Color Morale, The - Suicide;Stigma Lyrics

So much heart, so much time, but not enough.
Self-inflicted pain can come and
Remain in the fear inside of all of us,
Desperately and endlessly
Trying to find a means to some kind of peace.
We can't learn when things come easy.
Now that we are prepared for war,
We have an effective means to
Preserving peace for each and everyone.
The chances of you even being born
Were forty million to one.
There's two parts of the statistic;
I want you to live.
Suicide doesn't end the pain,
it passes to the ones you love and remains.
Take yourself out of the equation
And the problem stays.
When I speak such a word,
Are you uneasy with how it's heard?
The stigma will never leave
Unless all of us can just start talking.
The only people I know resting in peace
Without fear or anxiety are the deceased.
That's why they say "may the dead rest in peace."
The things we feel we could never change,
Can end up changing everything.
Now that we are prepared for war,
We have an effective means to
Preserving peace for each and everyone.
The chances of you even being born
Were forty million to one.
There's two parts of the statistic
And I want you to live through one.
Sometimes to win a battle inside, you need to start a war.
Sometimes to win a battle inside, you need to start a war.
Now that we are prepared for war,
We have an effective means to
Preserving peace for each and everyone.
The chances of you even being born
Were forty million to one.
There's two parts of the statistic
And I want you to live through one
I want you to live through one.
I want you to live through one.

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Color Morale, The Suicide;Stigma Comments
  1. wave of my finger and a flick of my dick

    Hey look its Andy and Micheal before Andy turned into a self-absorbed snake! :D Rare photo 2:14

    Edit: Nvm make that two snakes same tale 😂 3:25

  2. Angelica Guzman

    what's jeffree star doing in this


    2:52 she's so fucking cute omg

  4. David C

    Ah, so this is where Jared got his video idea from

  5. Music_is _life_36

    shit, that was fucking powerful.

  6. amanda mendoza

    Jeffree Star ☆

  7. Warrior's den

    1:05 Is that Tele Smith from The Word Alive?

  8. EllisMenace

    its quite upsetting when 1.4 million people attempt suicide each year but this video can only get 400K views because people are too close minded about the genre of music that conveys this message . i mean, without metal and rock, i probably wouldn't be here. this song is literally one of the reasons I'm still here today .

  9. Jay The Djentleman

    I got a little sad seeing Alex at 3:08. I know Tom is holding down CG pretty well but I still miss that dude. Just knowing the circumstances on why he left makes me sad

  10. Kyle Snow

    I sure could use a Garret hug :/

  11. Maddie Treptow

    Is that jeffery star?

  12. Jessica Edwards

    This is the song that no matter how many times I hear it, I have to hold back tears. It's such a powerful song in so many ways

  13. Renee Tonto


  14. malastrasza

    3:10 is it Alex Koehler from Chelsea Grin?

  15. GrumpyBub

    You just saved a life with this song . Thank you

  16. Tyler Kangas

    this song makes me think of my bezt friend Andrew whom i lost 2 weeks ago now to suicide he would have been 22 this october

  17. The Cadagman

    Chester why? :'(

  18. weston shugarts

    You can find me at 1:01 :D

  19. TheCleansingx

    A lot of good people in this video!

  20. Alex Holmquist

    I'm so proud of how far they've come since leaving our hometown of Rockford Illinois

  21. RaeLynn

    anyone know the girl at 1:16?

  22. Sharry the Dave

    Did you see Telle Smith holdin that sign in 1 : 04 ?

  23. Tyler Tassin

    sometime to win a battle inside, ohhhhhh a Minnesota war goat!

  24. 흰늑대

    1:04 Telle Smith from The Word Alive

  25. UndeadHybridS9ldier

    2:12. Is that Davey from Vanna?

  26. Lucid Blue

    song made me want to suicide more

  27. Xander Kresh

    Shedded a manly tear.

  28. zomblification

    No matter what you're going through and no matter how dark things get, just know that there are people who may not know exactly what you are going through individually but we all struggle through life sometimes. We need each other to lean on sometimes. Suicide is never the answer. Things can change in the blink of an eye. There is beauty in the world.

  29. Sam Long

    Guys, I've met you twice now. I've expressed how much you and your songs mean to me. I could go on forever about that. But you guys are people I look up to with the highest regard. You're my male role models. My heroes that have been there for me through these songs. Been there for me in spirit as I've been to Hell and back. I cannot thank you enough. You've gotten me through the darkest times and the lowest lows as the shining light that I can hold onto, knowing that as long as you're there with me, I'm safe. I'm able to get through some tough, scary things with your guidance. That is something I couldn't say for anyone else. I don't really feel that mantra of "music saves lives" because I feel like that's not giving yourself credit for fighting all the darkness, but I've been there too, and you guys are the only thing that's making me feel like I can keep on fighting, you've kept me from doing really bad things. I just think "what would The Color Morale say if they saw me like this?". Then I just look at my home screen on my phone (the one with me and Garret at WT) and I bring myself back and say that if I can't fight for myself, then I'll definitely do it for you guys. I truly believe that you've saved me, time and again. I love you guys so, so much and I can't thank you enough for the major impact you've had on my life.

  30. Tyler Tassin

    sometimes to win a battle inside,
    ohhhhhh a Minnesota war goat!

  31. Pigeon Bro

    These guys and y'all in the comments give me hope.

  32. eustagoesout

    Cardboard attack!

  33. Jordan Brown

    Super inspiring band that always has a great message to their music. Need more bands like this out there!

    Who ever said metal was all about anger, death and the antichrist!??..... Not me

  34. Molly Delaney

    Crown the Empire , Jeffree Star , FRONZ AND ISSUES ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  35. Maya Joss

    how are you gonna say the message throughout the song is good yet you say the lyrics make you cringe? that doesn't even make sense. learn some respect for people with suicide

  36. Gabbie

    2:56 is that jeffree star god no

  37. HoldingLizNE


  38. nazwa użytkownika

    Crown the Empire !

  39. Joey Morales

    Song is good the message is good but the lyrics make me cringe

    Kjirsten Nord

    What does that mean? it has a good message but the lyrics make you cringe, that doesn't make sense. I'm not trying to be rude or start drama I'm just wondering what you mean by that.

  40. Gideon Ide

    2:14 crown the Empire

  41. Mason Alexander

    thank you. so much.

  42. BlackEyedkoala

    issues at the end like

  43. AcrossTheHorizon

    This was the first band that played and the first song I heard at warped 2k16 at Charlotte and it was amazing.

  44. Dylan Tatta

    3:10 ;)

  45. Silver Bloo

    crown the empire is in there

  46. Jake king

    hate comment

  47. kloudy.kitty2319

    2:57 Jeffree star?!

  48. Skin Splash

    Can't wait to see them at warped this year. They deserve it.

  49. metalhead684

    so amazing

  50. DoseofDrama

    God bless this band.

    Chloe Smith

    omg i watch your videos!!! xD


    +InfiniteDeaths26 Gaming hey haha cx

    Chloe Smith

    heyy how are you c:

  51. Keira Jade


  52. Sean Fenner

    two fists in the sky

  53. GravelessOmega

    I'm seeing so many positive comments on this video, guys. Both you and this band give me hope for the future.

  54. Skylar Maye


  55. Eden B

    punk has always been about counterculture and fighting the norms. in a society that trivializes, stigmatizes, and ignores mental health issues, I can think of nothing more truly punk rock than radically spreading positivity and speaking up about suicide. so all of y'all sharing your stories, speaking up about your're all punk rock and super rad and that gives me hope for the future.

  56. Cody Weiler

    anyone else see the dudes from I The Mighty there?

  57. jiggins007

    Never thought being so straightforward in a song about suicide without tons of ridiculous metaphors could be so artistic and inspirational... These guys have a message with their music, and it's a great one.

  58. Shannon McPherson

    I think this song found me, because I needed it right now.

  59. Leigha Dollanger

    This hits hard, I was sent this a few days ago when I was dealing with OD; right before the paramedics came I was in tears while watching this video on my phone. Thank you.

  60. Madelyn Bouchard

    And to all of you fucking dickbags that have anything to say about Issues being related to these guys? You should expand your music library. Dumbfucks.

  61. Madelyn Bouchard

    That breakdown is just SO fucking nasty. Oh my god dude Garrett, please just marry me. Foreals my doo.

  62. Sam Long

    This got to me man. I am in tears cuz I feel this song to my core. I love TCM and the message they put out and how great of people they are (so I've heard). I've struggled with depression and suicidal ideation for years; even to the point where I put myself in the hospital because I was that deep down. You guys are like superhumans and I love you guys. Keep on keepin' on.

  63. Sarah

    Decided to check this band out because I heard that this song had Dave in it (huge WCAR fan), and I'm hooked! I love it! Dave's part sounds great!

  64. Jasper-Holland

    Great message but I like their music from the first 2 albums more

  65. Elleigh Tailby

    Screaming because I saw issues

  66. Tyler Hairston

    Saw these guys yesterday day probably one of the best bands out there and Garrett is such a down to earth guy much respect for him and his band spreading positivity

  67. Kimtopher Chavez

    Anyone else cried lmao

  68. CarlosSS

    Davey Muise from Vanna o////

  69. Mißael Kältenwind

    Chris Motionless looks pretty in the 2:58


    +Mißael Kältenwind Jefree Star...not chris motionless

    Mißael Kältenwind

    +PydLP i know.

  70. smutny jamnik

    Thank you for this song.

  71. reckzn

    "The chances of you even being born were 40 million to one" fuck. I'm so unlucky.

  72. Mechanical Puppet

    Jareds video brought me here.

  73. Katie McMillan

    That girl being hugged at the very end? She was hugged because Garret saw her scars and he told her that she was beautiful and hurting herself wouldn't solve any problems. He struggled with self harm and depression too, and seeing her scars broke his heart. Now, a year later, she's healthy and her scars are healing. Go follow her on Instagram @sleeypyfawns.

  74. Karina N. Ayuningtyas

    Everyone should watch this, it has a great lyrics. They're deep!
    -then I spotted David Schmitt, then Issues, then...-
    I love it, so much love~ <3333

  75. Baby Bun

    Omg they coppieddd Jarrrrrroodddd Alllonngeeeeee


    +Jarrod Alonge did it better.

    Baby Bun

    much better


    XD what video

    Baby Bun

    Save My Life music video

  77. Dalton Forrest

    Hahaha. Fronz's big stupid grin at 3:04 made me smile.

    Dylan LikesOAA

    I never thought I'd say it, but when I saw that part I was like "Awwwww, he's so cuuute~!"

    Doom metal tortoise

    +Cιel “Cιєlιє” Pнanтoмнιve Fronz is way to friendly looking to be the lead vocalist of Attila xD

  78. olivia !!!11


  79. Phil Perry


  80. tomytototo


  81. EpicMailPotato

    I like all the people saying 'that's me' I don't know. It's just cool

  82. Matt Wittlinger

    "Sometimes to win a battle inside.... YOU NEED TO START A WAR! GO!!!"

  83. Hollow

    Telle from The Word Alive, Crown The Empire, Issues! 


    Chris Fronzak from Attila was in there also .


    And also Alex from Chelsea Grin


    And Jeffrey star

    Elleigh Tailby

    I cried because I saw issues

  84. Ashley Rattew

    This just shows how this music saves lives.

  85. Jesse Obenrader

    I love this song, a whole lot. And it sends out a good message.

    But Andy from CTE looks like he's going to murder someone. And that made my day. The look on his face = priceless.

  86. Kendrick clayton

    come to omaha again!! Sokol next time!

  87. Marc Wolter

    the last scene gave me chills when garret spoke kindly to the cryin' girl

  88. jc24station

    I saw mgk!!!

  89. Zach Greenlund

    jeffree star ruins this video, but the song is self is amazing

    Marc Wolter

    @Zach Greenlund why, cause he looks different, doesn't fit your lifestyle or your thinking? You shouldn't care about how someone looks or how people define themselfes, you should rather be proud that artists are standing up for a pretty important message

  90. Ryan Smith

    Wow, what great inspirational words.

  91. christina v

    and they say mental bands promote suicide


    @christina v This isn't a metal band. They're post-hardcore.

    olivia !!!11

    @MarcusWSF WHO CARE

    Justin Shinlever

    +MarcusWSF they mix post-hardcore and metalcore


    +justin shinlever not really. They've always been post. And I'm not shitting on them. Theyre my favorite band in this genre.

  92. Jabin Martinez

    telle =)

  93. Alekbob Funkatron

    rick grimes 1:25

  94. alberto

    we came as romans vocal?

  95. Erick Crawford

    I'm not usually one to like songs with cliché messages... But this was great! Got a new fan :)

  96. Alison K

    this video is unbelievable....... #lovethecolormorale  

  97. zeketornado

    Holy fucking beard 1:57

  98. Michael Grush

    You guys are bad.