Counting Crows - Hanginaround Lyrics

she sat right down on the sofa
says where have you been?
i been waiting for you
Cause last night i had something so good
these days get so long
and i got nothing to do
i been hangin' around this town on the corner
i been bummin' around this old town so long
i been hangin' around this town on the corner
i been bummin' around this old town way too long
we spend(t) all day getting sober
just hiding from daylight
watching tv
we just look a lot better in the blue light
well you know i gotta get out
well i'm stuck so tight weighed by the chains that keep me
hangin' around this town on the corner
i been bummin' around this old town too long
i been hangin' around this town on the corner
i been bummin' around this old town way too long
this girl listens to the band play
she says where have you been?
I been lying right here on the floor
(right here on the floor)
well I got all this time to be waiting
For what is mine
to be hating
What I am
after the love has faded
Hangin' around this town on a corner
I been bummin' around this old town so long
I been hangin' around this town on a corner
I been bummin' around this old town for way way way way way too long
way way way way too long
way way way way too long
way way way way too long
(live insert) oh my god i say
get up real early in the morning
dont get up 'till the afternoon
Son, I see the day is dawning?
(she said well get up get dressed get out)
Its almost have past noon?

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Counting Crows Hanginaround Comments
  1. Leslie Hoke

    If this guy was in HS w/me I would have loved to be his friend and maybe more but alas I'm too old now ...I do enjoy his style

  2. Joe Mele

    Well everybody trip

  3. KHSimages dotcom

    I related to Counting Crows music in a big way ever since 'Round Here'. They were with me when I was lonely and sad. Then this album dropped and changed my life more than any song ever has (and probably ever will). I went from a shy and embarrassed kid to opening the windows and blasting this this thing and screaming at the top of my lungs. I still listen to it whenever I'm feeling insecure.

    You see, I can relate to many songs because they match the way I'm already feeling. They say all the words that I want to hear. But, few can take a rejected tormented lost hopeless soul and say I've got all this time to be waiting for what is mine to be hating what I am after the light has faded! I said, fuck it, I'm going to be whatever the hell I am, but I've got to get out!!

  4. Dan Berry

    Idk what's better the song or the comments of memories of a better time

  5. Clay Fraughton

    yes sir

  6. R P

    One of my drinkn songs in high school, plus still waiting on the girl at 2:03 to hit me up on my two way

  7. somone random

    This is garbage

  8. Laurel Dell

    No Sir ! I'm a huge fan but you are looking so creepy.... please stop.
    You are looking crazy...bat **** crazy. It's not attractive to be 50 trying to look like 20. It becomes Frankensteinish... same as woman

  9. John Sibone

    first great fun song back then I only heard haning around this old town so long....its actually an upbeat song. Always loved this band!

  10. Christifer Schmuck

    Funny sinning out loud at a bus stop lol feel great

  11. Chief Executive Orbiter

    These guys are HARDCORE!

  12. Anthony Ferrara

    20 years

  13. Opanamatic59

    So ass water bro 😂

  14. Negative Fettuccine

    My man lives on a bench

  15. Dionisia Jeronimo

    Four Kings was one of the best sitcoms ever made! Fight me!

  16. Jeremy Harpe

    Damn, music use to be good!!

  17. cristian wallace

    Classic straight out the 90’s bro. It definitely was a unique time for all music genres and style

  18. Krystina Saragos

    Imagine how many germs that necklace has by now??

  19. defguy25

    20 years later. Still hanginaround. 2019

    Christifer Schmuck

    Life looks a lot better in the blue light

    William Logan

    Way waaayyy to long

    Dendrin Nomad

    love it

  20. jay grannell

    Almost Everyone in this video is now in their forties or fifties.

  21. Ely Stang

    damn. has it really been 9 years since ive heard this? i missed it!

  22. Paul Sandberg

    Remember living in Beachwood Canyon when this little pearl came out. These guys were the best to document LA since Zevon.

  23. Jason Frampton

    Trying to get sober avoiding daylight watching tv.....yeah

  24. Mr. J

    When you fall asleep and wake up to this song during this time 3:20 you will be confuse as hell.

  25. Ulysses Lanugon

    na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na yeah!

  26. Andrew Stovall

    Uhhhh...ya'll know what this song is about? Lol because i certainly do

  27. Vikki White

    The story of my life

  28. Ryan Kazmierczak

    Song sure brings you back...1999.

  29. Matt Menghi

    Heard this song on the radio at work yesterday after not hearing it since the 90’s... great song still

  30. Joe Barry

    Oh WOW . I Didnt know how much this was my jaamb! Faak yeaaajh

  31. Ryan Hay

    The girl @1:26.... Damn

  32. YO MAMA

    Even w/ Age this Song just sounds Better & Better! Nice Like a Fine Wine!

  33. Marie Tanner

    I forgot how talented this band was!

  34. Shelby Brown

    This guy fckd Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston in their Prime unbelievable

  35. kyle

    When i was younger and my dad had a boat, everytime we went up to the lake we listened to CC, especially this song. Now it would seem unfit to play any other song while at the lake. Best lake song IMO

  36. scalumni09

    Heard this playing on the intercom at work today. Been playing it all day

  37. Sebastian Sanchez

    There's Your Song Jace Norman Cooper Barnes & Kira Kosarin. Here Goes.

  38. renegade runner

    Song is dope!!!!!

  39. Sam Smith

    The 90s were such a great time... I know I sound like an old geezer but it truly was!

    Derek Jones

    Agreed it just seemed more mellow and peaceful. 90s were the best!

  40. Sam Smith

    I remember downloading this mp3 when the song was first released, it took like all day! haha

  41. nimiipuu Ellenwood

    Good ass jam

    renegade runner

    Damn Straight!

  42. Cerbyo

    you always wonder why peopel call ur generation's music trash....then u come back years later and actually listen to the lyrics and the structure of the music and...ya...its trash.


    Only sane comment I've found thus far

  43. Shani Trahan

    I Love this song and video it's nice

  44. 12w0

    I was just a kid with great expectations for my future in '99!
    Now I am bitterly disappointed.

    Kenneth Hempstead

    Samesies! Everyone can effectively piss off... 🤣

    Thomas Wicks

    The more you know, the less you know for sure.

  45. Dan Steiger

    I freaking love this song.

  46. Justin James

    2019 still jaming out!

  47. Douglas McConnell

    I saw him hanging around a Crowne Plaza Hotel Lobby few years back pretty cool ..

  48. Abe G N

    Hayward High School
    Mr. Howard's 12th grade AP English Literature
    Class of 2019 anyone?

  49. Oral Cummings

    Love this song

  50. Mike Paul

    Lol the good ole 90s back when they used actual instruments not a computer to make music I wish I could go back life was simple back then

  51. Bryan Sharpe

    Amy Smart 😍!

  52. HighStreet Killers

    LOL, I sang this on my 15 km drunken stumble home through the country back then. Only 1 car drove by and didn't stop for my thumb

  53. Ra-Tear-Eir

    90s 😭 so much nostalgia

  54. Naeda Tanner

    I'm in Bobcaygeon and ready stop hanging!🤔✌❤

  55. Jeremy Stone

    one of my favs always at the top of the ol playlist..

    Beau Long

    Mr Jones is a great one too

  56. Andy Tanner

    This song broke big about the time it became clear I had to stay in college one more year. Still a great one, if you ask me.

  57. Jd Fishnerd

    I can't be the only dude in my late fifties that loves the shit out of this band!!!

    Richard McGlothlin

    I'm 65 and I love it!

  58. Watching Yourvideo

    2019 and this is still my jam. I remember listening to this, with my dad in his 300zx. Good times.

  59. Mary Davis


  60. Robert Polityka

    Favorite counting crows song

  61. Mike Morrison

    Song used to come on while riding the bus to school every morning. My bus was full of misfits and ne'er-do-wells, and we had a hell of a time. Lol.

  62. pyronite59

    Been bummin’ around this old town too long...

  63. Steven Mercer

    I recall the singer saying how much people hated them, and him. Just kept playing. Not everybody's deal. But so what. You cannot be everything to everybody.

  64. RatRodRamblin

    Where'd the time go?

  65. Max Payne

    My song for Nashville 2018. 2019 is in 3 weeks! What town can I bum around in next?!

  66. JaneRoland

    I always wait for the bus in this way!!!!

  67. Tobin Tonight

    whatever happened to them :(

  68. DarthSinistris

    Seeing these dudes live after 20+ years of being a fan is the best thing ever.

  69. JennieMarie Douglas

    Working on it

  70. JennieMarie Douglas

    Heard them all, love them all

  71. carl tucker jr

    thank you you my dear friend glad to hugging people <3

  72. Aaron Saltzer

    I had no idea this song was by them. They have pretty good music from what I heard of it.

  73. IETCHX69

    That guy that keeps hitting that high note at the end of each phrase is a gosh darned gott .

  74. imandan1966

    Great song but the bass player never did get the feel quite right

  75. paul elliott

    Music to live by and an incredible band
    Loved this when it came out and rocked the house with it
    Still do but several different houses (and lives) later - still sounds awesome though

  76. SlowLow Crow


  77. mcat2317

    Ahh I loved this song growing up in the 90’s! Doesn’t hurt to have Amy Smart and Meredith Salenger (2:03) in the video either 😍

  78. Bioel Pimentel

    this is better than MIGOS

  79. Luke McDuke

    I think Scout Con brought me here, but I think I'm confused with another Gmod animation

  80. Tala Dunn

    a classic tune right here

  81. un known

    amy smart 3:22

  82. Feliecia FMulder50

    Yes love it

  83. St. jer Fisher

    Kind of reminds of me hanging around in Fargo.

  84. JoltCheetah

    Just realized that this is pretty musically close to "Steal My Sunshine" and that explains a lot about why this is a sleeper favorite of mine.


    That song is also great. Steal My Sunshine was built around a very short sample from “More, More, More” by Andrea True Connection. Very different, but another jam you might enjoy.

  85. PBrewster2K1

    Amy Smart, 90's/early 00's queen!

  86. Miriam Herrera

    I just won tickets from 93.3 wmmr to see county crows and live at the hard Rock in a.c thx draky bam bam

  87. Dave Affleck

    2018 and still playing this ! AWESOME !!

  88. dahanks1

    Scumbag looks like Chumlee with dreadlocks.

  89. Ryan Johnson

    My boy Adam nailed Rachael and Monica !

  90. G1 Smokescreen

    Am I the only one that heard this song from a Warren Miller ski movie? 🤔

  91. Gregory Rindenello

    Can’t wait till they play the New York State Fair at the end of August.

  92. Maria Pratiwi

    Most days I'm so tired I become silly and moody, and this song just fix it!

  93. Ryan Morris

    trippie red cousin?

  94. the middle man

    Last top 10 song of the 20th century

  95. Carrie Hope

    Came here since this song randomly was stuck in my head today.. good song from my childhood!!! 💜 🎵

  96. Ms. Lady Diamondz

    Still watching in 2018. 😍😍😍😍