Common - Dwele's Interlude Lyrics

I, I, I, I
You, you, you, you
Ooh, you are, oh, ooh, woah-woah-oh
Oh, ho, ho, ooh, ho, ho, ho
Oh, take hold the reign for the love of love
All in time you'll see
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Ooh, ooh, yeah
Ooh, knew it, ooh, knew it would be
Oh, oh, oh, I, oh yeah
Fighting for the people
Oh, oh, oh

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Common Dwele's Interlude Comments
  1. RVA Savage

    Best combo to do it honestly fr

  2. DJ Melinda aka Melinda J Fortes

    Common...! How can we get you on your Let Love Tour in Switzerland???

  3. Nichele Nola

    Wow! Real music lives on!!!💝💝💝

  4. Remoratile Mogodi

    Guys I miss Dwele!!

    RVA Savage

    Hopefully he comes back

  5. J Nuy


  6. vitalo rodeono

    lets samplng

  7. D. Roulie

    He always puts inspiration in me need a budget $sdroulie internet please do ur Job! Lol

  8. two Five

    Plz get at me sir ....penornum

  9. Walter Patterson

    First comment ☄️