Color Morale, The - The Failsafe Lyrics

Breaking dawn
Will bring revenge
We should know by now
We're so sick
It was building up
And no one was watching

We're running out of darkened corners
To sweep the waste into
In our distracted focus no one
No one had a chance
When we lined up at the edge
We were open wide
Like fools, waiting for a sign

It was a free fall
It was an act of desperation
Our backs against the wall
It was a free fall
It was an act of desperation
Down we go

As we all went blind
Like an answer to the call of our outstretched hands
The hell we beckon crept inside
The vultures circling overhead
Starving to pick the skeletons we leave
On the eve of the end
As the world around us collides (the ashes shall rain)
Somehow we still beg, we beg
Give us a sign

Dawn brings revenge
Dawn brings revenge

Patience won't mend the broken
Promise of something greater
The cables wrapped around our throat
Tonight pitch red cast over
Senses adrift, I lay me down
Plague wraps its arms around me

Down we go

It was a free fall
It was an act of desperation
Our backs against the wall
It was a free fall
It was an act of desperation
Down we go

When we lined up at the edge
We were open wide
Like fools, waiting for a sign

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Color Morale, The The Failsafe Comments
  1. Anthony Evans Bāss

    I didn't know what to expect because the original is perfect, but I think this is about as good a cover of it as could be made.

    This retired scene kid approves 👍

  2. Phil Pacific

    2:48 best moment at the show \m/

  3. Phil Pacific


  4. Booger Lips

    Doooooood. I've never heard an actual full band cover of Misery Signals until right now . Fawk home run !!!!!

  5. hussguy1990

    I expected nothing from this, but damn you guys did a really good job.

  6. Oggydogg 313

    Misery signals did write a masterpiece

  7. poetwarrior13

    the color morale of my brain is rainbow. the failsafe is how i tried to control my erection and orgasm but failed.......

  8. Francisco Silva

    Misery Signals deserve to be honored.

  9. zezuntxiduntxi


  10. chrstphrwnstn

    this is fantastic

  11. Daryl Smith

    The break down sounds weird, kinda like the guitars are programmed.

  12. Dyllan Reed

    Its a good cover but the og used to touch all my nerve endings because of how raw the pain was. This does nothing of the sort. I'll definitely give them an A for effort but there's no recreating the power thats in the original.

    The Sleepwalker

    Yea you're right. When you hear the OG version the emotion just jumps out at you. This just feels like a replica. Its still a nice cover though.

  13. joe kurtiak

    This is UNREAL

  14. ElectroNinjaHD

    This cover is so fucking awesome

  15. Josey Blake

    Like. The end brought me almost to tears. I’ve never heard anyone else that loves Misery Signals as much as I do! It’s the most perfect homage I’ve ever heard and I’m so so blown away.

    Booger Lips

    Ma'am , fellow super fan here . I've never heard a full band do my worship team(misery signals of course) justice before today . I'm blown away also .

    John Krieger

    Josey Blake you need to find a copy of jhazmyne’s lullaby record name pre misery signals they were named 7angles 7plagues as their band name and that album was just as legit as of malice and a magnum heart.

  16. Josey Blake

    I’m. So. Fucking. Impressed. Wow. Forreal.

  17. Mattylc3

    Never listened to colore morale but this cover is on point👌 misery signals are legends

  18. joann smith

    Lol they like this song too?? Im touched 😚

  19. Joshua Sweat

    those back ups by Garrett gave me chills

  20. Calibur43

    I have no words other than to say I have no words.

  21. Jeff Gonzalez

    This is am amazing cover. Misery Signals is the band that took me out of my black metal phase back in middle school. Aha. This is legit the first song I heard from them and it's refreshing to hear better production.

    J Wall

    First song you heard from the Sigs...back in middle school? Dafuq? You heard 7 angels 7 Plagues, the first Mis Sigs EP? How about Of Malice and the Magnum, this song was the first? Dude, I’m old AF.

  22. Alexus Camacho

    amazing love e

  23. OurLucidDream

    Why not more of this?

  24. Joey Edward Stock

    Finally Someone who does a Cover album

  25. Allie Sailboat

    MY GOD. This takes me back to when I saw Misery Signals for Radio Rebellion with Norma Jean and BTBAM back in 2006. This was covered so perfectly, and makes me nostalgic.

  26. Isabella Rodriguez

    Loving this

  27. Alekseev Collado

    Love it

  28. Bradley Taylor

    this is fire! definitely wasn't sure what to expect but you guys absolute nailed this one <3

  29. Journey With Logan

    Back lol

  30. Journey With Logan

    I’ll be back in a minute lol

  31. Journey With Logan

    Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!! Imma get this on iTunes rn

  32. Ultravyolet

    ohhh my god
    misery signals is one of my favorite bands ever. this is so insane I love it.

  33. Owen Stovall

    I miss when the band used to sound like this.

  34. Sam Cromwell

    This is my favorite song

  35. Daniel Calderon

    When did this happen?!

  36. Ger P


  37. victoriahashope

    I'm really enjoying this EP, great job guys!

  38. Sepia MtAnoia

    I don't really listen to The Color Morale, and Misery Signals is one of my all time favorite bands ever. Surprisingly, this is a good homage to MisSigs. Not bad, actually. No, heck, it's a great cover.

    Kudos to The Color Morale for this great cover. 👍🏼

    Andy Pandy858

    Unfortunately the drums are super programmed and the guitars sound heavily edited

  39. Marty W

    This is fucking beautiful. One of my favorite songs by Misery Signals and a solid cover. 2 horns up boys!.

  40. Christian Metal Source

    this is legit!!

  41. Douglas Wears

    Aaron killed it. MisSigs forever.

  42. OwO yukotaruma

    I love both TCM and MS!

  43. Alan Sims

    Why they stopped utilizing this guys screams I’ll never know, I love Garrett’s vocals but their trade off together was what I loved, and this proves Aaron can still scream like a beast

  44. WoeIsLee

    The ending reminds me of know hope and omega by Crystal lake


    leerey14 I recently discovered Crystal lake. They go so hard.

    OwO yukotaruma

    most of current metalcore bands are influenced by Misery Signals such as August Burns Red and Erra etc…
    Crystal Lake have never stated an influence from MS so far as I know but we can easily assume that with their musical style.

  45. WoeIsLee

    Holy shit, is this 2010 again?

  46. Timewalk

    uh may zing

  47. mike

    very interserting I saw misery singals in 2007 with as I lay dying.

  48. Antlion161

    Nailed it


    Yuck. Way overproduced. The rawness of the original song is what makes it good. Nice try.


    dude you are tripping. Die hard Misery Signals fan here and I think they did this absolute justice. But hey some metal fans complain just to complain.


    Kevin Azimi and some people make assumptions just to make assumptions


    Kevin Azimi my ass-hole could produce a better cover than this


    I agree with the song being overproduced but, I highly doubt your asshole could produce a better cover. You've been challenged.

  50. Of Plagues

    I was hesitant to listen to this given how genre defining of a song Failsafe is. They did a great job.

  51. Mal Rosette

    The screams are PERFECT in this. My ears are so satisfied. 😍🙌 #earporn

    Alekseev Collado

    Scarlett Rosette facts

    John Krieger

    Canadian Metalhead know hope by the color morale is a good album. Don’t sleep on 7angels 7plagues the early pre misery signals album named jhazmynes lullaby

  52. ladam97

    this is amazing, fucking best band to choose to cover

  53. Maarten Houben

    Well done tribute to the best metalcore band on this planet ! Misery Signals

    Doug Timmerman

    Maarten Houben you spelled Shai Hulud wrong

    Jonathan Trevino

    @Doug Timmerman Shai Hulud is dope, and OG's but Misery Signals did it better.

  54. Michael Reitemeier

    This song appeared on my Pandora stations all the time back in the day. This rendition really brings me back, and it's an amazing throwback to one of the most influential bands from the 00's.

  55. Lucan Wells

    Didn't think these guys could pull off music like this anymore! Props to them and a mad cover.

  56. Alan Neal

    If they sounded like mdiye but I still love them

  57. Josh Barnes

    Might be one of the best covers I've ever heard. Fucking stellar job dudes.


    legit though, insanely good

  58. abr112Deceptikon

    Holy cow this is amazing, was not expecting this. Mad props.

  59. shawn skeard

    is that the singer from novelists on this track??

    mao basabe

    its Aaron. Dont bother!

    Gino Simplicio

    Nah it's the guitarist from The color morale, but I can see what you mean. I honestly think the screamer of Novelists sounds like a cross between this guy and Telle from The Word Alive.

  60. Pitra Agung

    Is this Aaron singing the whole song??

    Djentile 777

    who is Aaron?

    Daniel Ginger

    Tommy Vines Their guitarist

  61. Jesse Roberts

    This took me by surprise by a landslide. Rad to see TCM paying homage to a great and still underrated pioneer band.

  62. rasangan97

    Is this Garret?


    rasangan97 This is the guitarist


    Thanks dude


    rasangan97 no prob

  63. Spencer Whiteout

    No garrett rapp? Ha what


    Spencer White0ut you honestly think garrett would sound good on this?

    Cameron Smith

    GreenGenerationTV back in the day he would’ve!

  64. maxwelld23

    Now this is the color morale I loved. His vocals have never sounded better 🤘

    East Coast

    its not garret though lmao its the screamer he always sounded like that :S

    Lucan Wells

    Yeah it's not Garret haha it's their guitarist.

  65. ReprogrammedToHate

    I love this so much considering that the production quality of "Mirrors" bugged me sometimes. Everything on this is on freaking point. MS are one of the most influential metalcore bands of all time yet one of the most underrated ones. They are also my favorite band next to Deftones.

    Once again, Really love this TCM. Takes me back to the We All Have Our Demons/My Devil In Your Eyes era, i really wish they stayed that way. I miss John and Ramon.

    Btw, next time you guys should cover Ghostchant, Crystal Lake, Prematurito El Baby or Meeting Again For The First Time by Poison The Well. That would be amazing.

    Josey Blake

    ReprogrammedToHate this is the most spot on cover of MS, especially on the “free fall” lines. Gah. It’s so perfect I can’t even stand it! So great.

    Chris Trotter

    The production on Mirrors is cancer! :( Which is upsetting because as a whole I think it was a better album than Controller (unpopular opinion I know) This is a fucking good cover!!! Stays true to the original -puss production!

    Destructiviser the 3rd

    The production of mirrors was meant to be more raw than polished. It was purposeful. Left and right guitars played leads and rhythm, no strings down the middle besides bass, nothing was over compressed. It was supposed to feel more live, which they succeeded at.


    I've been listening/going to see them live since 2010, I miss a lot of the older songs. I told Steve Carey after a set once why they've never played a sponge in the ocean live before and I'm pretty sure that sparked that song to be played out

  66. Ed Rixon

    This is a stunning homage to a genre defining band.


    Ed Rixon fucking amazing

    James Murphy

    I fucked my dad listening to this

    Josey Blake

    Forreal. I don’t even listen to this band, it. Is. Immaculate. Like. My mind is blown and I have goosebumps! I fucking love ms. So much. Lol

  67. good night moon

    wow this is great

  68. AlphaLeader772

    Holy shit, this album took me by surprise.

  69. MIchael White

    The Color Morale is an American metalcore band from Rockford, Illionis. "The Failsafe" NICE SONG!!!😉😃😎😆🤔

  70. Nathan Glasgow

    Guys your clean sections are by far your strongest! If you flipped it and doubled down on your clean sounds making it your main vibe then suplemented with heavy parts you'd be killing it! I'd be all over it anyway!


    Nathan Glasgow I can't agree more.


    I can't disagree more. Go listen too the last album it's mostly cleans. I prefer the old sound of the first two records.

  71. Serena Ally

    Omg the color morale yall are from my childhood emo playlist!! Heyy out with some new songs i see 😍💯💯

    Joey Wheeler

    Serena Ally these aren't new songs though haha. These are all covers.

  72. Madagascarian Islanders

    cool real metalcore

  73. Joshua Mast

    It was a pleasure to see these two on tour together when Misery Signals toured their last album years ago (4, I believe) in Seattle. Admittedly, it was hard to see Rapp not smile - battling some devils it seemed, even when I talked with him. Still hoping he comes around.

    Bryan Lenihan

    Joshua Mast Who is Rapp

    Joshua Mast

    Bryan Lenihan Garret. Front man of TCM


    Bryan Lenihan On the "My Devil In Your Eyes" album his vocals sounded a lot like Schubach on the "Controller" album. I loved it so much.

  74. Cognatusinfinitum

    Wow.. was expecting to be disappointed. This was awesome.

  75. Isaiah Barada

    First comment aye