Color Morale, The - Scar Issue Lyrics

Today feels like it might be the wrong day for me to die.
I’ve been spending too much time believing in self-created lies
And words are just words, until they're put in to work.
And I’m standing so firm in this, firm in this.

Leave a mark upon the world, not across your arms,
a mark upon the world too beautiful for scars.

I can only hold up half the sky at one time
and I got through today so I could help you sleep at night.

I feel a tired in my eyes trying to find the sunrise
and I’m learning that life is getting through the night.

Leave a mark upon the world, not across your arms,
a mark upon the world too beautiful for scars.

I understand you.
A track record of track marks,
a small collection of stories
that never get told again.
I understand you.
Take pride in all the marks upon your soul.
Oh, they should show you
you've been through a hell of a life alone.

Leave a mark upon the world, not across your arms,
a mark upon the world too beautiful for scars.

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Color Morale, The Scar Issue Comments
  1. Kyle Lesh

    Fucking Amazing

  2. Fábio Pereira

    this guy needs to sing louder, I can hardly hear him

  3. Yeedeed

    Thank you drug-users for making this great song possible!


    +Yeedeed ???

    Eric Pennington

    This entire album is dedicated to those who have ever came to a conclusion that ending their own life was a viable option at some point in their lives. Nothing to do with drugs my friend.


    'A track record of track marks' Both depression and addiction are themes in this album

  4. Franks Lin

    This is a perfect song, TCM should do more like scar issue with the catchy chores and straight out lyrics js ;3

  5. Trent Lenze

    This is the only song on here I really like. Know hope and devil are my favorite albums. The production and direction lacks on this record for me. Feels like they fell into a niche with this record based on the success of know hope because before know hope they changed their sound more and more. I wanted to see somethin new from them. Maybe I'm too critical idk. Dad just how I feel. Still got love for these niggas though.

  6. Rynx NoName

    Y'all all judge this album as if it's the worst album. This album, they weren't going for the hardcore feeling of it. They were going for the sound. The feelings it gives the listeners. The lyrics to their songs are for those who self harm. They're a message to them that it's not time to throw life away. Nor will it ever be. That's what makes this album so great. Most bands have just a maybe one or two songs. This band doesn't, that's why I'm a fan of The Color Morale. They only want to better people's life. They're such a great band. Great job guys.

  7. Haley Callaway

    Love the shit out of TCM

  8. Spoken Wordfuls

    Not the best album, Know Hope will forever be my favorite, I don't hate this album, couple of good songs off of here. 5-6/10 for me. 

  9. Livy Trippy

    probably my favourite song off the new album

  10. Jose Ignacip

    I like how people that dont get the album are just saying it instead of talk shit about the band. Real fans

  11. Charles Boucher

    Best song of the album so far !!

    Pinja Myllykangas


  12. TheSunshineRae

    lyrics remind me an awful lot, of "Ghosts" from We Came As Romans.... like kinda exactly, which kinda makes sense because they are friends, but it was just kinda like...oh, wow okay


    p.s. love the hell out of this song

  13. Eduardo Magallanes

    This is probably one of their best songs off this record imo.

    Kyle Lesh

    double fucking agree

  14. Kenny Gordon

    Awesome song!

  15. Brandon

    I can't be the only one who thinks Garrets cleans put his uncleans to shame? In my opinion TCM should pick up another unclean vocalist or stick to the style of this song!

    Cody McCall

    Justin did most of the screams on "My Devil in Your Eyes" and it gave that album a much more dynamic sound so I completely agree with you! 

    Aaron Smith

    Cody is wrong. Justin did SOMEBODY lows for My Devil In Your Eyes. That is when Garrett was at his prime.

    Union Coffee Break

    They should have Aaron do the screams and garret should do cleans. Aaron does some pretty nasty vocals


    Have you seen them live? He's is a shitty clean vocalist. 

  16. Evan Binkley

    Know Hope was their best album, this just sounds like they're trying to appeal to preteens.

    Roger Rabbit

    Agreed, I guess the creative lyrics in Know Hope is just difficult to top. They were full of inspirational quotes & idioms yet in your face kind of stuff. H.O.P.E is just predictable & sort of weak if you compare between the two.

    Evan Binkley

    Just doesn't sound like they tried to me

  17. KittyzEatCupcakes

    My new favorite band c:

  18. Lunchboxium

    One of the best songs on the album, so catchy and leaves a positive message!

  19. Bud Schaefer

    am I the only person on here who thinks that Know Hope was TCM's best album?

    Drew Wallace

    someone one youtube with common sense! i know its insane...

    Vincent Alonzo

    I think Know Hope is pretty dope. This album so far I am kind of digging. Not as much as I hoped I would tho.

    Abdullah Fadul

    After listening to this , no!

    Roger Rabbit

    I'm with you Bud, Know Hope was the perfect album for me. Garret's vocals/screams/yells were top notch(unlike H.O.P.E. where his vocal chords sound so damaged/done already), drums were insane, guitars riffs were different yet catchy. And last but not least the lyrics, the meaning could be intepreted to suit to anyone's liking, it has a right in your face feel. It's angry yet they're(most of it) are like reading a book of quotes. Truly inspirational. Nonetheless, H.O.P.E is growing on me but I just can't see it top Know Hope to be honest. Just my 1.99 cents

    Brandon Deoliveira

    No you are not really it was and only a year old ....this album was good but ..just way to different I miss the hardcore feel

  20. Victoria

    Found my favorite song of the album so far.

    Łukasz Michałowski

    for sure :)

  21. nccapnick6


  22. Dana Mahon

    This is amazing

  23. Mr T

    Rip off of the cky song shipensberg.

    Gavin Wandersee

    Mr T not really

  24. Brian Drewskii

    Can I marry a song? Is that a thing, yet? I found my mate.

  25. Olivia-Amy Turton

    Loving the new album guys! Good job.