Convictions - The Void Remains Lyrics

Have I lost myself?
Have I forgotten who I am?
Four years later, I'm still a broken man.
Part the sea that separates you from me.

Limb by limb, rip me apart.
Open up my chest. Give me a change of heart.

God, I've forgotten how to feel.
God, change my life with passion.
With passion, with passion, with passion.

I've built a kingdom of none with sand and stone.
The hands work and wither. I pray; let your will be done.

I will rise above the ashes
Just let Your will be done
I will rise above the ashes
Just let Your will be done
Within me. Breathe in me.
Lord shape me and mold me
With passion, with passion, with passion.

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Convictions The Void Remains Comments
  1. dylan parrott

    Underrated shit but good ass shit

  2. Levi Machado


  3. Edwardo56

    “Lord shape me and mold me with passion”

  4. S B

    Well hearing this just turned my day around for the better. Fuck today.
    Getting this album when I get home. Not sure where I fall in the line but a new fan right here!!!!

  5. 666Kai666 Peirce

    Brutal! 🤘

  6. Joel Ingalls

    Holy fuck...

  7. Bryce Barnhart

    This song is just so good.

  8. Edgar Hernandez

    I came here because this band followed me on Twitter and they are pretty good.

  9. ॐ Psiloscibine ॐ Damon ॐ

    This is fucking pure \m/


    breaks to shake th fuccing ground 🙀

  11. James Heffer

    Change of heart at 01:00? FUCK that's good

  12. Josh Kellams

    I love this band😍😎

  13. Nick Sibilla

    I love when bands get heavier, while adding little technical things to make it more emotional, so well done.

  14. T Olean

    saw these guys live with Ice Nine Kills and Like Moths to Flames. Absolutely sick show.

    Nick Sibilla

    +T Olean that's a fantastic lineup, jealous as hell.

  15. KleinB

    static void

    James Heffer

    +KleinB Public void brah.

    Corban T.

    Render The Void?


    Im happy i found these guys

  17. Paul Kokopenace

    Bruh, Why is there a deleted video in the playlist?!

  18. Antagonists

    Yeah bitches.

  19. Victarion Belaerys

    ONE MORE DAY. Darkness divided was amazing and I hope this is just as great!