Costa, Matt - Painted Face Lyrics

Acrobatic women dancing
Dressed up horses, hands clapping
Violins with beating big drums
Through comic curtains he runs

People laugh at his painted face
His cartwheels leave people amazed
Walking with the other clowns he paints his skin to face the day
No one knows just what they're thinking, smiles and frowns crumble away

There are two sides to a painted face
One side's real and one side's fake

One cup to spill and one cup to taste
One life to live and one life to waste
One jump to fall and one saving grace
One's a brick wall and one's the road paved

Fire breather, tarot reader
Lion and maestro pack up and drive
Over hills with icy peaks
The painted boy was left behind

Far behind is the painted face
But one side leaves and one side waits

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