The way he sings it. What. Tears.

    JustLi'l Ol'me

    I'm not gonna come down, down, down, down, down....:)

  42. James Heald

    I never can listen to this song loud enough. I know about the dangers of loud music, but this song needs to go to Twelve on the Spinal Tap meter. 

    Norman Bfifteen

    +James Heald So true

    Freddie Sharp

    I was at the sheperds bush empire (London) in '96/97 when they toured on this album and they quite literally ROCKED THE FUCKING HOUSE. DOWN! it was a fantastic live gig.

    Said Focl

    I have a

    Said Focl

    @Freddie Sharp t the to

  43. Johnny Boone

    I have a daughter in Oakland, Ca, another in Raleigh, NC, and a son in Biscoe, NC. I live in Columbia, SC. When we are making plans to get together, as we did at Wrightsville Beach in April, I tell them that I am "recovering the satellites."   


    You know this song is about drug addicts, right?

    Johnny Boone

    @bizarrebehavior1974 Yes it is. I was only referring to the title of the song. It's also about Adam getting off prescription drugs and starting to write again, the culmination of which was this album.

    Nate Bramlette

    Pretty cool, Johnny. I like that, best of luck with your family. I’m sure your girls are Stars.

  44. Snow Goose

    Love this toon...

  45. suzy2anyone

    nice sound quality