Comeback Kid - Die Knowing Lyrics

I was searching the streets where we lost our stride, making our way through the earth
My heart was marching to a different beat while my choices were making it harder to find
You took the straight and narrow, prying eyes watching from overhead
I took the other, down, but recovered and I would do it all over and over again

Disappointment, dedication
Elevated catastrophe

Die knowing that you lived to find
Die knowing where your friendships lie
Die knowing you gave nothing less
Die knowing it was imminent
Die knowing what your failures find
Die knowing where your friendships lie
Die knowing you gave nothing less
Die knowing it was imminent

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Comeback Kid Die Knowing Comments
  1. Lee J Kaufman

    Beast of a record!

  2. hope projects

    Met the singer after a show, he was more interested in chatting up some gothic girl in the club ha ha.

  3. Gabriel 2018_2019_TO 19_SUAREZ


  4. PHoeNix

    Guitar tabs anyone ?

  5. Liedshi

    Someone's gotta check Lich King's band and help me with this... I mean this is the exactly same voice, except it sound even more angry

  6. Aritamus


  7. Alberto BF

    "morir sabiendo" qué bueno

  8. Alberto BF

    for sure ... fighters songs motherfuckers as hard as life its self

  9. Downhearted Band

    Never gets old

  10. rightous motherfupper blasphemous truth

    amazing random gems one finds XD youtube reco +

  11. Alexander Anderson

    I've just recently stumbled into the wonderful world of hardcore punk. I've been into death metal for so long and have been worn to shit with the repetitive garbage it keeps putting out. This is a wonderful breath of fresh air.

  12. Spliffmaster J

    I should know better is such a kickass song maen!

  13. Felipe Sepulveda Cornejo

    cool coment pipexs cool hXc rock

  14. XLoganX GamerXProject West Side hc kings

    Great bro nice that new CD nice back to the oldchool! Add me more music and gamer stuff!

  15. Marcelo Detox

    Great Album!!! Great Live Band!

  16. yaocelotl jaguar

    Parece la voz de tony foresta

  17. Valentino Gaming

    Fuken Love these guys remember seeing them in a small club in SSM Ontario when I was like 17 been hooked ever since!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Chickenwangz

    they are sounding a lot more heavier and i gotta say, its so fucking dope

  19. Lab Rat

    Taghut - Blaspheme Muhammad's Name brought me here.

    Fabrizio Kazako

    +Lab Rat Internet è strano Beppe

    Shane Pealow

    Been looking for a band like Taghut, just searched them from seeing your comment, thanks :)

  20. jonhy marshall

    great album im gonna buy it

  21. Alexandre Mactavish


  22. KVERVO

    1.) Die Knowing (00:00)
    2.) Lower the Line (2:13)
    3.) Wasted Arrows (4:56)
    4.) Losing Sleep (7:55)
    5.) Should Know Better (10:36)
    6.) I Depend, I Control (13:00)
    7.) Somewhere in This Miserable...(14:38)
    8.) Beyond (17:24)
    9.) Unconditional (19:36)
    10.) Didn't Even Mind (22:58)
    11.) Full Swing (26:26)
    12.) Sink in (28:22)

    Bruno Freitas

    You, sir, are the true MVP.

    enzoknol power

    Saltos Huecos hfjdjgfhgjtuk😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😀☺😯😥😥😨😨😡😨😍😍😛😛😩😠😬😬😰😜😡

  23. I am Ghostie

    This album rocks so hard XD

  24. MrSlyRacoon

    Every fucking song on this album is a fighter's entrance song.

    Marko Janeš

    MrSlyRacoon Fighter entrance song? You are offending every HC kid that got some brain left ...

  25. Gottfried Keller

    still true

  26. Olivier L

    thanks for the upload, but the quality is pretty bad, even in 1080p :(

  27. Daniel Groza

    They are like wine, just gets better with years. and Andrew's lyrics are speaking to me so much!

  28. MCBrownCA

    Best since Wake the Dead... yes please

  29. Gottfried Keller

    simply great. STILL epic, still real!

  30. Matthew Steel

    even if this ends up being their last album, id still be satisfied because this is great and they don't need any more albums

  31. ThePowerlungs

    Hands down the best live show I have ever been to. Guys were so cool, got a fist bump from Andrew Neufeld and lost about half a Kg in sweat that night!! Patiently awaiting more Comeback kid.

  32. Lionheart

    Yersterday again seen Live....yeah

  33. Erick López

    Esperandolos en México!!!!

  34. Péter Jakab

    I was in two of their shows in the past years, when the guys where here in Hungary and I thought, okay they are good, but I don't know....something was not good (in me haha). I guess, I was naot ripe for their music. But now!!!! :)
    Yesterday I ordered this masterpiece. Can't wait for get it in my hands. So thanks for the uploading and I will catch up with the old albums. Hail to CBK and to you!

  35. joemuse1985

    my favourite band right now !!!!!!

  36. Minoria Activa

    Excelente disco!!

  37. Leo antunes

    found it by suprise while watching some older songs, a sure-buy for sure 

  38. Douxsoftone

    The punk-harcore kid cameback. This album makes me feel like if i was sixteen once again, listening "Turn It Around" and "Wake The Dead" anybody with me?

    Richard Hurtz

    Even though I really liked Symptoms + Cures, I think Die Knowing was a big step in a great direction for the band.

    Johnny Boy

    Richard Hurtz I completely agree

    mj jordan

    Face @1

  39. Derrick Davis

    Damn, this is album is amazing so far. I didn't even know they released a new album, and I'm doubly surprised that it's this good. Waking the Fallen was an incredible album, but I thought Symptoms and Cures was terrible, so I was pleasantly surprised.

    Seth Howard

    @Derrick Davis *WAKE THE DEAD lol (although I hella like Waking The Fallen it is a great Avenged Sevenfold album)

    Matthew Steel

    @Seth Howard the wake the dead music video is a curious one. so the guys looking for a comeback kid concert and he's going around with the poster asking people and he's wearing a mask and at the end of the video he gets there and takes his mask off. does he just feel that he can be himself when he's at the concert?

    Seth Howard

    Well besides the literal meaning of wake the dead and ol' Frankenstein is undead. I think that is accurate


    One of the few bands who never takes a step back with their music

    harmatod lamstel

    This album is amazing but I do feel like they took a step back to the figure four days..this album sounds like the next evolution after figure fours suffering the loss. I was quite happy about it

  41. alfie

    One of those albums you can listen to back to back.  Brilliant.

  42. Oz Gun

    fart shitting

  43. Sexxehlol


  44. MrZikList

    they delivered with this album exactly what i wanted, in every aspects. soooo goooooood


    I completely agree.  Best material they've put out since Wake The Dead.

  45. LosEdgesBikeCo

    This intro makes going to 5000 more Gigs of CBK

  46. Andrei Dragos

    thx for upload!