Corey Smith - Maybe Next Year Lyrics

Times are a changing
But I'm still the same ol' son of a bitch in the wind
I act like I did back when I was a kid
But it hurts me more than it did back then
I go out on the town and make a fool of myself
I run around with the same rowdy friends
I get drunk and obnoxious
And wake up the next day swearin' I'm never drinkin' again

Yeah, my grandma still tells me
Enough is enough
Life ain't a game, son
It's time to grow up

Maybe next year, I'll start acting my age
Turn a new leaf over my wicked ways
Get a real job and start pullin' my weight
Only 365 days
Until I change my ways

I dress like a slob
I never tuck in my shirt
I let it hang over my baggy jeans
I wear an old baseball cap on the top of my head
With the logo of my favorite team
Still got the same dirty mouth that I've had
Since my first cousin taught me to cuss
And I just quit my 9 to 5 occupation
To play a whole bunch of songs I made up

Yeah, I'm a big ol' kid
But I ain't ashamed
'Cause when the time comes around
I know I can change


Maybe next year I'll quit blowin' all of the cash
Start working out and get off of my ass
Maybe next year I'll quit putting off all the chores
Maybe next year I'll visit my grandparents more
Maybe next year I'll go back to church and repent
Maybe next year I'll pick up my Bible again

I ought to straighten up
And there's no better time than now
To kick all the habits
That are bringin' me down

Maybe next year I won't be singin' the blues
Maybe next year I'll start telling the truth
Maybe next year I won't stay drunk all the time
Maybe next year I'll have a little more peace of mind
And maybe next year
I won't be so sad when I'm alone

Maybe next year

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Corey Smith Maybe Next Year Comments
  1. Deara Cummings

    Told my ex boyfriend not to let me hold him back anymore and he told me to listen to this song...

  2. ejmcvay420

    This song seriously hit home. It's always like I got time to do something but I just keep holding myself up

  3. Aaron Winchester

    This is my anthem.
    Only 365 days, till I change my ways.

  4. Mikey Smith

    This video makes me smile because I see myself in it. Oh well maybe next year

  5. Veronica & Reggie Soles

    Celebrated with Corey Smith at The House of Blues in Myrtle Beach South Carolina on Our Wedding Night December 31, 2017!
    “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”    “Where words leave off, music begins.”
    Thanks for making our first night as husband & wife a time to cherish!   Reggie & Veronica Soles  Whiteville, North Carolina

  6. Ian R

    Love the seatbelt caught in the door of the van in the beginning

  7. tiptoeurchin

    It got real when he grabbed the beer can out of the shower.

  8. Antonio Montana

    if you're a fuck up..this hits ya in the balls

  9. Lissa Adams

    I've loved Corey Smith since the first song I ever heard. a distance

  10. These Hands

    this song is awesome! keep em coming Corey!!! pure gold

  11. These Hands

    sam mallory, your an ignorant blinded dumbass who wouldnt know talent or hardwork if it was your own parents. Do the world a favor and try harder to be a better decent person, or get hit by a bus...

  12. ryan bussard

    love the song.what got me is my grandma is always telling me to straighten up.

  13. Dot Pea

    What other versions are there?

  14. honda12racingcbr

    Yes sir

  15. Cynthia Boggs

    Youre a bitch.

  16. Nick Murphy

    I agree with most people on here, I really like Corey but his first few albums were much better than his more recent stuff. He does new versions of his old songs, but the old songs were perfect the way they were. And he is still very good live!

  17. Dana Moore

    i think we are all use to the normal corey not the type with all the extra stuff in the back ground!

  18. Joey Frongillo

    Remember "If thats Country"? Sucks that all of his music sucks now. Quit representing his favorite teams. Dude sold out and got shitty.

  19. Joseph Boyle

    record company fucking ruined Corey

  20. andrewupsidedown

    no I take that back maby next year she'll start actin her age

    Jared Farmer

    did she?

    Christian Sheets

    Jared Farmer excellent question

  21. andrewupsidedown

    I was playin this song when my baby momma told me she was leavin me wtf haha well maby next year ill start acting my age


    11 people live at home with their parents.

  23. walenskit0360

    This song fucking blows

  24. Kidwitha12gauge

    This video must have been based in the 80s,there is no way in hell he got a 12 pack for that change.

  25. cdtnplyr

    maybe next year patriots GO GIANTS!!!!

  26. kramp239

    The Green Bay Packer Song!!!!

  27. DystOpt

    Damn. I like Corey Smith, but this version of this song sucks.

  28. jikaranda

    THIS IS 2011´S SONG !! <3

  29. Chris Tittle

    this describes my life haha

  30. B'stard HellVerb

    This is Pitbull ? or country pitbull ?

  31. PY11235

    country music = twang twang

  32. sam mallory

    @lilgoss912 I am neither a teenager and you lost sight of trying to make fun of me by assuming. Great you like his try hard voice but I wonder how you feel about Brits who sing with American accents ... Thanks for saying I look like a teen though. as for being in my mid 30's that boosts the ego. Please enlighten me about real music. I am sure "real" country music fans from the "good ole days" would laugh and call this fluff pop music. Oh but I guess you new that right Twitty ....

  33. Mitch Gaikowski

    @lilgoss912 dude it just the teenagers that dont have a brother or sister old enough to
    show them the way im 15 and i love this song

  34. cdtnplyr

    this is my new birthday song

  35. sam mallory

    ffs this guys voice is pretty fucking bogus....I mean try harder?

  36. NOCTIS

    soul music :) \m/.