Costello, Elvis - I Still Have That Other Girl Lyrics

I have to say that we should finish it now
Before we weaken 'cause we already know this is wrong
I could give in, sometimes I think that I will
Despite the temptation I try to be very strong
In my reluctance seems a surprise
It's not 'cause I don't want you

But I just
Know I must... hesitate

Because I still have that other girl
In my head
I still have that other girl in my head

There may be ugly rumors that
I have been lying
There may be angry tears, but
They're never worth the crying

That is why
Sometimes I... hesitate

Because I still have that other girl
In my head
I still have that other girl in my head
I still have that other girl in my head

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Costello, Elvis I Still Have That Other Girl Comments
  1. rojohn1014



    Linda Ronstadt brought me here and, I'd much rather listen to her, especially her standards.

    Sarah Groh

    Me too.

  3. Trev Gibb

    Love this song and always wondered if the impact would have been as strong if Elvis Costello had sung it a little gentler

    hamburger now now

    how gentler can it get


    One of the most touching pieces of music EVER composed .Transparent .Real .Elvis Costello .Greatest

  5. Harold Trujillo

    Wow. I think we have all gone through this emotion, guys. If we are honest...

  6. darius spini

    This beautiful, touching song is too short

  7. James


    Mark Bluto

    Yes, you are....I agree

    hamburger now now

    horrible good or horrible bad

  8. Michael Marino

    That's a pain that been carried around. It will stay till the end of time.

    Izzy Mel

    Stole my words friend. GBY.


    I was already weeping for this very reason, before I saw your comment.

  9. Gail Hagen

    Linda Ronstadt mentions in her 2015 Interview she wishes she could have recorded this song (as well as more Spanish songs.) I imagine it would be beautiful, just perfect. Haunting song. Wish Linda could do it. She did a few Elvis Costello songs and did them very, very well.

    Jane OfVirginia

    Yes, this was the entire reason I came to listen to it.

    charmane garino

    that's why i came here <3

  10. Darla

    This song becomes an earworm (stuck in my mind) & I like to sing it. lol

  11. Cristian Vallejo

    burt bacharach, maestro de maestros........musica elegante

  12. Dave Mieze

    A truly perfect song. Every emotion covered in almost 3 minutes. Paul Gilbert pays total homage to it while bringing to a bit of a different place. But he will make u feel every note of it. Check out Faith no More doing Burt Bacharach "this guy is in love". Today's radio needs guys like him. He is a fucking musical genius!! Love all ya!!

  13. RBIKO5


  14. septemberfire

    never knew paul gilbert covered this.... cool

    Benjamin Breeg

    @arnyarny77 Paul's cover is superb. It has tons and tons of deep, deep feeling. A moving masterpiece.

  15. george412

    best song on the album... EC really lets it rip

  16. MuzikMs57

    bitter sweet

  17. Guy Percy

    Love this whole CD.