Costello, Elvis - Can You Be True? Lyrics

Can you be true?
Can this possibly be real?
I knew quite suddenly
Do you sense how I feel?
I long to hear you whisper my name
'Til you tell me
"My Darling, you may be my man."

There will be days when you must go from my sight
There may be nights when clouds deny us starlight
Only time will tell us
I hope that it speaks gently if it isn't meant to be
Then again
By then we might not be listening so attentively

I will be there
If the days bring torments and trials
To close the distances only measured in miles
I long to hold you all through the night
And to tell you
"My Darling, you make everything seem right"
And then I'll hear you calling in my name
And I'll answer
"My Darling, I may be your man"

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Costello, Elvis Can You Be True? Comments
  1. Dr. killpatient

    To illsya. I always tried to sing this song to you.( Failing miserably)

  2. Vassiliki V. Pappa

    Έργο ποιότητας και ουσίας που αφήνει έτη φωτός πίσω του όλους τους σύγχρονους και συνοδοιπόρους του αλλά ακόμη και εκείνα τα παλιομοδίτικα γυααλιά τού My Aim is True του 1977.

  3. Tabb Patz

    Thanks for this. My husband and I danced to this song on our wedding day!