Color Morale, The - Smoke And Mirrors Lyrics

If you give up on me, then I give up on everything
I didn't come this far to not tell you the truth
And you'll know it's true because the answers that I tell you will make you all feel sick
Feel hateful, feel useless and used, just remember that every piece of trash
Was one time itself first used

Say the word

Say the word and I will go quickly to a light
Too much of any one thing at a time will leave you blind
Say the word and I will go quickly to a light
Too much of any one thing at a time just left me blind

You need to get through what you are going through
Some day someone, somewhere will need you
If you give up on me, then I give up on everything
Back and forth my reason grows, I didn't choose this I was chose
Back and forth my reason grows, I didn't choose this and I want to go
Home is where the hurt is and no one even knows

Say the word and I will go quickly to a light
Too much of any one thing at a time will leave you blind
Say the word and I will go quickly to a light
Too much of any one thing at a time just left me blind

If you give up on me then I give up on everything
If you give up on me then I give up on everything

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Color Morale, The Smoke And Mirrors Comments
  1. Byte MUSIC

    Shits still fuckin' sick (2019)

  2. MiniCherokee

    I've never went to a Moshing concert cause I can't trust myself to not fuck someone up

  3. Rolando Rivera

    That is not how you dance to this music crowd. I don't see enough teeth on the ground.

    Bogdan Mihai Medrea

    this just made my day

  4. Cali B.

    2:13 "Sabians where its at"

    Gavin Wandersee


  5. jayman6677

    These guys came to The Lost Horizon in Syracuse NY with TurboWolf and Nothing More... Was a good show ... Just not many knew who they were... Now on the Monster Energy drink OutBreak tour

    Michael Hritz

    +jayman6677 I don't remember exactly that because I have an awful memory but, I'm glad you remember me!


    +Michael Hritz It's all good ... Check out my channel.. I got some really great footage from all the concerts I've been to..

    Michael Hritz

    +jayman6677 yeah, I watched a few. Not bad. I can't say I remember you though.


    +Michael Hritz watch the .. Rock Allegiance video... Crowd at Rock Allegiance waiting for In This Moment while Pop Evil plays ... I think that the only video that shows me


    Were you at the 2015 show?

  6. jayman6677

    People mosh to anything ... I seen video of Billy Joel and people were in a pit for that ... Not really sure if it was 100% legit.. But I seen it


    What is a 'mosh'?


    It's when - if done properly... People run,push,bump into each other when metal or hardcore music is playing... The morons of the central NY area punch , kick, elbow other people to cause injury... And the occasional beer bottle to the head

    Keira Jade

    +XtremeNinjaX95 are you serious

  7. Carlos Guzman

    catchy tune

  8. Jade VC

    they are really good live!'

  9. Tony Martinez

    I really want to TCM in Mexico!!!!

  10. Lukáš Volčík

    Love them :3 They have better concerts than Asking Alexandria :33

  11. Nitish Vashishtha

    Starting of this song .....boom ! But moshing , seriously ??


    so what? moshing is at every show like this dude lol

    Nitish Vashishtha

    I'm sorry looks like i didn't know shit about moshing & music a year ago. I regret this comment lmao 

    no no

    I'd rather see some hardcore dancing

  12. Kyle Williamson

    WHAAAAAAAAT? The beginning of this song changed my whole opinion of this band. Righteous.

  13. Burak ULU

    wtf about views ??!!

  14. TheWeaksEnd182

    That Conveyor shirt tho.... This guy knows his scene

  15. Superkick2925



    My nan can scream better on the life support machine.

    Groovy Me

    I like the color morale but this comment just made me loose it xDDD i love you 

  17. Daniel Ginger

    Please stop editing the studio track over the live, it kills the fucking video

    Noah Brierley

    I love videos like this


    The Color Morale are my favourite band. I like this because I don't like the live vocals but this keeps the studio vocals, with the energy of live

    Daniel Ginger

    In my opinion live is much better, Garret has off days and on days when it comes to live performances, I've seen both but I will always continue to go anyway

    They're my favourite band too

  18. dragondude2321

    okay is it just me or does anyone else think this sounds like austin carlile from of mice and men? XD

    Trent verney

    Austin can't scream for shit and this guy can

    Chrae Smith

    @Trent verney
     Austins' screams are pretty great man, he just uses a different technique.

  19. Lyndon The Llama

    I want to be there :( that mosh at the beginning looked epic

  20. Alien Adventures

    new fave

  21. Anthony Fuentes

    Omg I think this was at the house of blues in Dallas haha. I was either. Even if it's not, that was still a life changing show.

  22. Anthony Fuentes

    Omg I think this was at the house of blues in Dallas haha. I was either. Even if it's not, that was still a life changing show.

  23. Benjamin Kelley

    Sounds like the vocalist from Emarosa on his clean vocals.

  24. rainxsupreme

    I don't really like any "metalcore" bands nowadays but these guys are fantastic. Real dudes and real music

  25. fmlwithoutmusic

    At the beginning this song reminds me of The Depths by Of Mice & Men, from the screams to the instrumentals.

  26. Ian McHale

    This guy's vocals live are immaculate! 

  27. BruceLee Wayne

    cleans sound like a better version of jonny craig before the drugs

    Steven Ramirez

    go check out his new band Slaves, he sounds just fine again 


    Jonny Craig has literally always been on drugs lol that’s his thing

    Never had shit to do with his singing...years of live shows are what trashed his voice

    Tee Enokido

    funny you mention Jonny Craig and everyone else is commenting about Slaves. I actually saw Slaves and TCM on the Hold On Pain Ends tour. Killer line up and I was pretty disappointed the crowd wasn't bigger for these guys when I saw them. There was maybe 50 people in the venue.

    Tee Enokido

    @Steven Ramirez It's too funny that I'm seeing this comment on this video. I saw TCM, Vanna, and Slaves on the Hold On Pain Ends tour. I think it was right around when Slaves first came out.

  28. Jay Seward

    Seeing these tonight!, his lows are soo much better!, neeeeeeed moreeee!

  29. cooberpedians

    A ship is never what it once was when been restored, but at least it has had another chance to do what it was built for, hang in there.

  30. Daniel Ressler

    @TwiliteHolocaust They record the microphone and instruments to a seperate output to use for live videos.

  31. Lucas Eduardo


  32. IntuitiveGerbil

    Man I love live performances with the studio version dubbed over :D
    Unless the audience is just unrealistically quiet...

  33. iceberg931

    theyre going to warped! fuck yeahhhh

  34. James Mitchell

    Thier e from my hometown, rockford IL

    Sundays with TimmyExJW

    Garret is an amazing guy and preaches to people cause that is his job. love this man!! I'm from Chicago !! <3

  35. tommyboy417

    his cleans are incredible

    Dylan LikesOAA

    whiter417 He is honestly probably my favorite vocalist ever. His cleans are beyond phenomenal, and his uncleans are also probably my favorite. They're so damn powerful and emotion-filled.

  36. Aiden Azar

    Saw them in houston last sunday, amazing performance!

  37. crimsontide3269

    My fav song from them by far


    You can leave of your own accord, or wait for the TCM fans to rip you a new one. I'll begin the frenzy. Let's see you do this day in and day out, while spreading the positive message he tries to convey, while dealing with the emotional issues and other issues that come from touring and trying to make a living in an industry that does not pay that much. They are doing this because it is what they love, and they don't care what you have to say, because they do it for us.

  39. Dylan Tepper

    Saw them live on Halloween in NYC, that concert was fucking WILD
    Plus they did an acoustic set afterwards that was amazing.

  40. Eduardo Magallanes

    Listen to their acoustic songs, I think you will enjoy them at the very least.

  41. pittsburghpiff

    lead "singer" has no talent doesnt even play an instrument its not that hard to just scream some bullshit

    Gavin Wandersee

    pittsburghpiff song writer, plays piano for their recent album before transitioning to guitars. The dude has talent

  42. Itheeric

    It is a live VIDEO... come on it isn't that difficult to understand

  43. LithiumDMTV

    Why not use the live audio? this is not a live video!

  44. Kyle B

    <<< This was like the best day ever

  45. Christian Romero

    my favorite band off rise

  46. Mike Friedman

    Cant wait to see these guys on Halloween in NYC :)

  47. The Echo Below

    We had the opportunity to play with these guys a while back, it was an INCREDIBLE show. If you guys have a sec check out our new single off our upcoming EP :D never know, you might like it!!

  48. KnowHopeSoap

    Hey guys, I'm starting a project to donate soap to the homeless. I sell homemade Vitamin and fruit juice infused Soap. They are huge bars for only $5. For every 5 bars I sell I donate one to the homeless. This project is to show that you can start a successful business and donate to the needy as well. If you can afford it please buy one and if you can't afford that I beg you to follow us on twitter. Search KnowHopeSoap on twitter to find our stores website. Thanks God Bless

  49. Alec Doxsee

    Am I the only one hearing that jonny Craig in his clean singing?

  50. ADTR1958

    His screams remind me of Austin Carlie

  51. Kash Filburn


  52. Stalkingbubbles

    It they actually should like this live that's incredible... It sounds like studio quality

  53. knockemouttimmy

    Agreed! Like good old "Dressed For Friend Requests" by Drop Dead Gorgeous with some JC in the choruses haha

  54. bringmecaptainmat

    For any fans of The Color Morale please checkout my album! /watch?v=DbomNhxXi20

  55. Drenfadh

    The band is tight, the vocals.. im sorry.. im a big tcm fan but i cant find a good live video of the new album

  56. Alex Rosales

    Garrett is God

  57. Anakara

    he can't sing live worth shit

  58. Joel I

    this is the music that i live for!

  59. rolledup20s

    I know what u meen. It's like a better 'hardcore JC' lol

  60. rolledup20s

    Regardless if JC is a twat, which I'm not denying..he can sing lol.

  61. Jam

    were they opening up for as I lay dying or something? cause it says as I lay dying in the background

  62. Alex McIver

    no haha
    that chorus is very Garret Rapp!

  63. ZacTheMusician


  64. ZacTheMusician

    Holy fuck! Garret's screams are fucking he tic in this song! Haha rock on, brother! \m/

  65. Jacob Miller

    the best thing about these guys has always been steves drumming. since their first album. its ridiculous how energetic his playing is. it just makes me wanna flip a shit. and im a guitarist. lol

  66. rolledup20s

    Wow, great find. Love the vocal range..that chorus is very Jonny Craig, wasn't expecting it. Now I need the album

  67. Aaronduhmoron

    dat snare tone is sexual

  68. Sudsy Sutherland

    I meant to say theirs no talent compared to a band like Megadeth or Type O Negative.

  69. Sudsy Sutherland

    Ya your probably right man lol,thing is i liked my parents music also like Jimi Hendrix,CCR,Steppin Wolf,The Beatles my kids are into Justin Beiber & One Direction that's my daughter's music & my son is no different,i swear he's gay or something lol,he's not into rock music at all what so ever & i'm like i have no respect for dub step shit,theirs no talent like a band like Megadeth or Type O Negative.

  70. towa7

    its just a difference in generations I suppose this is what all the kids are into nowadays and our parents tell us they hate it just like their parents told them they hated their music.

  71. Matt Squires

    At least you're being respectful.. But it all comes down to preference.. If you like a band, you can easily tell them apart from the others. I mean, a lot of metal bands sound the same to me, but i can easily tell the difference between suicide silence, of mice and men, the color morale, silverstein, crown the empire, etc.

  72. Sudsy Sutherland

    I just can't get into this.I'm from the Megadeth,Slayer,Anthrax,Metallica,Type O Negative,Carnivore,Cannibal Corpse,Obituary,Venom,Malevolent Creation era & these types of bands all sound the same to me with that famous chug,chug,chug pause pause chug a chug riff break downs.These guys,White Chapel,The Black Dahlia Murder,As I Lay Dying,August Burns Red etc,their all very talented for sure but they all sound the same to me.When i hear a band like Obituary i know it's Obituary,or Type O Negative.

  73. Juan Manuel López Moreno

    I saw the as i lay dying cover of "awakened" behind them, that is fucking awesone

  74. Straussnoah

    I just realized I was at that show.... Awesome

  75. jez5758

    Hahaha what?! I think you'll find I was right in the first place! Sit down and put your keyboard away.

  76. PillarOfChrist

    Justin Heiser is such a sweet guy, I was talking to him after a show and he just gave me a giant hug out of no where it was so cool

  77. Tyler Fisher

    You're* and improper sentence combining. Oops.
    Thank you.

  78. outsideviolence

    tonight in orlando just going to where he was selling merch and getting the signed poster then watching him on stage meant a lot to me. hes a true masterpiece when it comes to his lyrics and i dont know what more we as the fans could want from him. hes a true inspiration to me at least. i just hope The Color Morale keeps doing what theyre doing and making a difference in everyone. you guys are amazing!

  79. Laura Beth

    this band is perfection.

  80. jez5758

    Worst troll I've ever come across, you like a Drake video, your argument is invalid!

  81. ChloeTriangle

    Ugh I love this song and this band so much.

  82. Cameron Raissi

    but since he do that many anymore, you jizz even harder when he does em

  83. humblebug

    I live in the same state they're from. They make Illinios proud.

  84. callum jonson

    Come to New Zealand please,

  85. Drew Collins

    listen to their old shit man.

  86. Brendan Roth

    literally favorite song from one of my favorite bands

  87. kryptonite702

    Garret is the coolest person I ever meet I was hanging out with his b4 and after the concert last night

  88. Pedro Lito

    And his screams reminds me of the singer of Drop Dead Gorgeous

  89. TDizon3

    Just found out about this band today and I'm loving every minute of it.

  90. Brian Velez

    I saw them a year ago and im going to see them again on july 1st <3

  91. Stephanie F

    A few days ago this amazing band were announced for warped tour UK and I was so happy when I found out. I've been wanting to see them for so long

  92. Eduardo Magallanes

    I love these dudes so much :D

  93. downfall4you

    The ending is so fucking powerful its insane

  94. Anthony Fregoso

    He sounds, looks and moves like the vocalist of Close Your Eyes!

  95. Kevo Gillespie

    His voice sounds like Jonny Craig in a fucking better way !! It means, AWESOME

  96. Andrew Garrett

    beautiful juszz

  97. Margaret Schmitt

    Garret Rapp you're a inspiration.

  98. Seth Faulkingham

    He does in their old stuff, its all lows