Como, Perry - Delaware Lyrics

Oh, what did Delaware boy what did Delaware?
What did Delaware boy, what did Delaware?
She wore a brand New Jersey, she wore a brand New Jersey
She wore a brand New Jersey, that's what she did wear

Oh, why did California, why did Californ?
Why did California, was she all alone?
She called to say Hawaii, she called to say How are ya
She called to say how are ya, that's why she did phone

Oh, what did Mississip boy, what did Missi sip?
What did Missi sip boy, through her pretty lips
She sipped a Minnesota, she sipped a mini soda
She sipped a mini soda, that's what she did sip

Oh, where has Oregon boy, where as Ora gone?
If you want Alaska, I'll ask her where she's gone
She went to pay her Texas, she went to pay her taxes
She went to pay her Taxes, that's where she has gone

Oh, how did Wisconsin boy, she stole a NeBras-ky
Too bad that Arkan-sas boy, and so did Tenne-see
It made poor Flora-di, it made poor Flora-di you see
She died in Missouri boy, she died in Misery

Oh, what did Delaware, boy what did Delaware
What did Delaware boy, what did Delaware

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Como, Perry Delaware Comments
  1. vvv vvv

    Lovely voice combined with a clever song.

  2. Shitposting Dragon

    *Inhales Jet Loudly*

  3. Joss Durham

    The Duchess of Sussex has moved her business to a US state used by the super-rich to protect their interests from scrutiny .The Duchess’s company Frim Fram Inc was moved out of California in December and incorporated in Delaware, which tax experts suggest could be done to avoid being hit with tax liabilities in California.

  4. Hijack the Ripper

    This is awesome

  5. R &S


  6. j3n1yn

    'Stephen Fry in America' on Netflix brought me here


    such a great series

  7. Dee Mitch

    I looked this song up because I remembered it from the late 50's early 60's. I could only recall the first like and have been wondering about the rest. It is better than I remembered. Oh the memories!

  8. William Bradford Baldwin

    I remember this song from when I was a kid!! thanks! :)

  9. Jamal

    I am ashamed that I didn't realize they were making puns outta the names of states until like half-way through the song.

  10. tiresias 55

    First stumbled upon this song in a three CD collection of novelty songs. absolutely love everything about it, the singing, lyrics and authentic music are all fantastic. definitely from a time when songs were songs. :D

  11. Billy Macklin


  12. David Messina

    This is the worst song ever written and I love it

  13. John Siddall

    This is amazing

  14. Steve Forest

    She died in Missouri, after being diagnosed with Kansas.

  15. 633squadrongoodwin

    Must be time for an English version................." She wants her udders feeled " ( Huddersfield ), ........." Can I press that in " ( Prestatyn )...........and there must be one for Cockermouth !!!!!!!!

  16. AwesomeRobot15

    This song reminds me of delaware


    Play this tomorrow. Today is December 6. Tomorrow is Delaware Day.

    Good vibes

    @Vekoma i live in delaware lol

  17. Bedford Crenshaw

    Never before heard the whole song until the Bob & Tom Show played it today.

  18. LaRue Bailey

    The best!

  19. Virztev

    Love this. More where that came from 👌🏼

  20. Ellen Beato

    We sang this in fifth grade

  21. Dan Geiger

    What did Colora do? She did what I told Utah do


    Oh!!!! It's the county's of America!!! Took me a while!

  23. Fairlight CMI

    I just found Perry Como died in 2001. I admit it came as a huge relief. I mean, what if he had created a fundamentalist movement to take over the airwaves, and all radios began broadcasting this? Oh the horror!

  24. Nickolas Markey

    My grand father used to sing with Perry Como

  25. mdcs1992

    I've got the original 45 of this. Still play it from time to time.

  26. Matt Glass

    My dad sings this alot

  27. Jakholl

    Bob and Tom?

  28. Swapnil Phulse

    Stephen Fry - America brought me here

  29. Micah Beck

    Dumbest song in history.

  30. Stephen Sczurek

    Pretty good marching song.

  31. Tom Dockery

    The Jew casino owners there will be wearing barrels,as they start taking sports bets on Tuesday.No more can they exploit those low IQ morons in Nevada.

  32. In on The Fool Killer

    This has gotta be the worst song I've ever heard. Looked up the song on youtube so I could verify the name, so i can find it in the games sound files and delete it. This song has been bugging me for days!!

  33. Matias RuizJr

    I'm cloud 12

  34. Truth & Justice

    The Maine thing is not to get ill, annoy Lou. Easy, Anna!
    ; ¬)

  35. Kiboumegami

    I'm just wondering what Michi-gained from all this?


    Kiboumegami 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😂

  36. john mc connell

    Great singer.

  37. Steven Otfinoski

    One clever lyric. Great word play!

  38. Kava77

    Much love from fallout 4

    A mod added this wonderfully humorous song to the radio.

  39. Jami Woodoworth

    Cute  song!  Very  catcgy

  40. Aoife Walsh

    What did Kathmandu, boy? She stole a Helsinki.
    Too bad that the Warsaw, their guns went Bangui...
    It made poor Cambodie, boy. It made poor Cambodie. He died from a Latvia, boy. He died from a Latvia.

  41. Erika Nakagawa Gaming

    I didn't hear this song from a video game. I just felt like looking up songs based on the states of America. Happened a crossed this one cute song. I like how he snuck in the state names. Delaware, New Jersey, California, Hawaii, Mississippi, Minnesota, Oregon, Alaska, Texas, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida, Missouri.

  42. iamobsessedwithclocks

    Why'd Louise see Ana?
    To return money I owe er

    Why'd she grab Ken's ass, boy?
    To teach Ken etiquette

    U tahl me your bedtime
    And I Kentuckyou in

    Here's my michine-gun
    You can call er auto


    I still can't think of a good answer to "Where did Mary land, boy?"

  43. Kevin Webb

    Very clever lyrics, for the time. But it's dated now. I'm 72 and go for guitar jazz now.

  44. Hakan Karaağaç

    i just realised , its puns for states..

  45. Erik Zoha

    Light relief after US election overload

  46. Phuque Youtube

    OG Punmaster3000

  47. CyberLoveza

    I live in Delaware!!!! Go First State!!!!


    Joe Biden country, right?


    How is Delaware first?



    Michel Hurtado

    @OneEyedPhotographer They ratified the constitution first

    Joss Durham

    Duchess of Sussex moves business interests to Delaware, the US 'corporate haven' beloved by the super-rich. The Duchess’s company Frim Fram Inc was moved out of California in December and incorporated in Delaware, which tax experts suggest could be done to avoid being hit with tax liabilities in California.

  48. JoshH

    The "Flora Die ...she died in misery" is the best line. great song.



    Maurice Boyce

    I heard this song first when I was in high school, 57 years ago, I was learning German so I understood the 1 2 3 4 in that language but you have just solved the mystery of where did Flora die. All these years I had thought it was some sort of black comedy, dying in misery, but no it was in Missouri.

  49. Papa Dragon

    Missouri does suck.


    Horse hockey!

    Jonathan Hainje

    Well yeah... except for the Royals. They're cool.

  50. Spaceshiptechnician

    I remember this being played endlessly on the BBC Light Programme in the early 1960's on various request programmes. Loved it.

    ian bentley


  51. AmnzeroUK

    Been playing Fallout 4 recently and got the mod "More Where That Came From" - this is included in said mod, and what a great track it is ! :)

    Tom Wallen

    "What did Della wear, boy, What did Della wear?" - What did Della (a name) wear? sounds like Delaware.

    "She wore a brand New Jersey." Jersey is like a sports uniform, and New Jersey is a state.

    "Why did Calla Phone ya, Why did Calla Phone?" Calla (another made up name) phone ya (call you) Sounds like California.

    "She called to say how are ya" (How ah ya, sounds like Hawaii)

    "What did Missa sip, boy, what did Missa sip" (Missa, another made up name, sip, as in drink. What did Missa Sip sounds like Mississippi (without the i at the end)).

    "She sipped a Minne Soda" (you got this one. a Minne Soda, Minnesoda)

    "Where has Ora Gone?" (state of Oregon)

    "If you want Alaska, I'll ask her where she's gone" (I'll ask her, sounds like Alaska)

    "She went to pay her taxes" (sounds like Texas)

    "Oh, how did Wiscon sin boy? She stole a new brass key" (Sin is to do wrong. How did Wiscon sin? Wiscon is another made up name, and Wisconsin is another state)

    "Too bad that Arkan saw ya, and so did Tenne see." (Arkan's another made up name. Arkan "saw" the sin. Arkansas's a state. Tennesee is another state. See is like saw.)

    "It made poor Flori die, boy" (Flori died because of the sin. I guess she was sad. Flori die, sounds like Florida, another state.)

    "She died in Misery, boy." (Misery, sounds like Missouri. Missouri is pronounced mi-ZER-y, instead of MI-sery.

    So yeah. A lot of puns, made-up names, and States, but that should about cover it.


    Also new brass key sounds like a weird, awkward way to say Nebraska.

    Crassius Curio

    I only know this because of old westerns, but it seems that out west a lot of Americans would pronounce "as" as "ees" so Calafornia would be "Calafornee" "Nebraskee" or "New brass key" wouldn't be hard to imagine hearing.

    I think that comes from the spanish pronounciation since at the time the two languages and cultures were intertwining.


    That's exactly why I'm here.


    That’s exactly where I first heard this song too lol I have no idea why I haven’t heard this before as I’ve homeschooled my kids for 18yrs! You’d think I’d come across a song that teaches the states in such a creative way.

  52. T Marsh-Connors

    The song was recorded by Perry Como on December 28, 1959. damnnnnnnn!

  53. SOUTHWEST778

    i hate paying my texas, LMAO,

    Becky Kaufmann

    +SOUTHWEST778 You do know that the best way to lower Texas is to raise the Gulf of Mexico.

  54. SOUTHWEST778

    legendary, love it,

  55. Paul Shugrue

    I remember when this was played regularly on AM radio.  I was in 4th grade.

    It wasn't all rock and roll in the late 50s. They were still playing pop standards and this one was very popular.


    As a Millenial, I can only dream of a day when this qualified as pop.
    And when decor and fashion had colour and heart.

    Deprecated Content

    Millennial as well. Wish I could have seen Pop Standard's heyday. Have to settle for vinyl and gritty AM recordings.

    Glad that games like Fallout have re-kindled interest in the classics. I heard Perry Como and the Inkspots for the first time playing Fallout.


    Perry Como was never in fallout

    Cameron Donald

    Awesome! So cool to know. Awesome to have such an old cunt kicking about YouTube xx


    somehow we have a misconception that the late 1950s were all about rock 'n roll....Not quite :---)

  56. JustAStranger

    What did Delaware


    +FBDHolly™ a new jersey ;)


    I'm a Delawarean.

  57. Frans Jansen

    Thanks for uploading!

  58. libertelibre

    It made poor Flory die, boy, she died in Missouri.

  59. anne godwin

    Remember singing this as a little girl, still love it

  60. bern

    Mrs. Chew Sits on her chair.

    So I'll ask'a

    Oh, hi o'are you doing? 

    But you should Neber aska how she's doing.

    She told me to Call orado, that's her doctors name.

    Her doctor told me she has many STD's, she Id a ho.

    She said after each session she started Washing a ton, but soap doesn't help anything.

    Now she sits in Misery.

  61. Paul LJC

    Shame he only gets as far as twenty-one, though. Is this an edited version? Georgia, Carolina would be a shoe-in as girls' names, Although you'd have to be really good to fit in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Arizona, et c...


    +Paul LJC it doesnt have to be right to the T, just close enough to jog your memory, thats the trick, and what makes it more fun, flora die, florida, how are ya, hawaii, ms' sip, mississippi, its all fun, thats why i love it, new brass key, isnt exactly nebraska, but its brilliant,

  62. Paul LJC

    Tom Lehrer himself would have been proud of the lyrics...

  63. Carol McCourt

    What and ingenious way of learning the States of the USA. I am a Kiwi and I love it. Especially the counting. Bravo! :)


    You took the words right out of my mouth.  Merry Christmas.

    Carol McCourt

    Thank you. Late, but you are welcome. I have not used my sight for along time. Just get straight on and find more wonderful music.


    there's only 14 states mentioned in this song.
    it's not a very good way to learn the states

  64. Joyce

    Everyone thinks I'm lame for liking this. But I just cant get enough. This is so briljant

    Brendan Roberts


  65. yumyummoany

    Just played this after a TV quiz show about US states without the letter O in them. My beloved knows ALL the lyrics - just ask him what was on his shopping list.............

  66. Al Delprado

    I think the grandkids will like this one!

  67. Phil Cross

    What a great witty song! Thanks for sharing.

  68. agripino85

    I've been searching for this song for so long. Thank you for posting it.

  69. bart gregory

    She wore her New Jersey.....allegedly!!!

  70. soj22

    how fun this song

  71. pickledpork

    What did Monica Lewinsky wear??

  72. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1960 {February 8th} Perry Como's "Delaware" entered Billboard's Hot Top 100; eventually it peaked at #22 and spent 11 weeks on the top 100...
    Interestedly, it charted higher in the U.K. where it reached #3...
    The song was composed by Irving Gordon, who wrote Nat 'King' Cole's best know recording, "Unforgettable"...
    The B-side, "I Know What God Is", also charted, it peaked at #81...
    R.I.P. Mr. Como {1912 - 2001}, Mr. Gordon {1915 - 1996}, and Mr. Cole {1919 - 1965}...

    Lin Rubyred

    It would sell more in the UK cos we didn't automatically, lknow the name of every State whereas if you live in the US l guess you really should!

  73. 633squadrongoodwin

    Fair play you`ve done me, I thought your original comment was serious, obviously I don`t recognise a nice dollop of Sarcasm when I see it, well done !

  74. 633squadrongoodwin

    Yeh right `cos it would be really easy to squeeze 50 states into a 3 minute song wouldn`t it ? God you`re hard to please !

  75. 633squadrongoodwin

    I think it gave him a Hot Diggity !

  76. 1985OldSkool

    Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to you, too. And, no Juliaflo, I am NEVER going to figure out your age.

  77. Juliaflo

    I remember that time, and thought, what an interesting way to learn about the states. Yes, I heard it in 1960, and don't figure out my age, LOLOLOLOLOL. Merry Christmas.

  78. 1985OldSkool

    The 15 states that mentioned were Delaware, New Jersey, California, Hawaii, Mississippi, Minnesota, Oregon, Alaska, Texas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida and Missouri. Alaska and Hawaii became states during 1959, when this song was recorded, and it would go to #22 in the late-winter and early-spring of 1960.

  79. TEProcession

    It wouldn't have any more of a point if it /did/ though, would it?
    It'd just be an incredibly long boring song with 50 states instead of a little catchy one with 15

  80. Inkyminkyzizwoz

    Where is Ida's home, boy?
    Where is Ida's home?
    Where is Ida's home, boy, where she lives alone?
    Her home is down on Main Street
    Her home is down on Main Street
    Her home is down on Main Street, where she lives alone

  81. Sophieb123xoxo

    This was on Hannah Montana like 3 years ago haha!

  82. Kieran McAleer

    So bad it's good.

  83. ItsGarbanzo

    i love how tobuscus is a related video

  84. Ana Valenzuela

    LOL! My grandfater used to play is song. :)

  85. Zulu Romeo

    Whom is that Roe diallin'
    Whom did that Roe dial?
    Whom is that Roe diallin', will he take a while?
    He's ordering Ken's turkey
    He's ordering Ken's turkey
    He's ordering Ken's turkey, that's why he did dial

  86. Zulu Romeo

    What's on her new ham, Shaw?
    What's on her new ham?
    What's on her new ham, Shaw, glazed as sweet as yam?
    It's glazed with two New Yolks, see
    It's glazed with two New Yolks, see
    It's glazed with two New Yolks, see, thats what's on that ham!

  87. Zulu Romeo

    What did Mary land, now
    What did Mary land
    What did Mary land, now, with her steady hand?
    She landed, why, an ol' Ming vase
    She landed, why, an ol' Ming vase
    She landed, why, an ol' Ming vase, that's what she did land.

  88. Zulu Romeo

    Why'd she grab Ken's ass, girl,
    Why'd she grab Ken's ass?
    Why'd she grab Ken's ass, girl: did she make a pass?
    She's teaching that Ken etiquette
    She's teaching that Ken etiquette
    She's teaching that Ken etiquette, that's why she did grab.

  89. Zulu Romeo

    How did Harry zone her
    How did Harry zone
    How did Harry zone her, while she's on the phone?
    He aimed with his michin-gun
    He aimed with his michin-gun
    He aimed with his michin-gun, that's how she got zoned.

  90. Phil Cross

    Fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  91. Anthony Wood

    it really is quite clever isn't it?

  92. 633squadrongoodwin

    I`d like to bang `er main ( Bangor Maine )

  93. Oliver Roderick

    @Yoshoku Me too! What a fantastic documentary that was.

  94. CompletelyCr

    @19111ellyc "Vier" is four in German, pronounced "fear"

  95. Greg Craddock

    Apparently Perry Como had serious burns to the top of one of his legs..

    Serves him right for catching a falling star & putting it in his pocket!!

  96. Jon H

    @19111ellyc Actually they sang "uno dui trei quattro" (Italian), "un deux trois quattre" (French), and "ein swei drei 4(sorry didn't recognize that word)" (German), but no "uno dos tres quatro" (Spanish) for our friends South of the Border.

  97. Brian Stevenson

    nice cardigan

  98. ginkaas

    I've never heard this song before. It is creative and well sung. Thank you for posting!