Convictions - False Witnesses Lyrics

Submerged in the depths, pull me out
Lord, hear me now in desperation, erase this doubt
I'm so powerless in the wake of animosity
Erase this doubt
I've seen their endless judgement. It fills my heart with hate and torment
This isn't me: a home with no key
Unlock me and turn back the clock. Stuck in a paradox, I swear this will never stop
All I want is change but I'm afraid to change myself
I don't wanna hear what you have to preach to me, I don't wanna hear it
Nobody can find their way when all you do is push them all away, I don't wanna hear it
Steadfast in their stubborn ways, I'll sing this song 'til the end of my days
I'm unafraid, I'm unashamed to speak up and call out false witnesses preying on the innocent
So speak up and call out the ones who defame His holy name
Self-destructive, state of mind (You're ignorant)
You disregard the sons and daughters and build those borders
Live life stronger
We can't stand for this any longer
Live life stronger
Preserve His honor
Self-destructive, state of mind
Lord, pull me out
Erase the doubt

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  1. sensate444

    I love this great new stuff! Fantabulous! 👍🏻✌🏼👌🏾👊🏻

  2. JN Perez

    Quite catchy, awesome song!