Counting Crows - 1492 Lyrics

I'm a Russian Jew American
Impersonating African Jamaican What I want to be is an Indian
I'm gonna be a cowboy in the end
I guess I bought a gun
because it impresses all the little girls I see
and then they all wanna sleep with me
Oh where did we disappear
into the silence that surrounds us and then drowns us in the end
Where these people who impersonate our friends
Say come again come again come again
Into the dark Italian underground
with disco lights and disco sounds and skinny
girls who drink champagne
Then they take me on their knees again,
and pull me up and out the door
past railway cars and tranny-whores
And mornings spreading out across the feathered thighs of angels
Oh were did we disappear to
the silence that surrounds us and then drowns us in the end
Will they try to get you out to pull you in
And all these people, they've been? come again
In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue
In 1493 he came home across the deep blue sea
In 1494 he did it with the girl next door
In 1495 he barely made it out alive
In 1964 ?? busting out the door
In 1970 some people got their hands on me
Now I am the king of everything
I am the king of nothing now
I am the king of everything
I am the king of nothing
Oh where did we disappear
to the silence that surrounds us and then drowns us in the end Where these people
who impersonate our friends Say come again come again come
come again Oh where did we disappear
to the silence that surrounds us and then drowns us in the end When they try to push you out to get you in
and all these people who impersonate our friends Say come again come again come
come again come again come again

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Counting Crows 1492 Comments
  1. EminentKnight

    This song kicks ass.

  2. Thrill of the Treasure

    I hate to sound like the "old" guy since I am only 42 but for you younger kids this is music. They are all extremely good musicians and after watching this go watch live concert clips and you will get the point. Now, as far as this song the lyrics are insanely raw especially the first and even more so the second verse. I mean from Motley Crue to Guns n Roses and any of the other rock bands you don't get better raw lyrics of a night of being a star like Adam Duritz and company and partying like a "rock star". He captures it perfectly and you can almost feel the excitement and then eventually that tired, regretful, and empty feeling you get when you see the sunrise after nights like that. Secondly, the guitar solo is as good as it gets period for this genre of music. These guys are highly underrated if selling millions of records and having thousands of fans can be underrated.

  3. kamcr

    What year is this ?

    Jason Bacon

    Album came out in March 2008.


    @Jason Bacon the video was released in 2007 and there was a contest where fans were given access to this track as well as I dream of Michaelangelo and video footage for a music video contest. The video itself I the fan edited winning video

    Jason Bacon

    mikeglazierisntfunny That’s awesome! “Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings” is so goddamn underrated.

    I worked in Electronics at Target when the album came out, bought the CD the Tuesday it came out, and was blown away.

    I’m a fan of all of their ‘90s output also.

  4. Silky Wellman

    This song is so good! Album is very good as well

  5. Brent Fallin

    A highly underrated song. They do it great live. Got to try to see these guys again this year.

  6. Eamon Doyle

    Would it kill them to put some _passion_ into it?!

  7. Tony Clifton

    This Album is so underrated, it's one of their best in many years.

  8. LevitatorMusic

    these guys need better marketing or something....they're a seriously GREAT band!! unfortunately talent isn't what sells music these days. :(

  9. Andy J Grace

    Duritz blitz

  10. John Cusato

    Big fan of this song and The CCs.  Adam's vocal is great on this one.

  11. therealribbit

    Every song is great when Adam is pissed off.

    Chad Howe

    Every song is great when Adam is Adam.

  12. Ram Bowl

    i like the riff and melody, but the vocals and lyrics are a complete trainwreck. I wish they would return to their old sound, you know the one that made them famous in the first place. they followed the road set by Pearl Jam and Soundgarden

    Mathew Haffenden

    you are retarded

    Anthony Cavaliere

    I guess you don't know anything about music..hahaha joke

    sarim zuberi

    That is not what Evolving people do. These guys were always indie at heart, so they'll keep changing sound

  13. Jay Martz

    they each know like 12 instruments soo cool

  14. Tommi Henriksen

    Practice, and time, A LOT of both. As a buddy said "Dave's been playing that classic LP since it was just a LP"

  15. Forshbr04

    Minihumbuckers, a Marshall amp, and mad skills.

  16. Lukas Savaikaitis

    Anno Domini 1492 might by asociated to the date when Columbus discovers Carribian Islands. Just saying.

  17. lupischuckle

    I like every single Counting Crows song.... In fact, it's already in my will that Mr. Jones must be played at my funeral.

  18. jaketbay420

    not in my books that is for sure! best band ever! round here got me through my teenage years. :)


    I can't see nothing around here.

  19. keaulana1

    who knows how they get this guitar tone? it is awesome!

  20. Sara Musquiz

    Immy is a BAMF at that guitar.

  21. Vincent Hanna

    And mornings spreading out across the feathered thighs of angels

  22. piet henk

    @bigcdizzle2011 XDDD

  23. piet henk

    @Jsha911 The Best of the under-rated !!

  24. rebeccabean2468

    Counting crows have been my favourite band for 13 years. Still great in 2012!

  25. Tommi Henriksen

    and This is what a music video looks like when you have nothing more you have to prove to anyone...

  26. samharriswenttoparis

    Counting crows still the best in 2012

  27. Martha Somers

    Best concert I ever saw! One of the best bands EVER!

  28. uvebeentagged

    Reminds me of Bad Day by R.E.M.

  29. Skwerlkiller

    @EmilioEcstacy Actually the Indian nations were constantly embroiled in warfare amongst themselves long before white men showed up. Not that it justifies what was done, but the idea that the American Indian was living peacefully before the white man showed up is malarkey. Just saying.

  30. Count Emilio

    @assbumface2 Whoever had the land first does not justify the mindless slaughter imposed by the western world on the native americans. the red skins were living peacefully until the white man attempted force them from their homes... and that's when you saw the true warrior spirit of a race attune to it's surroundings and with a deeper spiritual understanding than you and i could ever hope to have.

  31. MegaDad

    I love his dreads and goatee! <3 Adam is just... awesome...

  32. piet henk

    this proofs that the counting crows can still rock !

  33. Genevieve Fisher

    When I first heard this, I didn't really like it. But I should have known better, after all it is Counting Crows. It would randomly pop into my head and I'd need to listen to it, more and more and more. And now I can't get enough of it, I love it. Counting Crows strikes again!

  34. Janice Miller

    @YungReezzy Ugh,why not

  35. Janice Miller

    SURVEY: If you were guaranteed ONE wish,what would that WISH be?

  36. Squeege85

    Just as good as Angels of The Silences. Love the guitar solo and the hook riffs, totally awesome.

  37. Antonio Akino

    Tottaly love it!!

    Hope they came to mexico city!

    My favorite album . . .Across A Wire, Live In New York City.

    A bit from their albums. . . .acoustic and live.

    You Really Rock Guys!

  38. Roberto Junior

    @damaband41 @playboylover999
    True, I didn't say I don't love the album.
    Cowboys on Saturday Nights and When I dream of Michelangelo on Sunday mornings are way better than 1492 ^^

  39. damaband41

    @chavao666 i disagree. I can't get enough of this album and have listened to it more than any of the others. But hey, to each his own. Which is your favorite?

  40. damaband41

    hey, drummer has my shoes, haha

  41. gothmamafreedom

    This was the first song I got into on this album!!!! It rocks! And I think the words are fantastic. Go CC's. Go Adam

  42. Daniel Ferrell

    Love that KISS t-shirt Adam is sportin!

  43. praxtiprat

    @chavao666 i'll admit it takes a second to sink in -and some songs stick better than others... give it some time n maybe it'll grow on ya

  44. Roberto Junior

    I absolutely love CC and I mean every album and song but this one just can't convince me...I really don't likeit. Cowboys is way better

  45. myrtle164

    Love it, love it, love it.

  46. nuckaroz

    AWESOME. Nuff said.

  47. funnychic11

    ha 12th to post.

  48. CelticKraut

    What is the communist crap? *shoot's counting crows in the face*

  49. eiam88

    waka waka waka!!!! cool song!!

  50. Sasquach91

    6th post, countings crows are amazing :D from birmingham england

  51. Tokiko Takahani

    third to post! and i love this song!!!

  52. kokotubes

    Second to post!

  53. Harrison Stanley

    First to post!