Convictions - I Will Become Lyrics

This is the end of the road.
The sins I carried have left me cold.
The world has left me completely alone,
So I've built this house on stone.

I have everything. I contain every earthly release,
Yet why can't my soul find an ounce of peace?
It was all never enough, never enough to make me whole.
Free my soul. Free my soul. Make me whole.

I was a broken man with a bottle in hand.
Four years later, you don't even walk or stand.
Who is this man? Dependent on pills and cheap thrills.
Who is this man, who is this man I have become?

Every time I take advantage of your everlasting grace,
I stumble again. I spit in your face.

Most of the time,
I long for comfort in my own mind.
Most of the time,
I tend to regret the things I hide inside.

Take me.
Change me.
I will become a man of God.
I will become a man of God.

This is how I was meant to live.
I'll give You everything left to give.
This is all I have left to give,
So I'll give You everything God.

(I am nothing at all)
You gave me purpose and now with Your spirit I will stand.
And now I know and now I know.
Before You, I was nothing but a broken man.
And now I know, now I know.
Through all the love that cast me aside,
You were always with me. You were always standing by my side.

Lord, awake my soul.
Jesus, awake my soul.
I will become whole.

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Convictions I Will Become Comments
  1. Cody M

    Never heard this song until now and I am amazed. Goosebumps covering my body, thank you for this Jesus, may all music go to praise you

  2. Mister Hunter

    These guys just can't make a bad song.

  3. Samuel M

    I will become - Ich will bekommen

  4. Bryce Barnhart

    I freaking love Convictions. So much passion.

  5. evan wonsey

    i started a mosh pit on my winter retreat with my sixth graders in our cabin at the "I will become a man of God" part... i'm proud of them

  6. Dude Why

    Damn.......this hits home.....

  7. Fallen _memer41702

    I got this album signed by all of them they are amazing got to say hi to them too 💟💟💟💟💀💀💀💀💀

  8. CalvertSheik

    Vocals sound like Decoder :D

  9. James Heffer

    I rate you guys sounds a lot like The Word Alive and Like Vultures, dam good guys! Keep up the good work!

  10. Nick Sibilla

    Not huge on religion anymore but damn, do the christian bands go hard as hell, always found myself jamming Christian Metalcore bands, the passion they emit is amazing.

    Samantha Speaks

    Nick Sibilla the amazing thing about some of the dudes in Christian metalcore like these guys it's not about religion. I get that nonbelievers see a lot of religious hypocrisy but when you have a personal life baring relationship with Jesus its so about love it is not about the religon do this dont do that,its about freaking loving someone so incredibly much you emit a light so bright because their love brings you so much joy. Not until i got rid of the religous stuff did i find Jesus.

    KissinHomies GN

    @Samantha Speaks amen dude, Christ spoke against religion and religious leaders, he preached love!

  11. FaithLove7

    These lyrics touched my heart. Especially the last part of the song. To be honest it made me cry. This song is an inspiration. God bless you guys. Keep doing what you're doing.


    FaithLove7 saw them like a week ago play this song live and it put me to tears

  12. Jeremy Garcia

    So damn beautiful. I really hope you guys get huge. I want some more juicy albums!!!!

  13. Frok

    I love Christian metalcore bands there music has so much passion


    Yeah, especially because we're gonna live eternal life and you won't

    Carlos DCN Ж

    Come meu cú safado

    KissinHomies GN

    @zigotina how is it going into sophomore year because theres no way you were older then 8th grade when you posted this


    @KissinHomies GN my opinion hasnt changed bro. Enjoy being christian autist

    KissinHomies GN

    @zigotina Love you dude, I'm keeping you in my prayers <3

  14. Chol .Yerlow

    who's the guest vocal?

    K5 Minerva

    +Chol .Yerlow Dan Gardner

  15. Eleatta Ford

    As always I love the music! I'm happy you guys followed me on Instagram! I can't wait to go to a concert here in CA

  16. Eleatta Ford

    As always I love the music! I'm happy you guys followed me on Instagram! I can't wait to go to a concert here in CA

  17. Jordan Spence

    Fucking incredible. I'm lost for words.