Connick, Jr., Harry - Let's Just Kiss Lyrics

They'll have to be returned
Keeping them would surely be remiss
The stars have acquiesced
By giving us this night
Let's just kiss

Intellect and thought
Are good enough for some
Why waste time with all there is to miss
In our quiet space
We'll babysit the moon
Let's just kiss

Nothing to erase
As the hour slows
Nothing to be judged or tried untrue
Handed us a case
What a case to close
It could take all night before we do

We won't have to try
Somehow we'll just know
A thousand years before us led to this
When we're finally through
We'll usher in the sun
Let's just kiss

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Connick, Jr., Harry Let's Just Kiss Comments
  1. Beta Lantun

    its magic. I always lov Harry since he won oscar for music score (1990). Harry, thank your for your amazing music

  2. ana

    Yes 💙💋❤

  3. Svetlana Ablayeva

    Magic music. Magic voice. Thank You for the music.

  4. Leandro the light

    Tem estilo, personalidade, mas nunca curti. Desde o dia em que apareceu (tinha na novela ☺ ) ... não soube apreciar o estilo, a voz...
    Prometo ouvir mais pra tirar o desgosto

  5. Marcia Matthews

    Amazing talent, his voice, his looks, and his show!

  6. Joshwim

    He's hottt

  7. Davida Krappenschitz


  8. Stephanie Fish

    Who cares where he is from, his voice is simply amazing and what a wonderful and delicious event to see him preform live!!!

  9. Mr Daryk

    I live in Brazil and I love jazz... Soo normal

  10. Reneé Bergeron

    You people out there whomever you are, wherever you are, are completely uneducated. Harry went to NOCCA, new orleans center for creative arts. Look it up you dumb asses. His father was the district attorney of new orleans for thirty years.

  11. doris gadlen

    Best artist of all times


    Hermosa Canción y Exquisita Voz!!

  13. sweetcristys

    I don't usually listen to this style of music so I don't know the genre. Can someone tell me the genre of it? I saw it might be jazz...I want to listen to it on Pandora and this is a good melody for studying too ^_^

  14. SuperMarlene01

    All I can say is I LOVE HIM.................

  15. bloofan06

    OMG, I can't believe all of the comments on these videos of Harry. Anyone who thinks he's a fraud is obviously not a fan of his at all. How can anyone not believe that he's not really from New Orleans? I know Wikipedia isn't always accurate but I've been a huge fan of Harry's for over twenty years and I've even met him in person. Extremely nice and generous man. That being said, this is his Wikipedia page. Ok that being said, if you all hate him so much, WHY are you all even listening to this song, or any of his songs? SMH....


    I don't listen to his songs when I come to his YouTube videos. Even people he's known for years don't listen to his music. I'm here to expose him as a fraud for lying about coming from New Orleans when he's from Weston, CT, for being product of nepotism via his father position at Sony Music and because I've been victimized in life by him. The guy's a total fraud!


    Holy Mary Mother of Christ, when you wake up in the morning, is your sole reason for living is coming on here and writing the same fucking thing verbatim on every, single, FUCKING, Harry Connick Jr video?????????????????????????????????????? Utterly pathetic, please get laid and again, tell us where he lived in Weston, I used to live there,.............STFU asshole

    El Cebuano Ray_D

    The world has enough trolls and negative people. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself am I perfect? Do I know everything? Why am I so negative? Remember the more negative you think the more negative shit will come into your life. Understand "The law of attraction" or "The law of cause and effect". How about this? "You reap what you sow". Tsk Tsk Tsk. We all should be grateful for his talent and his music. HCJ and the likes made some beautiful music, and it doesn't even matter where he came from. He could be from Mars for all I care, but his music is wonderful and it adds more beauty into this world. What about you? What have you done for this world? Have you done anything good for your neighborhood or community? Look at your own turf and/or backyard perhaps you need to do some house keeping, yeah? Every human has flaws and it's up to you how you react to it. Either the glass is half full or the glass is half empty. Look at the positive side and perhaps you'll win more friends and have more great things in life.

  16. I Smell Poop

    Harry Connick Jr is a fraud! He's not a native of New Orleans! He's from Weston, Ct, where he attended public school from 1970-1982. He's pictured in all the yearbooks for that time. Also, his real father -- not the old guy from New Orleans who fronts as his dad - is or was one of the top people at Sony Music and is a stockholder in Sony Pictures. Boo fraud. Boo nepotism. He's dreadful in live concert too. Fraud, fraud, fraud!

    Justin Louiss De Guzman

    I don't need plastic surgery. You're strongly suggesting it, cuz you've done it yourself... You can't even show your fucked up face =))

    Justin Louiss De Guzman

    I don't even consider myself as a "fan" I am just a listener, I don't have plans on meeting him, or getting close to him. I don't care if he dies in the next 2 minutes, choking on a spoonful of peanut butter. I listen to jazz, end of story :)

    Jenny Storti Necastro

    Who cares I'm here for his talent, don't care where it comes from

    Cindi Massey Bates

    Well, if that’s the case.. I’m IN LOVE with fraud!! I have seen him in concerts and trust me, I wouldn’t waste my money if he was truly a fraud and if he didn’t sound good in concert! Most of his concerts wouldn’t be sold out!! ! This man is above and beyond “fraudulent!


    I Smell Poop what!! can't deny talent if it's there no matter how it got there...

  17. Elena Chera

    Particularly song, super

  18. peach57701

    he sends chills down my spine love it

  19. Biel2619

    He's a fraud!

  20. King Castro

    How come I didnt know about you! omg

  21. TheHand OftheLORD

    Pleasing and Precious.

  22. Char Marie

    Love u H. K. Jr xxo

  23. Dawn LWR

    This song made no sense to me. I love his voice, but his videos are really weird and I can't get around the fact that he sounds so much like a modern day Sinatra with a Brendan Fraser look.

  24. Leo Idrogo

    Is she Cindy Crawford?

  25. Biel2619

    Has anybody seen pictures of his wife lately.  It's not so much that she's over the hill, as fallen off the cliff.  Booze, I bet!

  26. Tara Brown

    Love this song soothes the sole

    Isabel G. Video Archive

    Yet, it is also a lovely remedy for aching feet

  27. Volvican

    Where is the amazing intro?

  28. A James

    LOVE the Buble, but my heart will always belong to Harry

    Zachary Schultz

    XD Understandable. I'm a Bublé fan myself, but Harry is amazing!

  29. cygon2e

    Au secours!!!!!!!!!!! OMG ridicule. Tu chantes tellement mal. Show man... I hate.

  30. SchweigerGunther

    Perfection! LOve the low range, Harry!!

  31. Ruthie Agbayani

    Wow!!! Modern day Frank Sinatra!!!

  32. Carl Baker

    Hey Harry Connick Jr. FANS! Want to see a step by step drawing of Harry?? Visit my Youtube page! I'm sure you will enjoy it. Have a good day!


    you're really good. subscribed

  33. Luinernil

    Why in Venezuela, we can not see almost any video? Thank you!

  34. Anson Huynh

    HEY, wasn't he Leo from Will & Grace??? I had NO idea he could sing so soulfully and well!!!!!

  35. franxesco hertz

    Que voz tan varonil, mezcla de brendan fraser, tony bennet, paul anka y michael buble, two thumbs up!

  36. Leah Bohanna

    ZOMG! What is the deal with him! He has no talent!

  37. I love this alot. Which modern composer arranged this from Pachelbel's original?


  38. Kayleigh Greer

    He is soooo handsome!

  39. Kelly Borushynski

    ooooohh baby..;)

  40. Roncf1

    Hope you can get these!
    I want you!