Como, Perry - Sing Along With Me Lyrics

Sing along with me,
Sing a happy song!
I would guarantee.
That you can't go wrong!

You will be surprised,
At the way you'll feel,
All your cares and woes will be a hazy memory!
If you'll just agree,
Sing along with me!

Don't be too quick,
To say you can't sing a lick,
There's a trick to it all!
Make believe that you're takin' a shower,
And sing it out loud,
Sing to the crowd,
You'll be feelin' ten feet tall!

Sing along with me (Sing along with me)
Sing a happy tune (Sing a happy tune)
Let the butterfly (Let the butterfly)
Out of your cocoon! (Out of your cocoon)
You can finally be (You can finally be)
Who you wanta be (Who you wanta be)
What you got to lose?
Forget your blues,
Now you're breakin' free (Now you're breakin' free)
Here's the recipe! (Here's the recipe)
Just sing along with me! (La la, la la la...)

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