Counterfeit - It Gets Better Lyrics

The places I've been to, the voices I've heard
Mistakes that I've lived through, the lessons I've learnt
Cause we're all getting older and some of us dumb
And at 29 I think I've figured it out
We all seek redemption and we all wanna grow
We all want the answers to things we don't know
So please call us useless and please call us kids
We'll hang from the rafters, we'll scream in your face

We'll settle down when we give up
So save your face and get fucked

It gets better, it gets better
Say we're young and we're full of it
We're on the track cause we're breaking shit up
It gets better, it gets better
Though it hurts just a little bit
Stand up if you wanna get out

With no conversation, with nothing to say
Save us the pleasure, get out of the way
If you've seen the bottom, if you've given up
Believe me, my sister, there is hope for us
There is hope for us
There is hope for us
There is hope for us

We'll settle down when we give up
So save your face and get fucked

It gets better, it gets better
Say we're young and we're full of it
We're on the track cause we're breaking shit up
It gets better, it gets better
Though it hurts just a little bit
Stand up if you wanna get out

Stand up, get loud if you feel like it
Stay up, have fun, don't you ever quit
Maybe it all may hurt just a little bit
Don't let anybody tell you that you can't do it
My friends I know that we are fucked
But I've seen a lot of things that I believe I must
Try to bring us all together, show them all your love
Cause things are getting better and there is a hope for us

It gets better, it gets better
Say we're young and we're full of it
We're on the track cause we're breaking shit up
It gets better, it gets better
Though it hurts just a little bit
Stand up if you wanna get out

And I know that we're lost
And we're far from our homes
But there is a way through this
There's a long way to go
So united we stand
And divided we fall
But things do get better
Of that I'm sure

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Counterfeit It Gets Better Comments
  1. DisChickMolli

    2020 love em 🖤

  2. chalamet and chill

    This is absolutely beautiful💓💓🙏

  3. Sadie Louise Reynolds

    Hope you can come to Cardiff one day!

  4. Iuna Solar Canudas

    im not crying u'r crying

  5. Lea Morkovska

    It may not be intentional (although I lowkey hope it is) but one thing Jamie says “united we stand, divided we fall” seems rather similar to the last verse of Pink Floyd’s song Hey you.

  6. Angely Rose

    Jace Wayland. 🎉🎉💓

  7. Aida Chikabayeva

    Kaius Volturi is it really yuuuuuuu?

  8. suba 8myb

    I am your fan living in Japan. I love your film "City of Bones".
    I look forward to seeing you in person someday. I will continue to support you.
    I'm not good at English, so I'm sorry if it is difficult for you to understand my English.

  9. Soda Tubez

    see you in feb!

  10. Naama Lozano


  11. Naama Lozano


  12. Nayeli Valencia

    New favorite song❤️

  13. Celestia Cox

    I have so much love for this band

  14. Sara Pasquali

    Collaboration with yungblud? 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  15. Chocolate Don

    So I was very depressed listening to sad songs and this came on as a youth commercial as I sat through this I felt so much better thank you guys!

  16. The Gayer Devil

    Found out this guys because of David Bowie ig

  17. Channah Carpenter

    I can see some The 1975 influence in the music video. Particularly TOOTIMETOOTIME

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  19. Trinity Rose Dean

    BOOM! There we have it!
    Jamie Campbell Bower for president year #2020

  20. Mia Squishy

    Guys.. Absolutely beautiful! I don't know if y'all read the comments but if you do.. I love the song it made me feel so emotional when I first heard it like yes it may take some time but whatever life throws at you whatever you're going through it gets better! Don't lose hope. But this video ugh sobbing and grinning like an idiot every time! You guys are incredible! I saw you in Dallas and all of you are so chill! I can't wait to see y'all again!

  21. BeLi MaliBoro

    I love themm❤

  22. Antonia Schäfchen

    I LOVE YOU JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ I LOVE JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ 💋💋💋💋😘😘😘😘😍Wirte me please

  23. Endry 6219

    Jamie eyes ❤😍

  24. Stine K

    The best sonst you ever made! I love to see you on the Deichbrand festival in Germany😍 much love from Germany 🇩🇪

  25. Cheese Meister

    GREAT MUSIC GUYS! For all them late 20’s kids out there. SO TIRED of my peers saying their too old to still be young and free and going out having fun and figuring it out.

  26. AthynVixen

    Anyone else work out this is a total rip off of the 1975 TooTime video?

  27. Eleanor H

    Wow this literally made my day (and I've listend to it a lot like since the day it came out) I love it so much

  28. love yourself ARMY


  29. Лариса Громак

    Ты очень интересный парень, и музыка классная. В России у тебя появилась ещё одна поклонница. Задорная музыка . Люблю когда люди кайфуют от того что делают! А ты - кайфуешь.😉

  30. Marghe Armstrong

    I fuckin need you in Italy

  31. Pearland Velos

    This played as an ad on a stop procrastinating video. I was impressed. It's been a long time since I was a working musician...made me nostalgic. Lol.... cheers.

  32. Johnny Stocks

    Thank you Apple Music 🎶❤️ this song rocks 🎸🔥

  33. kelley denham

    Found them on Pandora, and now I feel like I need to meet them! This video is so dang wholesome and amazing.

    Mia Squishy

    DO IT!! They are awesome!

  34. Carlos v

    This song sucks we dont need to hear it

  35. Carlos v


  36. hilly manga

    I saw them in London. I love this song so much. If you want check out on my channel the video of the q&a and concert♥️

  37. ThoseTwo RedHeads

    This is my anthem

  38. m bahar b

    Love u❤❤❤ Please come to Turkey !

  39. mz smith

    This is so delightfully uplifting and punk

  40. Kayla Diamond

    This brings me joy

  41. Jace Xenophilius Lovegood

    In the end of the video Jamie is doing the Sherlock 😘

  42. Tamas Dorogi

    3:05 top left corner red haired girl in black shirt seems kinda lost with the lyrics :D

  43. Ash B

    Is this really the same band that did "as yet untitled "? That song really kicked some butt.
    This one could be by take that .

    Jemma Swales

    Ash B I prefer the older stuff but this is a banger tho

  44. Finna Desti


  45. Valentina

    This brought me so much joy I can't even describe it all in words. Thank you.

  46. Arizana Wulf

    R.I.P GODFREY <33

  47. Sabina Olijve

    ♥️ Love this song, love this band 🖤

  48. Debora De spirito

    Fantastic song! 💞 I support you from Italy 🇮🇹

  49. Jonathan Gough

    I'm getting the 1975 tootimetootimetootime video feels

  50. Nac awx


  51. kaejae

    Dude, my love for Counterfeit has just resurfaced from idfk where..
    and I am NOT complaining.

  52. leo dibidi

    I miss jace!!

  53. Harry Potter Fantastik Canavarlar

    Please come to an intermediate Turkey

  54. Kethelly Martins

    Jace Herondale in a parallel universe

  55. stella fisher

    I love this so much 🥺

  56. Fernando Marques

    Nice song and stuff but...what the Hell happened to that band? Don't looks like the same band from TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG.

  57. MoniQeen

    Jamie's smile is everything

  58. Ana Sanz

    Youtube randomly recommended me this but hey not gonna complain. It's a great song actually

  59. Queen Bee

    This song put me in my feels 😭❤️ made me a whole lot better and gives me hope of that whatever im going through right now will soon pass and honestly that's the motivation i needed to keep moving forward. So thank you ❤

  60. Saida Silva Alvarez

    Hey guys when you come back to Spain?, I'm dying to see you, I love your songs, greetings from Spain. LOVE YOU TOO MUCH♥

  61. Emelie Miodunski

    It's a year ago I heard your music and I like it the same. I didn't know how much I need it. This song is great. Love it!

  62. Nandeai M

    this number is reminiscent of the old skateboard era when we listened to this

  63. Violet Finch

    Beautiful faces, beautiful people. Yes, it gets better, indeed.

  64. LeonieLunatic

    Saw them today. Seriously this song live; it means so f*cking much. Can’t describe how much.
    Was a pleasure to see all of them perform on stage they all seemed like they’d fun :)
    I’m really happy that my friend asked me to go to this concert. I’m still amazed.

  65. Белый Шоколад

    Боже почему я не живу в Англии? 😭

  66. lezypadidi

    Love this. 🖤

  67. Mel Fels

    I love this so much! The message is just beautiful, the video is so wholesome! Seeing you in Vienna at your concert was one of the best days I've ever had and I want to thank all of you so much! :)
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this amazing experience, it really meant so much to me.
    (I'm absolutely aware I'm not going to get a reply but I just needed to write this. Also, I'm really sorry for my terrible english.)

  68. Ellie Rowan

    ➰ if u know ur true 😍😍😍 jace herondale

  69. Najmi Mohamd

    This song reminds me a lot of early 2000 alternative/pop rock boy band.


  70. Star Gourd

    I had no idea Jamie Campbell Bower was in a rock band

  71. Rawhaa Ibrahim

    the most gen Z song out there

  72. Lisa Reiss

    The concert was bad already but I had hopes but omg it's time to leave this fandome. Wtf happened to the best band I heard in years?

  73. Alexandra1D

    All I can say is that this song actually makes smile whenever I hear it and that's amazing

  74. Counterfeit

    Shooting this video has to have been one of the most beautiful days of our lives. Thank you for being there and thank you for watching.  Come see us when we come to your city.  Big love to you all.  Grab your tickets here - #itgetsbetter ❤️

  75. Alexus

    Jaime is so goddamn adorable

  76. Modernity Has Failed Us.

    That guy with the blue and red shirt looks like the lead singer of Neck Deep

  77. legal alien

    This song makes me feel a way better💙Thank you💙

  78. Pretty. Odd.

    Sam is such a puppy, I love him so much💕💕

  79. Daveland

    Love you guys ❤️

  80. prosiaczek przyszłości


  81. Caro L.

    all the views are coming from me <3

  82. Dina Herondale

    I feel like video came out yesterday...God I love it. I wanna sing this everywhere and spread love with everyone. Who's with me?

  83. Kris Gray


  84. Erika Peretti

    This song is all I need ❤

  85. Lyvia Kasy

    What happened to the black?

  86. Hermione Tris Katniss Isabelle Lightwood


  87. Hermione Tris Katniss Isabelle Lightwood


  88. Hermione Tris Katniss Isabelle Lightwood


  89. Hermione Tris Katniss Isabelle Lightwood

    No words....😍😍😍😍😍

  90. maddi e

    Saw you at Leeds and you were amazing, this song is inspiring and you sang it in front of me. Basically on top of me then whispered I love you. You are AMAZING x

  91. fofiax

    Was the schnieke mona???!! That girl has been Jamie’s fan since the very fucking beginning oh my god I’m so happy for her
    These are all his fans then, I’m sure


    Thank you so much for these kind words 😊


    Girllll I’ve seen you on insta taking pictures with counterfeit/the darling buds since the very beginning!! So glad you got to be part of his music video

  92. Nayeli Cortés

    Sooo glad I found this! 🔥👏🏼

  93. Weronika Wójcik

    we stan jace lightwood herondale morgenstern

  94. thechan03

    I can't stop listening to this song! It's like my anthem atm

  95. Domi Issartier

    Great song 👍

  96. Hale the Sour Wolf

    What a positive attitude and optimistic outlook with a cracking song and a video where they all had so much fun it was kind of hard not to grin at it. Plus, Jamie's face and voice helps a lot, too. More people could do with hearing this right about now when the world is kind of bleak.