Convictions - House Of Lies Lyrics

How can I become a man
A man of God
When in my mind I'm a man of a million lovers?
All my secrets kept deep beneath the covers

My eyes twitch and twist
Oh, what a mess my portrait has become
What will I become? What will I become?

My desire for love is tainted
How am I the picture you painted?
My canvas is nothing
My colors are disgusting

It's haunting me
I'm so terrified that I won't break free
It follows me, it follows me
These earthly addictions are consuming me

Corruption corrodes my true reflections
What kind of gentleman possesses these intentions
To hide these filthy afflictions?

Will I ever look at a woman in pure thought again
Or will I fulfill these slutty fantasies in my head?
Am I imprisoned in this never ending sin?

Free me from my lust
Restore my innocence
Sex sells!
I was born into a world of sin
Sex sells!
Predestined to let these voices in

It's haunting me
I'm so terrified that I won't break free
It follows me, it follows me
These earthly addictions are consuming me
It's following me to the point of breaking
My rotting soul is Yours for the taking

She was my home
The house of lust kept me warm at night but
You pry open my eyes
The house of lust was a house of lies

She was my home
The house of lust kept me warm at night but
You pry open my eyes
The house of lust was a house of lies

I lost myself walking to a home that was burnt down years ago
Don't let me wither away
Don't let me wither away

It's haunting me
I'm so terrified that I won't break free
It follows me, it follows me
These earthly addictions are consuming me
It's following me to the point of breaking
My rotting soul is Yours for the taking

What will I become?

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Convictions House Of Lies Comments
  1. KLeanupGUY55

    I never read the lyrics till now. No wonder this song stuck with me ever since yall released it. This relates so much to me. Love you guys!

  2. ChristianMusicMania

    These lyrics might be the best lyrics ever written

  3. Cody M

    Oh wow I had the volume all the way up and..... Yikes....

  4. Cody M

    The house of lust is a house of LIES!

  5. Frank Garcia

    Guys what tuning are you in?

  6. Kodak237


  7. eRa FLSE

    New fav song and band

  8. Joey Chavez

    Thank you. You helped me become closer to god from this video.

  9. Sage Bentley

    Such a powerful song! From a guy whos dealt with the temptation of lust and pornography most of his life, I've stumbled so many times and this is honestly how I felt/thought. But through trials, God's Truth, and bands like these I now know that God loves me even in those times, He is above all and through Him we can overcome anything! :)

  10. Eve Phillips

    WOW not enough veiws! Especially because ALOT if not most people can relate

  11. Cryptiix

    I get some Invent, Animate vibes from this. Guitar work is awesome here

  12. matthew enriquez

    this band is boring


    matthew enriquez Your comment is lacking amusement.

  13. james Campanaro

    God can get you through anything in your life, good or bad. May you pray and look to him for strength. When we do it alone, we let our flesh get the best of us and sin more than we intended. Our hearts are wicked apart from Christ.

  14. Fvck Up

    I love the drums in this

  15. Cigarettes For Breakfast

    wow! it's so unusual to hear some truly meaningful, beautifully complex lyrics in the scene. definitly will keep an eye on them. because "good" lyrics are really rare in this scene.

  16. alex lawson

    The dudes ❤

  17. Sean Lewis

    The best live screamer I have ever heard he gets so into it. Indiana showing love

  18. The Cleansing Process

    The vocals are just amazing.

    Itz skitt

    The Cleansing Process Yes!!! He's supposed to give my boyfriend lessons :) we're going to see him in concert Saturday

  19. alex lawson

    I knew the drummer when he first joined this band. I'm so proud for Zach and this band. You've done great things with this band and it is So amazing to watch you all grow and grow!

  20. Joshinator60

    This song and the message is awesome! Keep it up Convictions!


    Gonna take For Today's place! Keep it up guys!


    Hell yeah

  22. xXroberto1204Xx

    isnt slutty a bad word .-.


    No. It is just used for a more "powerful" effect (for lack of a better term.)


    It all depends on the context. It is if you're calling someone slutty. But in the context of this song, no.

  23. Josip Andy Ešegović

    Goosebumps every time.

  24. awesomeness jess

    this is great

  25. Magomed Tabukov

    I really liked the song but the video dissapointed me

  26. James Heffer

    That growl at 0:27 though!

  27. Cap

    Overwatch Master

  28. Alex Butler

    Thank you guys for being so vulnerable and real about the truth of lust!

  29. Miguel R

    such a great band, too bad they're christian.


    yeah... too bad you're too ignorant.


    Wow. So ignorant.


    What do personal beliefs have to do with the quality of the music?

    Parker Green

    TheDecepticon97 yo c'mon don't have to attack him like that just bc he doesn't respect you doesn't mean you have to sink to his level sir

    Parker Green

    Joshinator60 same for you sir. ^

  30. Brad Carpenter

    This new album is simply a masterpiece! Such a huge improvement from the last album, and from the album before that. You guys have progressed to that next level and I thank you for pouring out your hearts on this new album!

  31. Mike Whittington

    Soo fucking good.

  32. cadaver

    0:23 hoooly shiit!:D

  33. Jacob Harris

    this song actually means so much to me... you don't even know how much I can relate to this... thank you... thank you so much...

  34. The Embassy

    This too real radio will never play this. I really love this.

  35. Logan Welty


  36. Bud McClain

    Awesome song!

  37. Winter's Inferno

    I love this! I'm so stoked to see these guys next week! I'm extremely proud of them and how far they've come. Keep it up guys! Much love! ♡

  38. Jedipieah c

    I love how you guys aren't afraid to talk about topics or say things that other bands stay away from! You guys are great! \m/

    Violinist forfun88

    This is how it should be! They should be Fearless and Outspoken✊👊🙌

  39. Dariø GR

    you guys are so nice band.. you rock

  40. Nick Sibilla

    Ooooo, they got heavier, I like.


    fucking amazing.

  42. Matt D

    When the beginning started to play I thought this song wasn't going to be that good....but after I got into it this is actually a really good song.

  43. Christian Metal Source

    terrific sound guys, can't wait for the release. and hey is that the same girl that was on the 'i am nothing' album art? only blindfolded on this one....right.....

  44. Christopher Adam

    I tried to write a song like this before, lyrically it is exactly what
    was in my head. possibly the most relatable song i have ever come across
    in all my years of listening to music, thank you guys for doing what you do and especially for pressing on!

  45. yamaha519vx

    quality lyrics but composition of the song and screams are pretty generic and boring like a mix of emmure and like moths to flames which i hate, meh. oh well just a personal opinion hope the best for them

  46. Max

    How have I not heard these guys before? they're so good wtf

  47. Spirit Breaker

    Solid track gents!

  48. Mal Rosette

    Sounds amazing!

  49. eRa FLSE

    really good man , keep on going , I belive in you guys


    casual as fuck

  51. Kappa



    Kappa 3blegh5_u

  52. Nathan ASF

    So excited to see you guys at Bled Fest!

  53. Nova 142

    I can so relate to this song. As someone who deals with lust and pornogrophy. sometimes it feels like god cant forgive me. I at times feel disgusting and unlovable. but thats all satan wants me to believe. he knows im saved and wants me to stumble. In all of it my God is faithful an has never abandoned me.

    james Campanaro

    Nova 142 I've struggled with lust and porn before. Not that lust is easy to break, but I will say I don't look at pornography anymore. God breaks the chains we hold.

    Fail Master Z

    Nova 142 Amen!! You aren't alone in your feelings or struggles! Of course you know that, but sometimes it feels that way at least with me. Keep on fighting 🙏


    Marinesrock07 How are you doing now?

    Robert Johnson

    Find a new hobby , mine is fishing and playing guitar when you get the urge unplug your computer or shut your phone off, show god that you are stronger than the fleshly desires the lord will reward you. Put on the whole armor of god. For the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 10:13 there hath no temptation taken you but which is common to man, but GOD IS FAITHFUL who will not let ye suffer to be tempted more than what you are able;but will with the temptation also make a way to escape;that he may be able to bear it.

    Aaron AltKid

    I second this. I’ve dealt with my addiction since I was 11. It’s been a hard road. Christ is greater, stay strong brother. Much love man.

  54. Scarlett B.

    Awesome. Sex.

  55. jonathan hernandez

    I didn't really enjoy the lyrical pattern at points. I felt like it was made in haste. I enjoyed the gritty tone on the lower parts, but for me the lyrics need some work. The song is already created but for future reference look into the soul of the music and find it's meaning and bring that out when creating a song. Anyone who thinks "if you don't like it then don't listen", this is just criticism from an artist to another. It is very much welcome in the art industry, it shows what they need to work on as a passion if that's what they want to do.

    Victarion Belaerys

    I think it was great. remember its good to hate sin

    Nick Luciano

    I like the weird style of lyrics. It makes them unique


    The regular verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus pattern gets old after a while.

    Austin Webster

    So where's your work?


    but not to hate the sinner, love thy neighbor

  56. Harrison Waycot

    This song is a banger, didn't watch the video clip though. But still, what a tune!

  57. unintoxicate

    oh its lit


    why is this a fucking thing

    poo poo

    Not sure, but I will go with it. One thing I can say is that when a band loses its flames, it is painfully obvious.

  58. Christopholus

    This are good song


    +Christopher Gelling ye main! this am veri good singing


    Your grammar on the other hand, not so much.

  59. Mac Zittle

    absolutely fantastic

  60. Alastair Heinrichs

    Tight. Nice job boys.

  61. K5 Minerva

    Absolutely Amazing. Can't wait for the release

  62. Curtice Morris

    Awesome video and song!

  63. DarvaldYT

    Goosebumps all over. These songs are about things that matter!
    Keep it up guys.

  64. Jordan Spence

    One word: Perfect.

    I love this band.

  65. Shonney93

    Love the meaning in this! Keep up the great work guys. :)