Color Morale, The - Throw Your Roses Lyrics

I can see your eyes looking up at me
to see if anyone is noticing.
No one has been there to listen
all the more reason to sing.
I promise this won’t last forever.
I don't want to let you make that choice.
You don't need to abuse your arms but use your voice.

I know right now you think that no one is listening.
If we fall together, we'll live forever and never grow alone.

When I look out, I see a field of youth
and it is filled with doubt.
A field of flowers pulling their petals off way too soon.
One by one. Dropping like flies no one is speaking up.

I know right now you think that no one is listening.
If we fall together, we'll live forever and never grow alone.
You can grow out from decay
but what you do with your today
can resonate to everything, keep growing.

We've been pulled from the earth.
We know but we can still grow though.
We've both started to die and slow.
Why pick ourselves early?
We're dying here anyways.
Remember I can show you light,
but you will have to learn
how to grow on your own.
What is a rose with no thorn?

I know right now you think that no one is listening.
If we fall together, we'll live forever and never grow alone.

You can grow out from decay
but what you do with your today
can resonate to everything, keep growing.

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Color Morale, The Throw Your Roses Comments
  1. noavaro

    very nice track

  2. Maria Chavez

    Amazing Song! 👍

  3. Anders Nielsen

    That opening riff got me like

  4. Jordan Brown

    Not even possible to put into words the way this band makes me feel. Groups like this give me a lot of hope for the future! Very thankful for their message and the amazing fans who support them. love you all!!

  5. R35_ STONESkull1

    I'm a have to buy this album again brings so memories

  6. Nine

    Can't deny, this is nice.

  7. Kookkai Superzaiya

    my most fav <3

  8. faith crane

    Every single song hits hard..

  9. Ahsyaa Pratama

    That intro sounds like BMTH - Sleepwalking

    Mateo Paredes

    +Ahsyaa Pratama and you know so much about music

    Ahsyaa Pratama

    @Mateo Paredes is that sarcasm? 

  10. Gage Binette

    Nearly brought me to tears, such a great band

  11. BAGGR -

    If anyone is struggling with addiction or depression, please please know that u can rise above it all. I know it seems hopeless at times, but there is always light at the end. If anyone needs a friend or just wants to talk please hit me up. One love

  12. There Was A Firefight!

    Sounds so dope

  13. Efficiency Rift

    Top bands: Capture The Crown, For All Those Sleeping, and The Color Morale <3

    Ahsyaa Pratama

    +Efficiency Rift Too bad FATS is end now

  14. *TTM* Amerueh

    Uh como me gusta su musica.

  15. Calhoun Mooney


  16. Alex's Awesome Art

    This song is amazing. I havent listened to much of this album lately, but after singing along with the lyrics, it certainly makes the album 10x better. This song especially resonates so well with what I've been going through currently. It kind of hits that place that you dont want it to touch cause its so sensitive, but when it does you're just like "man, right in the feels". Great song.

  17. Stephanie Fernandez

    crying :'(

  18. Kirk Wilson

    Favorite song of the album. The clean vocals during the chorus are so good and catchy and memorable.


    the entire song is sung clean...

  19. shifiTYGF DFYS

    Dude. Genius bro. So good. fuck.

  20. Rescue22

    Not trying to be mean or anything, but man this album puts me to sleep! At least I have their older stuff. If you enjoy this though, then more power to you.

  21. Matt Novak

    Imo this doesn't sound like Saviorself

  22. Jimothy Meyers

    They ripped off of themselves from Saviorself. Wow

  23. ItzMorphinTime22

    That guitar kills me every time...It's so good. I so wish they expanded on it. 

  24. Spoken Wordfuls

    Favorite song off of the album for me.

  25. Justin Wright

    I love the message behind this song and even the entire album, I wish more bands would speak about this because our generation could use more songs about hope and acquiring self-worth, instead of just regurgitated love songs and songs that say fuck the world, religion and stupid shit. #rant

  26. D. Bennz

    when did TCM switch from rise to fearless?!


    Maybe the change in style?

    Milk Josh

    April 10th 2014, I believe 

    D. Bennz

    @Milk Josh do you know why?


    @Dalton Bennett They probably had a 3-album contract with Rise, and found a sweeter deal with Fearless at the end of said contract. But that's just speculation.


    @Dalton Bennett I actually got to talk to Garret at warped he said they wanted to go with a record company that would help with their new direction

  27. Demure Cinematography

    this song sounds so much like Saviorself from their album Know Hope. It's practically the same with just a variation of melody, but the thing is I love Saviorself so much that it works and this song is equally as good!

    nihonjin rikugun

    Throw your roses, and saviorself..

    Dustin Lentzer

    @Rickard Reyes Comment blew my mind a bit. O_O

  28. Ninel Lucero

    garret's voice is just perfect ;-; <33 

  29. tristananvilcaster

    In love with this band and album

  30. toni c

    I'm pretty sure this is my favorite off the album even though they all are amazing.

  31. Itzkenny2010

    I listened to the album stream on Pandora and this song is the first one that really stood out to me. Amazing song. <3

  32. Sabri Izzuddin

    i love it. it sounds like saviourself tho

  33. Cocobarbarian

    Dammit i love this band

  34. Pitra Agung

    Whoooa great title, great song........

  35. Morgan Stricklin

    This album is great. A lot more tame than know hope. Know hope and this compete very well. This song I believe is my favorite on the album. Reminds me of the guitar riff from saviorself. This is awesome. Thanks for making another truly moving and inspirational album TCM. You have become my favorite band.

  36. Stanley's Stuff

    i just found a new metal band that i love <3<3


    @Oliver-Vic Carquinn To Plant A Seed is a really good album, but Tracing Back Roots was awful mostly because of the production. If you listen closely, the guitars are sloppy as fuck production-wise, they brought in a shitload of unneeded synth which makes this band become as generic as every Rise band ever, the auto-tune was back to fucking annoy everyone, everything about it was atrocious and I have John Feldmann to blame. WCAR was a top runner in the Metalcore/Post-Hardcore music business and now they fucked themselves up with that crappy album. If Tracing Back Roots wasn't by WCAR, I wouldn't have bought it under ANY circumstances. John Feldmann also ruined Stick To Your Guns and their new album but luckily I didn't give them my money so fuck those people. That's just my opinion on the whole situation.

    Cody Guffey

    @havoren That is all a matter of opinion. I personally love STYG new album.


    @Cody Guffey How in the world could you love it?!? I don't understand!!!

    Austen Parsons

    It is in fact a great metal band

    Maria Chavez

    Same Here. 👍

  37. justin riggins

    This song reminds me of Strange Comfort. Idk why.

  38. suzawilo

    Amazing ♡

  39. Eric Perez

    The beginning reminded me on CNCC

  40. Mike Kasala

    This song honestly made me ball in tears. Song at my funeral. No doubt.

  41. Cardude02


  42. hmmownedu

    First :)