Counting Crows - Monkey Lyrics

All dressed up
No place to go
Hey monkey, when you gonna show your face around me?
I know all the wrongs and rights
And I just want a little light to fall on me
Hey monkey, where you been?
This lonely spiral I've been in
Hey monkey, when can we begin?
Hey monkey, where you been?
We'll I'm all messed up
That's nothing new
Hey monkey, when you open up your blue eyes
I don't know if I'm wide awake or dreaming
But all I ever need is everything
Hey monkey, where you been?
This lonely spiral I've been in
Hey monkey, when can we begin?
Hey monkey, where you been?
Just get the world off your shoulders
And close your pretty blue eyes
Hey monkey, what's life without an occasional surprise?
Got nowhere but home to go
Got Ben Folds on my radio right now
I'm in trouble for the things I need
Hey monkey don't you want to be needed too?
Hey monkey, where you been?
This lonely spiral I've been in
Hey monkey, when can we begin?
Hey monkey, where you been?

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Counting Crows Monkey Comments
  1. Booster Gold

    I bought their first four albums and then lost track of them after 2002. However, it's good to come back and see that their music is timeless. I still love this song!

  2. DTOM, ¿eStamos?

    Why are flaming lips thanked on this album?

    Steven Matthews

    dTom Stamps out of habit ?

    DTOM, ¿eStamos?

    @Steven Matthews what is the connection?

  3. Dave Miller

    My friend Ally died at 29, I always called her my little monkey, this lonely spiral I have been in, I miss her

  4. Zomicx

    Came From Dale Steyn Insta Story :)

  5. Rick W

    11 people didn't like this?

  6. 3O3 Brine

    He wrote this song for Courtney Cox. They dated in 1996 and were fairly serious. I saw him talk about it in an an interview. She’s also in the video for ‘Long December’.

  7. Aileni Irina

    It's about Courtney Cox❤

  8. Bob Marley

    I love this song, it takes me back to being 20 years old in 2000

  9. Lohana Giafony

    Came because of Court

  10. Javon Graham

    My favorite CC's album!

  11. Candace D

    Damn . :)

  12. shaunone

    Love it but the solo reminds me of november rain :/

  13. Timothy Obrien

    fkn internet

  14. Timothy Obrien

    monkey is monkey no one has a nickname for thier girlfriend called monkey please courtney cox is not going to referenced as a monkey think about please she is courtney cox stop

    Hannah Sutton

    This song is about her because he even said in an interview and he talks about a blue eyed girl and lots of people said that court looked like a cute monkey because of her nose ears and hair ...

  15. Carol DiGiovanni

    Love this song, Love this band....

  16. Jionni Lil

    I could live inside this song forever. Indescribable feeling

  17. CoversByElla

    As much as I love Counting Crows (especially this album) I kinda felt like they took a risk with this album in between August and Everything After and This Desert Life because in August and Everything After they had that kinda innocence country-boy sound to them but still wrote really good music and then you listen to Recovering the Satellites and you hear stuff like this and music with electric guitars and then in This Desert Life they go back to writing deep songs with a little country theme. As much as I loved this album growing up I never really understood why they tried to change things up.

  18. ohbrightsparks

    What an absolute tune!!! if u like this as much as me, then u should also listen to this song

  19. Johnny Boone

    He wrote this about Courteney Cox...also the first reference I ever heard about Ben Folds...then I heard Ben Folds Five on the radio. Hey Adam, love ya dude!

  20. Timothy Obrien

    ippe1..  ya  lol  not even close

  21. BaahBen

    One of rock music's most distinctive voices.  Saw a video about "monkey dogs" which are the reference name for the Brussels Griffon.  I loved the song in the video, but didn't know at first who it was.  Listened another time and sure enough; Adam's voice.  I love this song!

  22. ippe1

    I think this song is all about the girl you love who seems somehow to be elusive. You're always trying to get to that intimacy that seems just out of reach.

  23. Timmy Too Turnt Up

    got nowhere else but home to go

  24. Howlin Mad Murphy 7

    Got nowhere but home to go, got Ben Folds on the radio

  25. ericsson123abc

    'Yes' 'Adam' 'Happy New Year' 'I LOVE' 'You' 'Your Darling' and 'Queen', XXX

  26. ericsson123abc

    'Thank You' '4' this 'Brilliant' 'Music' 'Lyrics' 'I LOVE' 'You' 'Adam' 'Your Darling and 'Queen'. XXX

  27. Java Monkey

    One of my favorite songs. Since I was a baby, my older sister called me monkey... plus the lyrics have a lot of emotional weight to me.

  28. codern

    now this is a good song

  29. halfwaydowntheroad

    I just love this song, everything about it.

  30. connor mills

    One Of My Favourite Songs Thats Almost As Old As I Am :)

  31. funkyspice

    @Baldeagle79 I think I was 15/16 and I feel the same way. Omaha is my favourite August song and these 2 albums are great from start to finish. <3 The music and his voice makes me get goosebumpy and emotional. So much love in my heart for this band.

  32. ippe1

    the love of my life is a brown-eyed girl named Lori. this song makes me think of her.

  33. TyWorth

    @jackie8294 Funny enough, Adam Duritz absolutely hates her now. True story.

  34. Melizard129

    I just read he wrote this about Courtney Cox, because they were dating at the time... cute.

  35. Chris Raudebaugh

    I was so freakishly excited when I heard about this album coming out!!! I loved the way it rises and falls throughout the disc. awesome from start to finish. also, this song was the first time I ever heard the name Ben Folds...who I obviously rushed to listen to and found to be amazing!!!!

  36. Alison Grindstaff

    my favorite group ever. Possibly my favorite CD of theirs. Great tune! Thanks for sharing!

  37. theScytheofGod

    Thanks for this.

  38. huntere28

    great song from a great album where the whole album is just as good as the singles...