Cory Wells - Wildfire Lyrics

They told me not to trust you
Well I wish they were wrong
And I've been such a fool
All your lies course through your veins
But now I see you inside-out

You lit a match just to watch my world burn

You tried to take everything I love
Just like a cancer inside my lungs
You tried to burn my house to the ground
With what you say when no one's around

Spreadin' like a wildfire
You're a wildfire

Alone again and you're wonderin' why
You're so wrapped up in yourself
Believing all your lies
You put the blame on somebody else
It always seemed so upside-down

You lit a match just to watch my world burn

You tried to take everything I love
Just like a cancer inside my lungs
You tried to burn my house to the ground
With what you say when no one's around

I want you to know
If you fall I hope the world sees you drown
Forever lost in the depths of your soul
So just go
Take your demons and seek out the day
You fuckin' reap what you sew

You tried to take everything I love
(You tried to take it away)
Just like a cancer inside my lungs
You tried to burn my house to the ground
With what you say when no one's around

Spreadin' like a wildfire
(Spreadin' like a wildfire)
You're a wildfire
(So fuck you)
You're a wildfire

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Cory Wells Wildfire Comments
  1. AJElls

    Few months and this is only at 52k views :( breaks my heart.. he needs more recognition!

  2. Danilo D'Aponte

    Long time since I found such a talented artist! ;)

  3. merlin704

    He should bring the mustache back.

  4. Crispybacon 92

    Cory you're literally one of the most underrated singers of all time. You've helped me get through one of the worst break ups I've ever dealt with. These songs are such a good representation of how I'm feeling.

  5. Daniel Graham

    Corry Wells is a fucking god! What else is there to say...

  6. Shawn-Ray Dalinsky

    Goddamn this is amazing!

  7. Learning as I go

    2:35 my favorite part.
    Love this song!

    I have been through allot.....

  8. Daily Scratchers

    Love the screams

  9. tylerlong666

    I really thought that was Cold Hart on the drums for half of this video lol wow. But more importantly, just discovered Cory Wells today and I’m already a really big fan.

  10. Matt Loyd

    Someone thank the chick that broke this guys heart for me.


    Matt Loyd made him produce nothing but fire.

  11. Quirin Lippl

    Can anyone tell me in which group this guy was before this solo project? I know his voice from somewhere else....but where?

    Matt Loyd

    I legit thought the same thing. Like he had to be in a metalcore band before with them screams, but I did a little googling and cant seem to come up with anything.

    Cory Wells

    I have never been the vocalist of a band before. I have always been a guitar player for groups.

    Matt Loyd

    @Cory Wells please feature on a metal song I need to hear your voice with some nasty breakdowns.

    Quirin Lippl

    Cory Wells thanks for clarification! 🙂

    Matt Loyd

    @Cory Wells I dont know if it was one situation or multiple that led you to write the lyrics you do...but I think you loved/love someone with BPD. At the very least I do, and almost every song hits too close to home to be a coincidence.

  12. Jay Bee

    I never heard of these guys until now and I like the song but the audio is horrific. It sounds like it was recorded in a tin can.

    Cory Wells

    Let the quality of the video catch up. The lower quality the video is in the lower the audio will also be. Is your cell tower perhaps in a tin can? Lol jk but it actually is a great recording so I think your cell service may be the problem.

  13. Beabea Arts

    i came for the snake, but this music is vry good too

  14. heather lacourse

    he really knows how to get you all wrapped up in your emotions

  15. Derek Johansen or something

    That snake was like "come at me bro!"

  16. Michael Barton

    When's the album, I'm a lurker fan,your voice and guitar just work well, you're a genius man, love your work🤙🤙

  17. Maverick Holliday

    Ok I'm blind can someone tell me the acoustic guitar model hes playing plz

    Cory Wells

    It's a Gibson hummingbird avant garde

    Maverick Holliday

    @Cory Wells thank you I'm not actually blind lol I broke my glasses is that a high or a low action whatever it is it's a beautiful guitar and sounds amazing

    Cory Wells

    @Maverick Holliday I have pretty low action on it. But I had it lowered.

    Maverick Holliday

    @Cory Wells awesome thank you for the info and also thank you for the awesome music

  18. Cameron Visintainer

    what happened to the hair

    Cory Wells

    Its slowly growing back. I miss it

  19. Kyle Balnius

    Really appreciate this song.. Caught me of guard and I love it

  20. J.J. Saggitarius

    Never made one bad song and each song keeps you in suspense till the end. This song is so fucking relatable its pure gold to my existence.

  21. Collin

    You calling her a snake?

    Cory Wells

    It's not about a girl to me at least gahah

    Jess Soto

    It’s about a guy who tried to snake his way into his relationship with his gf.

  22. Kyle Corlew

    Literally obsessed with that voice, man.
    Keep up the great work and best wishes

  23. Julian Felton

    Another gem to add to the collection of this brilliant artist! Looking forward to your debut album Cory you have impress me thus far and can't make a bad song. Announce the album soon so I can pre-order it man!!!

  24. Caitlin Day

    Incredible song man! I was excited to see you had a new music coming out. I discovered one of your songs at a time in my life where I really needed it and as heartbreaking as it was, I could relate and it helped release some pain. Thank you🖤

  25. shane hinson

    Who's still streaming the ones you love in 2019 ?

  26. Oh its Mike

    The beard looks way better than the stache.

    Sean H

    I thought he looked better with a stache. But atleast it's just a short stubble beard and not a " I'm growing a beard to fit in just like everyone else these days" beard.

  27. Chase

    Oh wtf there’s Alex

  28. Jacob

    New Cory Wells?! Damn, the world needs more of his powerful voice. 💛🔥

  29. Daniel Rodrigues

    This song represents a lot of what is happening with the Amazônia in Brazil

  30. Pat Whelan

    rad man, stoked to hear your new tunes, nailed it

  31. Zack Zimmerman

    So beautiful I could cry with joy

  32. WINS.

    love cory with full band <3

  33. Devin Delaughter

    Killer song bro🤘🤘 very talented vocals too

  34. Adam


  35. Matt Dorshimer

    0.75 speed made it so much more sad...

  36. Glenn Abalos

    Been following Cory for awhile now. Hasn’t disappointed me yet.

  37. Shawn

    omg those screams <3

  38. bigred12695

    So glad Pure Noise brought him on. Loved his original sound but this is 🔥🔥

  39. Derk Ender

    no thank you. But thats what makes music great though other people can enjoy it. This just doesn't do anything for me. But doesn't mean it won't do something for somebody else. But i wish you all the luck.

    Matt Loyd

    This comment tho 👍

  40. Jey Recore

    Can someone please get the chords for this song!!!

  41. gremliin666

    I love corey wells music from the beginning to now !!😭😭😭🙌🏼🥀

  42. girl dlm

    damn 🔥

  43. Dakota Waddell

    I miss the mustache

  44. Christian Skinner

    This dude is a song writing MACHINE. Bangers one after another

  45. nevermore決して

    You lit a match🔥

  46. Douglas Bell

    Definitely miss the majestic mustache.

    cory wells

    I have not shaved off my mustache in 8 years. It is still there. I just got lazy and let the rest of the beard grow out as well. I am currently rocking the mustache only right now hahaga

  47. Sword Dance92

    yo fuck my ex

  48. Jeff Heiny

    Oh shit! Bemis!

  49. Darth Popcorn

    If you could just release like 100 songs in the next week, that would be great. Every song is perfect and I need more. Thanks.

    -Sincerely, Everyone.

  50. W3ssy W3s

    Im really enjoying this guy's music.

  51. Louis Myburgh

    I was so excited when I saw a new song by Cory and the emotion in his music is amazing.

  52. Silvana Pedraza

    That voice...

  53. Kayla Woods

    Amazing 😍😍

  54. Being Berry

    I wonder who he's singing about 🤔 love it! ❤

  55. Don’t be scared Homie

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve already streamed this song on iTunes. Obsessed dude. See you in Sacramento 🤘

  56. escapegoats forhire

    That one dislike is hurting my heart. This dude is by far one of the coolest musicians to pop up in the last few years. I don’t care what you say. Cory Wells is a genius!

  57. existential. anarchist

    i liked it until the lyrics kicked in.

  58. Jo Bow

    How is this dude not main stream yet?! He does amazing with every song and has so much heart and soul in them!!

  59. Krisruss Music

    This is my new favorite!

  60. IxKronos

    Your voice brings me chills and I can’t get enough of it. I can’t wait for this album, I love your music man.

  61. karl grenier

    Hey Cory,
    Thanks for all the great music!!

  62. Carel S A

    Cory for all hehe. . .

  63. Justin Carberry

    I was just thinking the other day... "What happened to this dude?". And, here we are. Blessed with great new music.

  64. Emrac Zoviak

    Thanks to dreambound for introducing you and I am early this time. And love it , each and every song by you...😇😇😇😇

  65. Tyler Malone

    You take those screams and your guitar and you take over the damn world.

    Elijah Routledge

    Tyler Malone I love how his screams sound they are unique

    Dave Fruin

    So crispy clean too! Understand every word.

  66. AShortProduction

    That bridge 🔥🔥 cant wait for more!

  67. Greg Seebs

    Love all the music! Keep it up Cory!🤘

  68. bilboswa666ins

    Another absolute banger!

  69. Marco Arroyo

    Loved this! Awesome bro! Huge huge fan of yours!

  70. Hannah Lee Ewing


  71. Special Tajau

    Nice 👍👍

  72. ShelterFromCold

    The sky has opened to reveal a new track and album on Nov. 15th! Hell yeah!

  73. Lainey Nae


  74. Dominic Dosdos

    Cory Wells we are ready! DROP THE ALBUM <3

  75. Fabulous Killjoy

    I love this dude’s accent