Cooper, Alice - Lost in America (Live) Lyrics

[From "The Last Temptation" Album (1994)]

I can't get a girl
cause I ain't got a car
I can't get a car
cause I ain't got a job
I can't get a job
cause I ain't got a car
So I'm looking for a girl with a job and a car
Don't you know where you are

Lost in America

I got a mom but I ain't got a dad
My dad's got a wife but she ain't my mom
Mom's looking for a man to be my dad
But I want my mom and to be my real
mom and dad
Is that so bad
Oh, I think I've been had

Lost in America

Well, I live at the 7-11
Well, I'm tryin' to play this guitar
Well, I'm learning "Stairway to Heaven"
Cause Heaven's where you are

I can't go to school
cause I ain't got a gun
I ain't got a gun
cause I ain't got a job
I ain't got a job
cause I can't go to school
So I'm looking for a girl with a gun and a job
Don't you know where you are

Lost in America

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Cooper, Alice Lost in America (Live) Comments
  1. Wayne Ogston

    This is one of the great songs of all time! The whole conundrum of life is so well explained. Pure genius.

  2. Andrew Oliver

    Bit like an Incel manifesto. Once again ahead of his time in predicting the future.


    This could very easily be a Top 10 hit TODAY.
    Think about it.
    It was written years ago, but it is SO DEAD ON in 2019-20.
    Your thoughts here.........

  4. Maciel Test

    Muito bom som🤘🤘

  5. Jared also exists

    Is it bad that I laughed at this?

  6. Robert Anderson

    "Preach on, Brother Cooper."

  7. Maddie Fritz







  8. ZeusGamer BG

    Best song for school shooting

    Sam Mackey

    ZeusGamer BG Wicked Young Man by Alice Cooper

  9. romandame

    worst song ever written - it's ridiculous.

  10. Bernt Sunde

    Still the Truth of the Times, isn't it...?

  11. Matilde Kimmerle

    This was when America rocked - look at us now 🙄

  12. kprimm1967

    Awesome friggin tune. Alice does no wrong!

  13. Joe Smith

    Alice is a very serious lyricist. He can throw in some humor. Like dead babies was misunderstood. It’s not some mindless crap. He’s talking about child abuse.

  14. Peaceful Flower

    I'm lost in America- I have a job but can't afford a car so I'm looking for a man with a car

  15. Ralph James

    Who'se in for the 15 minute version of Iron Butterfly's Ala Gada LaVida, Baby?

  16. J. Helmenstine

    Our dealership would be lost without Alice.

  17. shawn shipstad

    Beautiful as usual. "I can go to school cuz I dont have a gun" NO SHIT ALICE!

  18. PureSplinterRising

    Rick Derringer's Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo anyone?

  19. gabe1040 gabe1040

    i am lost in america

  20. Annuvyn Arawn

    such a timeless lyric

  21. jamie foyers

    Sing it Alice!. Classic stuff and still relevant for today's society on both sides of the Atlantic.

  22. Russell Booth

    It's the same as being lost in Australia !

  23. My penis is unbelievably small but

    for me it's the opposite

  24. lukderyck

    Love Alice Cooper but I was disappointed when this came out. It reminds me of "Fight for your right to party" but with less energy and an uninspired chorus. The rest of the CD was much better.

  25. Aidan Ahern

    "I want my mom and dad to be my real mom and dad" - Well, everyone's mood just dropped a little.

  26. aboutthetruthmedia organization

    We need more truthful songs like this.

  27. James Faux

    I loved the comics for this album

  28. Anton Antonson

    We are all lost!

  29. Mackenzie Puetz-Bateman

    Pretty much sums it up for me. Lost in Canada.

  30. Warren Wells

    this dude can rock out out, when he wants to

  31. Luckychurchyard

    Ugliest woman ever

  32. Speedo

    In soviet russia america is lost in alice cooper

  33. Rodrigo Algorta

    This song describes how I always felt about the system. Happens on every country on the world since always.

  34. Cosmo Dookie

    Uh.. hey beavis.. I think I found something out, or something..

    -What is it?

    -I think I can't go to school anymore.. uh.. because..
    I ain't got a job..

    -Wow, pretty cool! Me, too!

  35. Cosmo Dookie

    Preach on brother Cooper..

  36. Andrey Murr

    The king

  37. christopher carrier

    1.5 million Alice fans....we're ok....there is still hope.

  38. james vece

    just saw him In Waterbury, ct at the Palace. Great as always !!!!! He's still the best entertainer EVER !!!!!!!

  39. Antony Andre' / renaissance artist and artisan

    Coop tunes prevail all ages and time...not many songs, writers, musicians can do that...COOP CAN!
    Since 1970s for me

  40. Amy King

    Very under-rated Alice Cooper song. I just saw him and his band in concert and they played this song which was a real highlight!!!!!!

  41. Robbie

    the chorus has been stuck in my head for 20 years and i forgot how crazy the rest of the song went...

  42. John Rice

    I want my mom and dad to be my real mom and dad. That right up there with Lemmy's hash browns and bacon strips great stuff

  43. David Vollmar

    So I'm looking for a girl with a car and a job. Vincent ROCKS

  44. Desdichado Snt

    Шальная молодость моя!!!

  45. OFFICIAL Heather Combs; †eardrღps †hat †angღ

    Long Live The Coop!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Silvana Trovato


  47. Lili Miller

    How did I go from watching EllenTube to listening to Alice Cooper?!?!

  48. Charles Carlson

    Alice Cooper Rocks!!

  49. fish stick

    Over 20 years old. Still relevant today

  50. atthegatesofurizen

    The Last Temptation 24 years today!! (12th of July 2018)

    And this song has only 1,5 million views at the moment. Well I guess every song can't become a huge hit.

  51. Nathaniel Stringer

    How I felt

  52. Aredhelle

    See this is why there's sugar daddies in America.

  53. Aredhelle

    When you ain't got no job it means you ain't getting anything. And if you finish school you still dont have a job. >_<

  54. Laurie Croad

    Superb... Alice Cooper and Neil Gaiman are all about,...STORIES. Get the song, get the story....dream on.

  55. SpaceManMonster


  56. antonio torres

    Brilliant, Alice was starting to be creative again with The Last Temptation, leaving behind his worst creative era, a time marked by ephemeral and light commercial success, with those crap songs like Poison, or Hey Stoopid. Many thanks to Alice, still got the CD and the comic book too.

  57. Paul Buttress

    Still going strong another legend

  58. Michael Huff

    The lyrics about the kid without a dad are actually heartbreaking. Great points to be made in this song. Good job all around.

  59. Elizabeth DiBiase

    Alice Cooper is the best

  60. Luca Manson

    great song!!

  61. jolteon43

    Oh man it's the first time that I heard this song and the satire is incredible. Particularly the last guitar riff which I believe is a reference to your National Anteem. (I'm not American).

  62. L. Salisbury

    A couple of tempos faster this could be a great Ramones song!

  63. Rosario Verano

    Closing riff is the national anthem?

  64. Fascinated One


  65. benedict fustos

    ...he always had ( & still does have ) a kick - ass band behind him !!!

  66. Luxster Mack

    Am Canadian but after listening to this ALICE for next president!!

  67. flmargarita386

    Can't go to school cause I ain't got a gun

  68. Roland HereNow

    I like the lyrics, but the music is lifted from two sources. It ends on an Elvis Costello riff from Pump It Up.

  69. mash2vhK

    Wow how things have changed. Oh, no, wait, they haven't.

  70. The CPW Network

    "If you don't have cable, you might as well, um...go to school or something"
    "He can't go to school, remember? He doesn't have a job or a girl or a car or cable"
    "He doesn't have cable? No way. I thought all rock stars had cable and stuff."

  71. Boyan40

    I love this song!

  72. IronEd636

    I can't get a girl cuz I ain't got Tinder
    I ain't got Tinder cuz I ain't got a card
    I ain't got card cuz I ain't got a job
    I ain't got a job cuz I just finish school

    The vicious circle of life.


    IronEd636 and a house.... with cable.

  73. Zej Flynn

    worthy of the nobel prize for literature-

  74. Tomislav Kardum

    I'm lost in Croatia.

  75. Bradford Miller

    What You NEED?

  76. Jim Hagler

    Saw him live @ the St. Louis CHeckerdome in 72. The big show days. Did the guillotine act and then they set his head on the top of the stage and put a mic by it, The head started singing. Awesomest show I ever saw. LOmg live Alice cooper!

  77. Mackenzie Puetz-Bateman

    This is a great song

  78. WhiskeyBrewer

    Saw him on Tuesday and this was in the set. A few surprises in the set actually lol

  79. illusioNtv

    Listening to this while I can't get a job! I can't get a job because I got a felony!

  80. Mark Fletcher

    Got it Alice. Listen closely so called leaders. The silent Catch 22 is killing!

  81. Corey Ballantine

    143 people are lost in America




    Jajajjajajjajajajaj clever !!

  82. D. Edward Hughes

    This was not was...proph...phet...phetic

  83. Thomas Moxley

    This song is part of an English assignment and Ima fail this class

  84. Adam Youdell

    This fuckin' shit is more relevant now than it was then

  85. Clay3613

    The Fistful Of Alice version is far superior to the studio version.

  86. Pelz Tier

    very good lyrics and music!!!!

  87. Scarface m

    this song=relatable af XD

  88. redman0324

    Hehehe, yessir.

  89. Easy Answers

    Underrated lyricist.

    ale ricciardi

    Easy Answers True.

    Madd Dogg

    It was written by Francesca Beghe & Marc Swersky

    Michael Allred

    This song is NOT an example of quality lyrics.

    m_train Gaming

    What? He is the king of heavy metal.

  90. Alessio cam

    always current

  91. Patrick Owens

    None of this is true don't you know where you are utube

  92. o o

    Awesome track.

  93. Páris Barbosa

    Uhuuu! É "noise"!


    I don't like this song but the lyrics are fantastic.

  95. SokemRokemRobot

    I have those Alice Cooper comic books.
    Truth>> Every child wants their mom and dad to be their real mom and dad... there are way too many stepmoms and stepdads.
    Without Jesus Christ, I am lost... so are you.

  96. BlankRegie

    The story of my life.

  97. Estefania Vargas

    Sexy Alice!!