Corey Smith - Harmony Lyrics

Have you ever seen a Georgia sunset?
Across the cool October sky
You know it's like a little piece of Heaven
Hung in between the day and night
Every shade of red and blue
Born in the dyin' of the light
And I'm in the perfect balance
Eyes bright and opened wide
And in a moment all my worries fade away
Oh it all makes sense to me
That's harmony
That's harmony

A Sunday dinner at my grandma's table
She's been up cookin' since the dawn
Yeah this family keeps on growing
Still she makes enough for everyone
There's my baby boy
Right now hes the youngest one there is
Just smilin' in my daddy's lap
So full of joy and tenderness
We forget about our troubled yesterdays
Oh it all makes sense to me
That's harmony
That's harmony

It's hard to understand
Even harder to explain
Theres a miracle flowin'
Like holy water through our veins
And if you focus you will notice it
In everything you do
Oh listen close enough
And you can hear the harmony in you
Goin' doo doo do doo do do do

Daddy bought my first guitar and he said,
"Boy you were born to play and sing"
Now I take my pen and capture
These little bits of everything
I don't want fame or fortune
I just want you to listen to my songs
In a church or this bar room
I don't care
They're all the same when the musics on
Theres no doubt about what I came here to do
It all makes sense to me
That's harmony
That's harmony

Theres no doubt about what I came here to do
I'm gonna play and sing for you
That's harmony
That's harmony
That's harmony

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Corey Smith Harmony Comments
  1. Ruben Paye

    beautiful song man!

  2. Austin Bennett

    Crazy good song man. Your music gets me through the day

  3. nizz frizz

    always loved this one

  4. Jason Adams

    WOW Corey you never cease to amaze me. Every one of your songs seem to touch my heart in some way. There are a handful of great song writers in this world and I put you right there with them. Jeffrey Steele, Eddie rabbit, shooter Jennings, kid Rock. I could mention some older guys too but you get the point. Some of your stuff makes me happy, sad, angry and at times just plain silly. You got what most don't. Please try to come to owensboro ky. We have a brand new civic center and I know you would sell out quick here. Keep it up. I love all of your stuff your songs even change my way of thinking sometimes. Peace and love to you and yours.

  5. 3890Leah

    One of my absolute favorites

  6. Jessica Lienard

    Per usual, this is awesome Corey.  Your lyrics, though it doesn't seem possible, continue to grow stronger and stronger.  The good thing about your lyrics getting even better is that when I strive to write like you, even only getting half way there will be better than most.  Keep rawking brutha!

    Corey Smith

    thx man!