Costello, Elvis - This Year's Girl Lyrics

See her picture in a thousand places
'cause she's this year's girl.
You think you all own little pieces
of this year's girl.

Forget your fancy manners,
forget your English grammar,
'cause you don't really give a damn
about this year's girl.
Still you're hoping that she's well spoken
'cause she's this year's girl.
You want her broken with her mouth wide open
'cause she's this year's girl.
Never knowing it's a real attraction,
all these promises of satisfaction,
while she's being bored to distraction
being this year's girl.

Time's running out. She's not happy with the cost.
There'd be no doubt, only she's forgotten
much more than she's lost.

A bright spark might corner the market
in this year's girl.
You see yourself rolling on the carpet
with this year's girl.
Those disco synthesizers,
those daily tranquilizers,
those body building prizes,
those bedroom alibis,
all this, but no surprises for this year's girl.
All this, but no surprises for this year's girl.
All this, but no surprises for this year's girl.

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Costello, Elvis This Year's Girl Comments
  1. KJay

    I LOVE this man and his wonderful Band !!! Seen them several times in concert , and they are UNREAL !!!!!!!!

  2. Mahli 2019

    J'adore...générique de the Deuce😍

  3. KJay

    Back in the days when the bass line was instead of the lead guitar AWESOME..

  4. KJay

    Saw Elvis several times in Sydney. Unreal concerts !! Fell in love with him in the mid 70's..still love him and all his music in 2019

  5. James Kendall

    Elvis takes photos, we all know it.

  6. EasierESL

    Right, "The Deuce" be it. That's where I heard it, remembered how cool it was & had to come here after finding out whose song it was. The Other Elvis.

    Dee Clark

    The Elvis who stayed hip.

  7. John lattany

    Elvis is the bomb 😍 🔥

  8. madrian

    You are here, because of The Deuce.

  9. nichoyeah

    Could have sworn it was Marc Bolan, the first time I heard this

  10. Jordan Rivest

    This song was an answer to a Rolling Stones song

  11. Jordan Rivest

    Damn that was a good show

  12. Michael Brodie

    Just when you thought nothing was cooler than a Stones b side along comes this brilliant re-write.

  13. Chris Tennyson

    Sounds like Stewie Griffin🤣


    Hahaha underrated comment!

  14. Dr. Steve brule

    The real king...Elvis Costello!!! Btw that’s me dropping the mic 🎤

  15. Shannon Lynn

    THE DEUCE! Bringing it to a new Gen!

  16. Sean Livingston

    I turned a girl named Cheri on to this song. She bought the album right after. That was decades ago. But every time I hear this song I think back to those carefree days and the fun we had jamming to this tune

  17. TheScunion

    The Duece.

  18. Kainlarsen

    That harmony...

    Time's running out, she's not happy with the cost
    There'd be no doubt
    Only she's forgotten much more than she's lost...

  19. Togo Burrows

    Elvis is dead
    Long live Elvis

  20. Togo Burrows

    freakin awesome bass player in this band

  21. Stephen Lanciloti

    Cool beans,thanks for posting!

  22. Geoffrey Thompson

    I have heard of Elvis Costello but I must say this is the only song I know I have heard of his. The Deuce brought me here. I am gonna give his music a spin around the block, cause I like this song so much .


    Bruno Ghezzi

    You are in for a long treat. check the 1st 5 albums & imperial bedroom for the acme of elvis...

  23. Frank DeMaria

    This song should have been on his greatest hits album

  24. Frank DeMaria

    Just heard this song for the first time though it was a new song from Elvis Costello amazing timeless.

  25. CrackWhoreChildStar

    I’m here because of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The season four episode circa 2000, called “This Year’s Girl” where Faith wakes up from her coma and goes after Buffy. The lyrics are spot-on for Faith’s character and story!

  26. Frank DeMaria

    Timeless music by the great Elvis Costello

  27. Tom Sievert

    Pisses me of the deuce got cancelled bcuz ppl cant handle americas history or reality.get over ourselves. America loves its drugs. Prositiution,meh. Oldest profession in history. Take the human trafficing away,its still better than mcds. So,such is life.dome of us,alot,do things were not particularly proud of but id rather live indoors too. So much to it. Btw America-stop frontin like prudes. Bunch of posers r closet pervs.lov ya

  28. michavandam

    A Ringo beat.

  29. Boris Claptrap

    I think I'm gonna be sad.... I think its today... Yeah.... She's got a ticket to ride...

  30. john Kendall

    What ever brought you here welcome,The whole Album was good and it wasn't rare back then albums were heavy with hits.Check out Pump it up,it was most definitely punk redefined and later sons Allison, My Blue Chair,Peace love and Understanding all went another direction.I believe he had a cameo on one of the Austin Powers movies also.

  31. Gary J.kenny

    A O C. 2Q2Q. no surprises........
    for this year's girl (s).....
    let's not forget the other
    two fresh women

  32. ctdtfiveoupNup

    Where are the lyrics?

  33. David Savell

    'A bright spark might corner the market'...

  34. Paul Barry

    A superb track from an even better album. Thanks for posting.

  35. Mariza Moura


  36. Mr DMc

    I remember David Lee Roth saying that critics preferred Elvis Costello over Van Halen because the critics all looked like Elvis and not Van Halen!

  37. Satori


  38. Tommy Smith

    I am here to read comments about "I am here because of The Deuce"

    charles jenkins

    Love that show!

    Dug Lloyd

    At this point it's cliche/parody but you got to respect a curious mind that wants to learn and takes the time and effort to search new information. Every day is school.

  39. Theo Tang

    i love the female vocals on this song so much!!!

  40. J Doerr

    The Deuce

  41. FCN Videos Pt2

    The Deuce 2 all day, what a gem

  42. t Templar Knight t

    Can’t help but to think of Abby❤️

  43. Murray Duffin

    C’mon, this is such a classic.... If I trashy TV series brought you here then......welcome !

  44. Med Otaku

    Sounds exactly like Tom Petty.

    Jack Shelley

    you would have to grow up in those times .like me. No it isnt tom petty

  45. Jose Valentin

    "The Duece" brought me here.

  46. Max Payne

    This atrocious theme song to the second season of The Deuce is sung by... Elvis Costello? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...!!!

    Wesley Buirkle

    What's your point genius

  47. Billy Mac

    " THE DEUCE. "  YES, YES, YES!!!

  48. David Maholchic

    Best song ever?

  49. accujimmy

    My finace told me she always thought it was "Odysseus's Girl" and she said honestly. lol

  50. Nick Broccolidwarf

    The version produced for The Deuce is much better - the female voice (Natalie Bergman) suits the song better........ and Costello was never a great singer anyway (let the flaming ensue ;))

    Wesley Buirkle

    costello's a great singer wat da fuck are you talking about

  51. Angelo Simone

    anybody have any oxy

  52. • AJ Star •

    l Push My Girl Friend Around And After 20 Years l’ve Realized l’m Not Such A Dick...

  53. daz6704

    Great song brings the good days back.....79 I think...damn 40 yrs ago I havnt heard this song in 35 it’s a great tune

  54. Rugged Individualist

    This song made me watch The Deuce.

  55. Shawn

    I like the mix better on The Deuce. Faster beat, combined vocals with Natalie Bergman

  56. Benjamin Parkhurst

    1977 - a hell of a year on The Deuce

  57. Julian Walden

    Is the girl singing on duece version Maggie gynennall?

  58. E Jay

    The Duece brought me here. Cool song

  59. stilla yl

    Elvis Costello was COOL!:)



  60. Michael Adame

    The Wire, Xtreme, are we really surprised ? Bittersweet it's only 3 seasons but god damned it's beautiful television

  61. manguy2000

    Nobody cares that the deuce brought you here


    Elvis Presley may have recorded a similar album for his divorced Scientology Priscilla "wife" if he had survived his death in 1977.....! In 1978 I was a part of the male "civilian hospital service" + punk/new wave scene in my German home town + we impiously laughed about the unnecassary early death of Elvis Presley. In the meantime I think differently + a lot deeper.

  63. William Plaud

    The Deuce brought me here.

  64. Turkey Bowlwinkle

    40 years later and 'This Year's Model" is still my favorite Costello album.

  65. a oneiill

    Elvis mimics Bruce...

  66. rita spera

    Love this song but I want to know who's the woman singing with him on this ?

    Craig Libby

    There is nothing in the Liner Notes but I know it wasn't Natalie Bergman as she wouldn't be born for another 11 years.


    i could've bet my left tittie , that it was stevie nicks.

    Paul Darcy

    rita spera surely it’s the man himself

    Paul Darcy

    Surely it’s the man himself on the original


    There is no woman singing in this version. Did you even listen too it?

  67. doug bedford

    best bass player  reminds me jack bruce

  68. Marcus Daniel

    My women is every years girls

  69. Deborah Landau


  70. Lane Hartwell

    All the people here because of The Deuce, what rock have you been hiding under for the last 30+ years?

    Mr DMc

    can zygotes hide under rocks?

    Professional Pancake Flipper

    Now I know where Girls got their sound!


    They were not even alive when this song was released.

    Mr DMc

    I can't believe people are reminded of this song while taking a deuce. It is NOT poop!!


    they're fuckin plebs


    I like the original, but I really like the re-version of this ft Natalie Bergman.

  72. Paco Jones

    Who's the woman who sings on the Deuce version?

    Paco Jones

    it's Natalie Bergman from the band Wild Belle

  73. CraftDutch

    The Deuce

  74. 808 Drummer


  75. lemko1968

    The intro for the 2nd season of "The Deuce."


    if your reading this, do not watch this show, i tried, i mean i really tried to watch it. but after 5 episodes i am done, the story line is so bad and takes ages to actually go somewhere. the costumes and the set are so fake you can clearly tell its done in a studio. the only reason i watched this started to watch this is because James Franco is in it. and hes the only good actor in it as the rest are hopeless. i immediately gave up when i found out there was going to be a season 2- if you do not like the first 2 episodes, you wont like the rest because the first 2 episodes were the best, it just gets worse from there

    Harry Potter

    @Degree7 Interesting, I thought Maggie show's a incredible acting skill in the show. Lot of realistic aspects of the time period as well.

  76. J F

    I am here because of The Deuce too.

    shippy nickel

    Actually Elvis Costello brought you here ..derp



    Gary J.kenny

    TO be able to make a point...
    we're you even born....
    when it was what it was


    Alright, Manhattan porn and prostitution, 80's. You get it, it makes for the shortest synopsis ever.

    Synopsis: Micks, Spicks, Blacks, Mob, Gangs, Racketeering, Sex, drugs and murder.

    It is likely the easiest subject-matter for a writer.

    After 2 episodes I am still not sure how much I like The Deuce. Not sold at all.

    At the one hand its okay, not awfully good or captivating. At the other hand its a bit: more of the same. If you've just finished one of the many crime series, such as board walk, the wire or something along the lines of these genres, I'd say - hold off watching this for a while.

    The cast and acting, nothing wrong with it. It's all good. No comments there. The story-line is sometimes somewhat fuzzy and unlikely.

    For the rest, the push for liberal TV continues as there are many scrotum to see. I wonder why we have to see dicks? My girlfriend is not impressed by them, she prefers to see boobs or soft porn. I want to bet that no woman is really interested in seeing dicks. They are simply grotesque looking, unpleasing and not impressive at all. Also not when XL or XXL.

    Iunn Brynveig

    @Degree7 As a woman, I'm neither impressed nor unimpressed, I've seen tits and dicks in life and onscreen.None are grotesque, just human physionomy.For me, showing people's bodies in situations where it would be unnatural to have actors cover themselves with a sheet is a great thing, as opposed to just showing them off as a statement (which is e.g. common for HBO "look at these, we can afford it!") I've always thought it was unfair to just show female parts and expose female actors.If I don't like an actor's dick, I won't stare at it.It's not porn, 2-3 seconds of an onscreen dick never hurt anyone. Another thing is that traditionally, men have always been considered to be less shy about their bodies than women.So in TV shows, who mostly thrive on stereotypes anyway, it always looked weird when ladies showed their parts, while men were cut from the waist down or whatever methods were used not to shock the modest viewer.

  77. Omari Daniels

    The Deuce. That is all.

    Gerald King

    I wonder if the 3rd and final season will stretch into the very late 70s and early 80s.From 80 to like 83 was such a wonderfully,free and sleazy time for porn.Seka,Savannah,Traci Lords the list boggles.Maybe a punk or disco or more new wave theme song.Btw had to throw in that this song has always been great.I originally thought the new version had Marianne Faithful on it.Which wouldve been cool.

    Jenny S

    @Gerald King Is there going to be a 3rd season? I figured it kind of wrapped up but I'd love a 3rd


    I just endured the pilot episode. I swear I will not watch the rest. The show has great production values. The set, decors, and costumes are all great - the soundtrack totally lacks originality or imagination, though. So if you want to rate the show based on reconstruction ratings, it's doing great. I know the pilot is a teaser supposed to get us to be interested in the characters so we watch the whole series. But the characters are just wafer-thin clichés, the plot is so hokey, unimaginative, it's an insult to any viewer who has any experience of the 70's through real life or good written or screen fiction. I got bored after 10 minutes, and I only forced myself to watch until the end, just to make sure I would not be surprised. A steaming pile of clichés, poorly characterized. what a waste of money and talent. 4/10 for showing off the money on the screen.


    Fucking boring millenials

    Edgar Smith

    ​@Rob 7 Gottisass! A cultural theory class or some back issues of TV guide maybe? Lets not go nuts

  78. jerry thompson

    short marriage don't you think

  79. Elaine Rosefelder

    btw, i'd always bring this cd to photo shoots, thanks so much :-)

  80. Michellerc

    Why am I here because of dallon weekes (?)


  81. Beth

    Here because of Dallon weekes and I’m not sad about it


    Beth SAME

    ljorsan is probably a dog in a human meatsuit

    heck same!!!

  82. Albert Andrews

    Best backing combo in the history of rock n roll.

  83. Stoney Curtis

    Elvis is King~!

  84. Patrick Leiva

    Brilliant. Check Ticket to RIde, and Steve's homage to Ringo. I see in my mind's eye, Judy Geeson and Sidney Poitier dancing at the end of "To Sir With Love".

  85. johnnyborealis

    this song is 40 years old and still destroys

    Lazaretto boi 3

    Someone should destroy this songs existence

    Da Os

    @Lazaretto boi 3 getouttahere



  87. Dr. killpatient

    How many " this Year's Girl", have we had 2 suffer since 1978??? Elle McPherson, Tyra Banks, Halle Berry, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Madonna ,Kate Upton, And the beat goes on.Unfortunately.

    Jeff Watts

    Some of the women you mentioned stayed relevant for much more than a year...Sounds like someone has a problem with successful women

    Dr. killpatient

    @Jeff Watts They may have been famous for more than a year, but still suck, & damn, near single-handedly destroyed Western pop-culture, ass-hat. And, I admire many strong, successful women. My mom, Ella Fitzgerald, Tina Weymouth, Artha Franklin, Audrey Hepburn, Carol King, Carole Kaye. I don't need to explain myself to your jumping to barely thought through, SJW reactionary, cliches nonsense, fuck-face.

  88. Craig Beasley

    Moving in on concepts of "beauty", that 'mad' and vehement take on females found a friend in this 1978 area where most were still serving and not allocating!

  89. Charmaine Hanslit

    The God`s honest truth!

  90. wpollock1

    loud, abrasive and snotty....Elvis at his best......

  91. Patrick Leiva

    Pete's take on Ringo rocks so hard, Bruce on bass is tremendous and of course Elvis is spot on. One of my all time go to licks. Timeless.

    Patrick Leiva

    I left out the rock steady and half-and-a-quarter genius Steve Nieves!

    Jerri Lynn Turner

    patrick leiva Pete's playing the drum pattern from Ticket to Ride

  92. Bill Holder

    Some great bass playing on this album, though I don't think they'll ever get the original band back together....

  93. Adam Powell

    A brilliant singer songer with a shit hot band at the top of its game. What more do want?

    Michael Belfer

    Adam Powell Right on the money my man. Let's not forget what a great year this was for music. Far too many to name, but there's ton of fun in checking it out!

  94. Chip Drusano

    After seeing the Donald Trump ad before this,Donald Trump is This Year's Colossal Prick! lol

    Doc Santoro

    And your this years Collossal Moron.
    Back to Mommy’s basement asshole.

    john grossi

    great retort

    Dead Pool

    Fuck you Trump is the best president since Reagan!

    Scott Briggs

    This Year's Fascist TWat @Dead Pool

    Dead Pool

    @Scott Briggs Awww another libtard with hurt feelings. Poor snowflake.

  95. Jack Spraker

    She came up on me proper. Jumped the rail. I was like, what what? She said I looked just like the boyfriend who turned her down. I looked like just like whomever he was. I didn't say no. I said. Okay.

  96. onion sister

    mary kay place's cover is better

    penny bjorkland

    I just had a listen. The MK Place version is indeed awesome.

  97. James Kendall

    Elvis puts the grease on the pavement and then the pedal to the metal to get the audio track in luxurious stereophonic about this year's girl.

  98. Hank Hardigan

    Those disco synthesisers, those daily tranquilliserszz

    Vern Pascal

    Those Bedroom Alibis!


    best lines in the song...

    Ross Forbes

    @joeviking61 exactly my thoughts....those four lines just burrow into your skin like lice....hard to shake off...

    Scott Briggs

    those Karen McDougals

    Kyle james

    Best lyric ever!

  99. Patrick Leiva

    Ringo's licks from Ticket to Ride. Tribute from Pete Thomas. Brilliant.

    Jack Shelley

    Awesome to pick that out!!

    Patrick Leiva

    Sliver in the mind my brother!


    Ringo played some memorable drum parts.

  100. Susan Reeks

    The bass is brilliant, but it's the "YEAAH!" at the end that slays me...

    Patrick Leiva

    Fuck yeah!