Copeland - What Cannot Be Found (Part 1) Lyrics

Though every eye is wide, there's still not one to find it.
It vanishes like wine with nothing left behind it.
I found your life in grey and white and never thought I'd color it.
And love put up an awful fight.
You never made your peace with it.

So stay where you are. And hold what you love.
And feel what you want. And know all the while.
Don't hurt 'til it's done.

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Copeland What Cannot Be Found (Part 1) Comments
  1. TheMagicKingdom02

    Very good choice! Of course, any Copeland song is a good choice lol.

  2. ShadySide210

    I love showing people this song
    no matter how much they might judge it at first
    they always ask me about it later.
    I love&miss Copeland<3

  3. Right Side Up!

    ssshh... Copeland is all ours :)

  4. TheMagicKingdom02

    Yeah haha I don't get it either. Thanks for commenting and God bless you!