Connie Talbot - Dream Out Loud Lyrics

I feel afraid, can't see ahead,
But on this road, I chose to tread
Follow my heart, go my own way,
A brand new start, a different day
Stand on the edge, I won't look down
And hope my wings will lift me off the ground

Dream out loud, let it show
Got my halo, so I'll let it glow
Dream out loud, colours bold,
Watch it unfold, push ahead and go
Dream out loud
(I got my halo, so I'm gonna let it glow)
Dream out loud
(I got my halo, so I'm gonna let it glow)

When skies are dark,
Can't see the blue,
I'll let my light carry me through
They tell me no, but I believe
If I let go, I'll be cheating on me

I close my eyes, and take a dive
'Cause I know that I will survive

Dream out loud, let it show
Got my halo, so I'll let it glow
Dream out loud, colours bold,
Watch it unfold, push ahead and go
Dream out loud
(I got my halo, so I'm gonna let it glow)
Dream out loud
(I got my halo, so I'm gonna let it glow)

I've made up my mind
One step at a time
It may take long but that's alright
It's start with today, yesterday's gone
Here is where I belong
Dream out loud, dream out loud
Dream out loud, just keep on
Dream out loud, dream out loud
Dream out loud, just keep on
Dream out loud, just keep on

Dream out loud, let it show
Got my halo, so I'll let it glow
Dream out loud, colours bold,
Watch it unfold, push ahead and go
Dream out loud
(I got my halo, so I'm gonna let it glow)
Dream out loud
(I got my halo, so I'm gonna let it glow)

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  1. Tonys Becker

    Hello c'est moi sublime connie talbot my favorit love my friend and never forever sublime music modern fantastic vidéo connie and Victoria a and Elizabeth talbot beautyful girl and voice bisous sister amour amour amour de friend

  2. shane bentaib ambia

    Connie deserves more views

  3. Tori G

    I love this song ❤ your so talented!

  4. John Jurkewicz

    Mary Christmas and Happy New Year to
    my love

  5. Jean Becker

    hello, sublim beautiful song connie, talbot, number one hi victoria,forever. hi connietalbotvevo thank's for video dream oud lout tonyy of brussel belgium 7777777 ciao bay bay.🇬🇧connie🇧🇪tony just one big kiiss💐🌸🌸🌸🏵🏵🏵🏵🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌺🌺🌺🌺🌼🌼🌼🌻🌻

  6. jb jb

    beautiful music

  7. Mark MS

    Super song, cool sound, Love it!

  8. jean barryeryb

    great song of Connie Fan-Tas-Tic connie is the number one for me and for many in the world thank you my sister for all your superb music tonyy belgium we 'taimons connie talbot here at home we see the real talent in the gypsy hey thanks for partageConnieTalbotVEVO
    ciao bay bay 7777777

  9. CVET

    Dream out loud

  10. muhd alqudsofficial89

    I like this song so much.....:-)

  11. Fabio Tito Montefinale

    Hermosa canción de mi preciosa genia <3 <3 :)


    this reminds me of 00's music and i love it so much the NOSTALGIA

  13. 안선호

    My favorite songg

  14. Sheraz Zaheer

    This video deserves more likes

  15. Sheraz Zaheer

    This song is my all time favorite love this song

  16. Josef Dobeš

    video 👎👎👎🚽🚾

    adeline nianiot

    Looser. 🎁👌Josef dobes🤔🤐🤐🤐⛈️⛈️⛈️

    Tonys Becker

    Non🏆🏆🏆🏆👍👍👍👍👍number one in 2020yes yes connie yes connie talbot my favorit love my friend

  17. Ashley Tingson

    I really want a physical copy of your album.

  18. Jorge A.S. Nolasco Nolasco


  19. jul

    OMG I can't stop listening to this song, it deserves way more views 💙💙

  20. Mags Mc

    She's a great inspiration to my granddaughter and she love music (granddaughter)

  21. pizzab0t

    this girl is the esception for using computers to make some of the back music.

  22. pizzab0t

    whatever 14 people disliked this video have no taste in music.

  23. Yaneli Cruz

    buy her music video

  24. Yaneli Cruz

    if you like her music buy her tune

  25. Lizabeth Monegro

    I love this song from Connie's first Album I remember I used to replay her album so many times still do lol 😜😍😍😍😂😂

  26. Mr Lic

    Hey connie! I really wish for you to follow the Right path 'Light"

    Keep your eyes on the Good and Holy in life :) And don't let ppl mess around with ya to much in the music business, kay? ;)

    I really like the songs from where you still were around 13, cuz they were about friendship, love, amazing clouds etc <3 Whereas I notice as you grow older, your songs turn partially into 'heartbroken' and 'I am who I am' (Which can be, in wrong circumstances, destructive.)

    Make sure you sings what builds up you and your surroundings <3 Cuz you're an amazingly lovely girl ;) And I wish the best for you 'n Pray for u <3

    ~God(Christ's Dad) Bless you ^_^ Let Him Guide you to the True Path of Light and Love <3

  27. Marta de los A. García Lamas

    I think this is your best original song, I really love this type of songs, this one and Gravity

  28. Gareth Edwards

    I was feeling really down today until I came to listen to her connies music makes me happy

  29. 민중모TV

    You're my angel (and a good friend too.)💙

  30. dxndelion //

    This song is bæ ♡♡♡

  31. Tim Huang

    does anyone remember when she was only 6?
    Shes so good


    Fangs up for snowie YES!!!

  32. talbot connie

    l ike this song😆

  33. aline h

    i love this song so Match

  34. Valerius Hildonen-Nilsen

    …listning to "Valerius sin lille sofakrok" on Radio Nordkapp Thursday 20. October 2016, kl 19-20 (7-8 p.m.) (Norwegian time) 8 tracks with Connie Talbot in my music program on local radio in Norway. «Somewhere Over the Rainbow», «Dream Out Loud», «Let It Be», «Beautiful World», «Sail Away», «When I Fall in Love», «I Have a Dream» and «Teenage Chemistry» .

  35. Liam Keller

    I just made the 12th "Dislike" "Thumbs Down" for this twit's bubble gum horseshit. It's like I'm one of the 12 disciples, apostles as us uptight Catholics would call them (and No, I ain't Judas, bitches), but 12 people have the sense to see through this annoying nonsense. It's probably a frightful stagemom situation where she's pushing her ugly fish-eyed hack daughter into thinking she can sing.

    JustBørrredd I-/


    stone heart

    You may dislike the song, which is your prerogative to do so, but actually, Connie Talbot is an amazing young 15 year old Singer/Songwriter/Musician. She took Second Place on Britain's Got Talent in 2007 as a 6 year old. And as for being an "ugly fish-eyed hack daughter" she is actually a stunningly attractive young lady with over One Million You Tube Subscribers on her Personal You Tube Channel. She also has released 5 Albums and an EP.

  36. baesic

    This song deserves more views :)

  37. gradpa dave

    good job Connie

  38. Aksaraphak Attohi


  39. Raza Nazareth

    i love this song

  40. Natalie W.

    Is this song a cover or an original song by Connie Talbot?

    stone heart

    The song is an original and was co-written by Connie Talbot and Toby Gad.

  41. michael thayne

    thank you for this song wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. hisroyalness2

    allow one more commercial for Connie, that her "team" needs to promote a quality sound like this one to the max. Get the exposure gigs to make it happen. Do whatever it takes to get this everywhere. Her voice is now perfect for all ranges and any style she wants to do. Now's the time for the promo work.

  43. Jessica Hyams

    This is a beautiful song 💜💙

  44. hisroyalness2

    SO EXCELLENT I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE IT'S YOU. - THIS is what happens when you get out of the music room and into the studio. KEEP IT UP - Get this on US media - Perfectly radio ready. KUDOS to the also excellent Producer / Engineer team on this, as it is what gives you that perfection in sound showing all of your tones. What a difference from "a home recording" They did it right.When you want to do another pop style song that is as amazing as this one, get the same producer team - Engineers EVERYWHERE need to place this one in their SAMPLE FILE and reference the levels and tones as they are doing their own works. (even the MIC is perfectly suited for your voice.) Doesn't get much better than this!!

  45. Jenny victoria

    great song Connie love its amazing :)

  46. Joao Duarte

    muito bom gostei

  47. intermenater

    200,000+ subscribers!

  48. 奥ちゃんもりもり


  49. Rexlie Lemuel

    I do not know you , but you sing with a nice.

  50. Catherine Knight

    This song is AMAZING! When you going to do a video for this song

  51. Nallely SC

    It was a really bad idea from the admin to upload this twice and then set this as a privated video. I think that is why there are little views because when they finally decided to make it public there wasn't any notification to the suscribers, it is a shame since this is one of the best songs in the album, i hope they do not do that again in the future with her other videos :/


    While I agree with the "bad idea" part of your statement (I received two notifications before I could view it), I don't believe that resulted in the lack of views. People want to see Connie. Its like going to a concert. If you have "Matters To Me," and many do, you can listen to the song and read the lyrics, if you want. But you won't see Connie. That's what a video is all about. Nor is it the fact it's on her VEVO channel. After all, "I'm Over You " has twice the views of "Nobody"s Fool," though it's an older video and on her Official channel.
    I believe Connie got rid of her "new" managers. She wasn't totally happy with the album. She said there was at least one song missing that she "chose". The VEVO videos were not on par with the ones from her EP. She's been making trips to London for "meetings," and her business website was deleted, an old one restored, now a new one is under construction. It wouldn't surprise me if the song "Laugh at Me Now" is about her managers and not about someone from school. It would make more sense.

  52. Manca Medle

    That was amazing💗💗

  53. coolfire02

    and the last parts with high pitch notes it would be nicer if it went higher then the rest from the start

  54. Lizz Dorling

    This song deserves to be heard by the whole word

  55. Adam Elkington

    Just discovered your music Connie! I love it!!! :)

  56. Jason C.

    I love this song~~~

  57. Christina L

    I came from your performance 9 years ago, the difference is wow.

  58. Hannah Mackenzie

    Some where over the rainbow

  59. Addison Ducheneaux

    Love you so much you are the best singer

  60. Just Mimi's

    Awesome song !!!

  61. Hope Studios Gaming

    Love it! I saw Laugh At Me Now on your other channel and like that too! Can you add Laugh At Me Now to the album please?

  62. Morlawitis sakura

    GREAT SONG:)))

  63. Sally Kim

    i dont think i can get out of here
    awesome connie

  64. Waritta Leelayuwat 《NJoyCFS》

    I love you so much CONNIE

  65. Resion Trems

    I think u need some good beats to ur videos to get stuck in head.

  66. dxndelion //

    im not crying.......what i was cutting an onion 😢

  67. Alessandra Bronze

    So Catchy!!!

  68. s a

    You always so amazing

  69. Casimero Montero

    Amazing !!!!

  70. Sarada Vemuri

    she should have a great fandom lie one direction's...

  71. Palak Pandya

    Love this song! Wish I could be this talented-

  72. Shelley Lai

    this song is one of my favorites😃😃

  73. Hattie Lever

    i can guarantee your going to be as famous as taylor swift when your older

  74. Melvin Elsea

    you are a Beautiful Singer.
    you are so Beautiful 😍😗😇

  75. Gagan

    Can you pls sing " I will always love you" ik u already sang that song when ur a kid 😅 but can u pls sing that song again?

  76. Dan Fox

    easily the best song on any of your channels:P

  77. tony crawford

    What an Amazing Song ,, Love It Connie

  78. Kaho. O

    I love it 💗

  79. Davi Damas De Castro

    só good

  80. JohnnieGarner

    By the way folks, Connie just uploaded ANOTHER great original on her personal channel ConnieTalbotOfficial called "Laugh At Me Now". That channel has TONS of great covers and a lot of originals.

  81. Andrea Field

    I love this song!!

  82. intermenater

    I'm commenting again because no one else is. This deserves more.

  83. Unlimited

    You Music Is Amazing... :D

  84. Rusty Smith

    Great song gets me tappin my foot and bobbin my head.

  85. further up and further in

    Love this video and the song. It's great!

  86. FionaC Music

    I looove this song 💜

  87. กุลปริยา รักษา


  88. Dr Problem

    Is this Connie's original song?


    +Dr Problem,  Yes it is.

    Nallely SC

    +Dr Problem it was written by Connie herself and Toby Gad

  89. Maya Patel

    Dream Out Loud is one of my favourites off MTM <3

  90. Kyle Porter

    Amazing truly amazing keep up the awesome work 😃👍

  91. dreamoutloud.

    Amazing! I really love this song, and the video is very well done

  92. Amy A

    This didn't come in my subscription box 😞 love the song though!

  93. Thrive With K

    Love this song. So inspiring

  94. Ts M

    I really really really love this song .dream out loud. !!!!😍😚

  95. Deborah Ellen Alexsandra

    That's an amazing song Connie ❤ luv it! keep it up!

  96. Love_Connie_Talbot

    One of my favorites off the album. This is truly amazing video.

  97. intermenater

    I'm puzzled. It says it was published on May 17th. Some of the comments match that date, but it just appeared today, May 20th, where I live. There was a notice of a new video on the 17th, but no video?

    Ali Correa

    They post it that day, even I got the notification but lately they put it in private. I still don't know why they did that.


    +Ali Correa Well, at least seven people saw it on the 17th. It would be interesting to know why it was private.

  98. YuDan i

    I love this song💕💕💕💕