Costello, Elvis - Impatience Lyrics

How long do I have to wait?
Before I can tell you the things I've been wanting to say
How long must I hesitate?

I know it makes sense but it's hard for me to stay away
But if this is how it has to be
Maybe it's just a feeling
That I could name
But I'd probably best blame...impatience

You can't miss - what you've never known
It's quite absurd how you started disturbing me so
Sometimes - when I am all alone
I lose my senses
I have no defences to go

But if this is how I lose my heart
Then I shall just embrace that
My pulse is racing still
I'm secretly thrilled
By the laughter that tumbled
And the tears that I spilled
As far as I know no one ever got killed
By impatience

Tell me - is there danger still?
I took no heed so a word might as well be deed
Although - I'd really like to see you now
I'm almost certain it can't be accomplished with speed

So, if this is how I'll bide my time
Then I will set it down
Til we lose our caution
I'll honour your order
'Cos it's such sweet torture
To carry this torch
In the light of temptation
Beyond conversation and all expectation
Pausing a moment or two just to mention...

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Costello, Elvis Impatience Comments
  1. gemes64

    Playful and delightful in equal measure.

  2. Connor Ratliff

    This song is so much fun. Elvis Costello with The Imposters plus Marc Ribot plus horns plus strings! I can't imagine why he's never played this live in concert.

  3. GrayManichean

    This song is NOT on my cd! Was it added to a reissue or somethin'? My version has nothing like this.


    Neither does mine! Huh?!

    Todd Alcott

    Apparently it was only on CD in the UK and Japan.

    Oswald Cobblepot

    I have it on mine plus a limited edition DVD 😁 not bad for the charity shop 🤗

  4. Ray Gilligan

    @almostblue22 do ye know what i think you may have a point there, it's defo off 'north' tho.... i bought it on cd in dublin when it came out and didn't really pay much attention to the track list.... i think it's a hidden track? even when i ripped it onto the computer it just came up as 'Track 12'... weird!?!?!? cracking tune!

  5. charlyW34

    This album is criminally overlooked!