Colt Ford - America Lyrics

I wrote this song about America
If you don't like it, the hell witcha
Cause I'm a rider

I'm a rider, I'm a rider
As I stand on my home down the highway
I'm a rider, I'm a rider
It's the 'merican pride that's inside me

Time to saddle up we ridin' out
I ain't never scared I ain't hidin' out
Time for America to show some pride
Let the whole world see how we ride
To hell to anyone that don't like our flag
I suggest you get gone 'cause Colt and Bone
We 'bout to start us a revolution (yes sir)
We gettin' back to the constitution (yes sir)
All men are equal in the eyes of the Lord
You won't find nobody as real as Colt Ford (nobody)
I'm tellin' y'all exactly how I feel
That's enough America, let's make a deal
When we come to your town, better show some pride
And you won't have to see what I tote on my side

I'm a rider, I'm a rider
As I stand on my home down the highway
I'm a rider, I'm a rider
It's the 'merican pride that's inside me

America / This here is red, white and blue
So what the hell do y'all want to do
America / Put your flag up and tell your friends
We 'bout to take America back again
America / Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Let's get back to in God we trust
America / Home of the free, land of the brave
Thank God for all the people who gave their live
Fight fight

I'm a rider, I'm a rider
As I stand on my home down the highway
I'm a rider, I'm a rider
It's the 'merican pride that's inside me

I want y'all to understand, Colt Ford, American man
God fearin', hell raiser, new rebel, trailblazer
Church goin', shit kicker, truck ridin', guitar picker
Everybody stand up, come on throw your hands up
This is for red, white, and blue, so tell me what y'all wanna do
This is for red, white, and blue, so tell me what y'all wanna do

America / This here is red, white and blue
So what the hell do y'all want to do
America / Put your flag up and tell your friends
We 'bout to take America back again
America / Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Let's get back to in God we trust
America / Home of the free, land of the brave
Thank God for all the people who gave their live
Fight fight

America baby, the red, white, and blue
Land of the free and home of the brave
It's two rebels right here, Colt Ford, Bone Crusher
Y'all can either get with us or get ran the fuck over
God Bless America

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Colt Ford America Comments
  1. leah jordan

    I love colt Ford song!!!!!!😍

  2. Angel Gasperin

    Weed the people

  3. Keith Davis

    We the back bone of shit holding true country strong

    Goodoleboyzoffical 3

    Keith Davis 850 brother

  4. Landon Bradley

    I saw you yesterday

  5. mark sgarlata

    We the people need to band together right now more then ever! Stand up for your rights and America,it’s culture and flag!! Trump 2020 remove these evil dirty satanic democrats from office and power!

  6. Highway Surfer

    MAGA 2020

  7. southern life 772


  8. LordPurple

    I think in the Song of Adrenaline Mob XD

  9. vincent ross

    Colt ford for President 2020

  10. Clayton the Country boy

    10/10 would vote for

  11. OcelotStromberg

    We the ones to get you kicked out of Britain

  12. Ronnie Webb

    111 people don’t have a damn clue

  13. TheJukeboxhero15

    Little smokey, little bandit
    Little getting out of handed
    If you're going where we're going get going or get out of our way
    Mixing Crowes hard to handle, burning Willie, Rockin' Randall
    If we're gonna do it then we ain't
    gonna do it halfway cause we don't play...
    If you need a little turn it up Friday night
    A crowd with their hands and their cans up high
    Wanna raise one with the raise hell kind
    We the people
    We the people with the needle in the red on cruise
    Out setting fire to a neon moon
    Wrecking them back roads, reppin' our roots
    We the people
    We front row, we back porch
    We dirt stomp, we dance floor
    We're the party and the party don't start 'til we roll up
    That's when everybody shows up
    If you need a little turn it up Friday night
    A crowd…

  14. TheJukeboxhero15


  15. TheJukeboxhero15


  16. Glenn & Carolinda Powell

    Do it Colt Ford seen u cuz!!! Here at Sea World...keep up the good work

  17. Andrew Washington

    He came to seaworld today and sung this

  18. Jay Jay

    I love his music!!!

  19. Staci Reddy

    Can someone PLEASE tell me who the girl sitting on the couch is?!

  20. ICUP2

    COLT FORD 2020

  21. Caleb Hendricks

    #coltford for president

  22. I_H8_OLD_PPL

    Well I get why he raps now lol poor guy can't carry a tune in a bucket

  23. Brian Gallaher

    If ever Colt had a song that deserved radio play that had no one but him in it, it's 100% this song.

  24. Shawn Witt

    This song is perfect for 4th of july

  25. Justin Johnson

    Colt ford president 2020 or at least VP

  26. robin zatulovski

    Lmao did he just make a country song?

  27. jennifer pesak

    If you ain't going where were going then get the he'll outta the way... 💯🇺🇸♥

  28. Kelly Goodnuff

    Just here for the spelling and grammar errors in the comments. Wasn't disappointed.

    junior third

    Why run from fire ants.

    C R

    spelling police really it's YouTube For Christ sakes and I don't think it's predominant in any genre it's across the board doofuses

  29. Robert Bowers

    MAGA Trump 2020

  30. deb muthafucka

    Got yourself another banger <3

  31. Nick Riddle

    Keep country great colt we dont need no more snap clap beats more song like this

  32. Alyssa

    No more Trump get someone else who knows what they're doing and yes we are the people who need this country to be better to have each other back to help one another in need

    Kelly Goodnuff

    @Old Line Leather Lids Because straight people didn't suffer centuries of oppression and absolute horror due to who they're attracted to.

    Old Line Leather Lids

    Kelly G native Americans don’t have a flag, Irish Americans don’t have a flag, African Americans don’t have a flag. (At the White House)People of many cultures, races, religions have been oppressed in this country an many others.

    Robert Bowers

    @Kelly Goodnuff did you suffer centuries of oppression?

    Robert Bowers

    @Old Line Leather Lids awesome response

  33. Tony M

    Old Colt for president.

  34. Marry Riggs

    i love the song

  35. Machanic Man

    Tell an colt!!!

  36. Remo Williams

    M.a.g.a as always good video better tunes brother

  37. Firefighterleee Leee

    tbh im never gonna wear a suit unless i dont like myself

  38. Clay Meighen

    Effff the government. Pro we the people. Eliminate the far left


    What a bunch of hateful losers


    Damn Straight brother

    John Dunbar

    Clay Meighen yucca

  39. Darin 4 USA

    Fuck the government

  40. Corey Ward

    This is a great song..... I went to his Concerts a couple months ago in the played this song

  41. Thomas L

    We The People are gonna re-elect the Don in 2020. MAGA!

    Lissette Badal

    @T J and Trump isnt in your pockets either. Thats what i hate about US Politics BOTH PARTIES, Republicans are lying hypocrites that think their shit dont stink and the Dems are lying Politically Correct Ass holes that think their shit dont stink lmfao. US politics went to the dogs. Trump is a crooked mothafucka that could give 2 shits about America as long as he gets his cut. Hillary too. All politicians are corrupt. Obama, Trump, Hillary, etc etc etc etc etc.

    mark sgarlata

    Lissette Badal I get what your saying and most politicians are crooked as all hell but we gotta vote for the one that loves this country and is gonna stand up for the people and are rights and not take them away or change are culture!! And right now that man is Trump!! Trump 2020 baby!!

    Troy Owens

    Trump Train still going 2020!!

  42. Adam Hawkins

    I like this it's catchy good lyrics not rappin so much it's good lyrically simple and sweet nice melody

    Dennis kapczynski

    there ain t any rappin in this song


    are you complaining about rap or something else? lol

    zach l

    This is just country

  43. Terry DeRush


    Shawn Witt

    Take what country back what are you on about??

    Kelly Goodnuff

    What's the hard way? Violence? That's neat. Also, what "county" was taken from you?

    Sniper Hacker

    Heck yea bid let’s do it yee yee

    andreas s

    @Kelly Goodnuff Europe 1st of all, then NA, or you can still roll in dirt and live inside sacs made of animal flesh.

  44. Full bratton Sends

    Love this new song

  45. James Weiser


  46. Daisy Edberg

    Hell yeah

  47. Amanda Underwood

    Love this side of Colt now this is the guy Ive been listening to for years

  48. Mike Yob

    I wish you would tell the TRAITORS THAT..

  49. Dillon Holt

    Dam is a good song I really like

  50. Nicholas Kerchner-love

    Like this tune. Should do a remix and add either upchurch or demun or acal

    The nubber

    I'm with this dude a remix would be great


    Demun jones

  51. Joshua Cook

    Why is this fuck boy wannabe country ass still trying

  52. Mark Adkins

    There ya go ford!🤘🤠🇺🇸

  53. Jacob Grimes

    Hell yea. Colt Ford 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  54. Overthinker Blue

    Is this John Anderson. Seminole wind.


    Overthinker Blue I think your overthinking it mate.

  55. Parkermon_Gamez

    is colt ford republican or democratic?

    Gold Fish

    Neither, he is in satan's party, which means he makes all of you think he is talking about all of you when in reality he is just making fun of you. Did you see him throwing up double devil horns at the end while saying "we the people". Colt Ford's motto is Hail Satan. His entire persona is an act, just like the rest of them.

    Robert Bowers

    Hes Republican, he supported Rick Perry back in 2016

  56. Nicholas Chiti

    Hack yeah good song

  57. Billy Knickles

    Going to see how my neighbors feel about this song this weekend!!

    James Weiser

    My thoughts exactly!! SHAAAAOOOWWWW!!! EPLURIBUS UNUM!!!

    Lynn Jason

    I HEAR YA neighbor

    Christian Lee

    Hell yeah im gon a see how the church next door like some music

  58. Billy Knickles

    Summer jam 2019 💯🔥

  59. Richie Rich

    Colt Ford & Kid Rock for President 2024

    Robert Bowers

    Right after Trump's 2nd term

  60. goodtasteification

    He means for the Rich People, Just saw the education cuts on the OSAP forms, His Theme song should be about the Poor Peasants turning into the Poor Stupid Peasants! After all, they were dumb enough to vote for this nonsense. The next election should be known as the PC oil Companies Vs the Silly Liberal Peasants! We will teach them a lesson!


    goodtasteification colt ford is American... OSAP isn’t..

  61. Verdic Wired

    A good friend of mine named courtney was in this video awesome

  62. Luke Kale

    You truly do some amazing music. I have yet to see a song I don't like from you.

  63. Daniel Pereira

    Greetings from Brazil!! #WeThePeople

  64. mrandmrsforeever


  65. Pamela Johnson Stevens

    We The People

    Caleb Vandevere

    3% where u at

    Larry Green

    3% FOR LIFE!

  66. jeferson agronomia

    💚💛💙aqui é BRASIL

    welington santos

    Minas Gerais-Brasil !!! Aqui

  67. Logan R

    I wake up to this immediately in a good mood

  68. Gino Victory

    Colt Ford 2020

  69. Victor Nilsson

    Amazing Song! Great Job Colt Ford, From Sweden!

  70. Umberto Silva

    Um salve do Brasil 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤🇧🇷🇺🇸

    Daniel Pereira

    Umberto Silva Salve salve mais um BR

    José Martinelli

    Mais um

  71. K 1500

    Great song! Awesome catching it just dropping!

  72. noahderfuchs

    When does the new album come?¿ I'M HYPED❤🇺🇸 Greetings from Germany🇩🇪

    Devin Hoyt

    noahderfuchs I said us cause we stand as 1!!! I may not have been around but I know that these wars had to happen. we can't have peace without conflict and we can't have conflict without war!

    Devin Hoyt

    this wasn't a discussion. I was letting you know why America's military shoved there foot up Indians and Vietnam's ass and they thanked us for it! we the united States like to keep our surrounding countries in line! sorry for offending you but it is what it is man.

    Devin Hoyt

    noahderfuchs I don't judge man. i do however hold grudges! and like you said Nazis kinda fucked the piece up. so let me restart this conversation!
    greetings from 'Merica!!

  73. noahderfuchs

    You're a legend just like Chris Kyle❤🇺🇸

  74. Hydroplane Convoy

    Good morning colt!!!! You were always on point my man🇺🇸

  75. Lena Bonamigo

    The best surprise in this morning❤️❤️❤️

  76. The great Cornholio

    Turn back to good country

  77. kuntreeboy 20


  78. Tem_Fresh


  79. Tem_Fresh

    I sang with u in bsinbridge

  80. Andrew Mclaughlin

    Hey Colt Ford 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  81. kelson gork

    The best 🤜🤛

  82. Daniel The Kidd

    We The People


    Larry Green

    Three Percent brotha. For life!

  83. Jan de Wit

    Hell yeah🤙