Convictions - Brother's Blood Lyrics

Dear brother, it kills me to keep this inside
It kills me
It kills me to separate from you

Don't always assume the worst of me

If love is an extension of my own selfishness
Then I viewed you like a personal golden crown
They say family comes first
Yet I've left you to the fields to perish

I know I can't save you
I can't do this anymore
We are an endless war

Dear brother, I can't save you
Can't change your mind after all we've been through
All I ever wanted was to save your soul
Dear brother, what have we come to?
Forgive me now I just have to tell you
This love comes from the most sincere of places

Was it from mother's disconnection or the family's divorce?
I have no answers. Do you think they feel remorse?

Something's gotta give
Something's gotta change your mind

God, save my brother's soul
Show me a way to make him whole

Don't leave him behind
This brother of mine

I know I can't save you
I can't do this anymore
We are an endless war

Dear brother, I can't save you
Can't change your mind after all we've been through
All I ever wanted was to save your soul
Dear brother, what have we come to?
Forgive me now I just have to tell you
This love comes from the most sincere of places

Brother, how could there be a God
Who watches his children burn?
I tried to believe but my eyes can't see
The one you follow so damn blindly

Forgive my wayward actions. These words come from concern
From dust we came and dust we return
I know there's more to life. Won't you take a look around
Will we burn in hell or simply rot in the ground?
We are both one in the same despite our belief
My soul is safer without these false beliefs
Time heals all wounds. Time heals all wounds
We are bound by blood

Brother, I'll carry your cross for you until my bones break
You said yourself, "It's never too late to change."

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Convictions Brother's Blood Comments
  1. Hunter King

    I can't believe it took me this long to realize this song is a sort of response to dayseeker's a God without a face. So many cross references.

  2. Pimpdaddyspaghettios

    One of the all time best. Up there in the top 5

  3. Matt Ehrke

    This song is great, has helped me a lot. Thank you guys.

  4. Rod Luck

    This song has taken on a deep personal meaning for me...thank you! ~Rod


    crazy neat hand writing

  6. Katie Henthorn

    Beautiful beautiful song.

  7. The masked Gamer

    what hits me in the feels is when he said brother ill carry the cross for until my bones break

  8. Kenta

    Cr1tikal brought me here ^∆^

  9. Space_Bound

    Been a while since a song gave me chills..


    Same, I get chills every time I listen to this band.

  10. Hollow Hogan2

    Inb4 here because of Cr1tikal

    Hollow Hogan2

    +Alex Simas same here :D


    Wait, when and where did Cr1tikal play this song? That's freaking rad.


    what?!?! what video?!?!


    Solarc12 In his video titled "Overwatch Master", towards the first half of the video


    @HumongousPizzas thanks

  11. Epileptic Chocobo

    Screamer sounds like Telle Smith.

  12. Angel Westbrook

    i hate religion but this is what tons of christians need to get on! and other christian bands like red,skillet, and impeding doom

  13. Kid Kranium

    I swear, convictions and dayseeker got a connection behind this song

  14. Clark DeCant

    That song was so powerful, and the video too. They touched me. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Where The Fuck Is My Mac 'N Cheese

    Anyone know the status of them getting their van stolen and stuck in texas???

    Plz tell me they got out in 1 piece......

    Marvin T

    +Sgt.CoolWhip They got their van and most of their property in it back.

    Where The Fuck Is My Mac 'N Cheese

    @Marvin Teran thanx, was srsly worried for them

  16. Ham City

    sounds like beartooth

  17. Corey Walton

    Guys I love the perspective in this song. You have the side that believes in God and is trying to bring someone to Christ and a side that tried and just can't seem to understand it. This is an awesome and very relatable song to anyone who's tried to bring someone to Christ. Keep it up guys and I'm looking forward to the new album! God bless.

  18. Colton Colburn

    The guys at Convictions are doing some incredible things...

  19. ciscoisaboss

    the verse of rory, fucking awesome ! and it is a continuatiom of origin! amazing

  20. Jonathan Velazquez

    rory was excellent on this 👌👌👌

  21. Christian Metal Source

    intense prayer go out to all my homies! thanks Convictions! much love all the way from Bangalore, India.

  22. bmk0314

    Love the lyrics and especially love Rory's vocal addition

  23. Kevin Fehrenbach

    Damn, as a follower of Christ I know what it's like to have a brother who doesn't know Him. I pray for him and anyone who doesn't know that God doesn't just want to save us, but he wants to have a personal relationship with him, all we have to do is ask

  24. Archie Vroman II

    This hits home so hard..


    deng that guy can write fast

  26. Jaboaflame

    Wow, this song is fantastic

  27. EJ Pinter

    These guys are amazing, got to see and meet them in philly they killed it and are some of the nicest dudes youll ever meet. Keep up the good work guys!

  28. Brendan Byrnes

    This is one of the coolest lyric videos I've ever seen

  29. Alex L Cam

    W O W !!!!!

  30. Jeremy Garcia

    So tasty 😱 new album hurry

  31. Parker

    Totally incredible! Super unique take to a song and that definitely hits home for some of us. Great work guys!

  32. Marco Tilburg

    rory is king!

  33. Dariø GR

    this band was awesome before. and now with this feat oh god

  34. Steven sandoval

    Some Dayseeker lyrics in there too :D

  35. Freakyfyed

    This is a really creative way to do a lyric video!

    Djentile 777

    come wind has a couple different awesome lyric videos

  36. HostileKid54

    Looking forward to this release. Every song you guys make is incredible.

  37. Duck Jones

    Invogue proves that they will continue signing genuine, talented bands. This is some solid stuff right here!

  38. Neff Alavez

    Rory's Singing Made This Great

  39. ConcertsLive

    So good!🔥

  40. Lauren T

    Oh my god, the reference to Hollow Shell by Dayseeker at the end just did me in. Such an amazing song featuring an equally amazing vocalist.

  41. dearxphantom

    the most creative way to make a lyric video EVER ! whoevert came up of this idea for this lyric video is GENIUS ! Awesome song by the way !

  42. Zachary Stewart

    I can't even begin to express how great this is. The alternating perspectives in the lyrics are so sincere and relateable to my own thoughts. Also, I love that two artists can come together and directly contradict each other within a song. These are actual words and phrases I've heard from Dayseeker songs, and the Convictions side was so sincere . So real, and one side is not made out to the victor.

    DeathWorks Inc.

    Can you tell me the songs from Dayseeker?

    Garrett Reichman

    +DeathWorks Inc. "will we burn in hell or simply rot in the ground" is from God without a face. The last line is a reference to hollow shell

    Josue Valencia-Soriano

    +Garrett Reichman also the part where he said, "You said it yourself, 'it's never to late to change'" which is from Hollow Shell. This song is just amazing by the way/.\

    Jake Sanchez

    @DeathWorks Inc. Love your name. My band wrote a song called deathworks. Check it!

  43. Brad Spear

    So freaking awesome! Love it!!!!

  44. Money_Phone

    This is great!!

  45. Preston head

    Love it it's marvelous

  46. Sean O'Callaghan


  47. CReePYFaCE27

    huge fan of Rory rodriguez and this song is freaking amazing

  48. Eric Vanlerberghe

    this jams

  49. nate amado

    Wow sick collab with the Dayseeker/Arms like yours lyrics

  50. Victarion Belaerys