Color Morale, The - Outer Demons Lyrics

We'll all stop singing songs
And start singing out our pain instead
I hope one day to bury the past so deep
My ghost can't find it

Is this you being yourself or
Acting on part to please someone else
Take a look at your health
Take a look in someone else's eyes
But don't deface yourself

Go on, try to delete me
Deceive me, you can't
I will destroy you
That demon inside before it destroys everything

At some point
You'll have to make a few decisions
Boundaries don't keep anybody out
They only fence us in
I've got myself and no one else
Our demons are made from a past
But we leave them a home in hell

I've got myself and no one else
And I am just fine with this
I've got myself and no one else
But I'm not okay, who am I kidding?

Is this you being yourself or
Acting on part to please someone else
Take a look at your health
Take a look in someone else's eyes
But don't deface yourself

Go on, try to delete me
Deceive me, you can't
I will destroy you
That demon inside before it destroys everything

I will destroy you
Leave now
While you still have the legs to take you

Go on, try to delete me
Deceive me, you can't
I will destroy you
That demon inside before it destroys me

Maybe I don't need to
Find a demon that plays well with mine
Maybe I need to let go
Of the hell I keep raising inside on my own
On my own

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Color Morale, The Outer Demons Comments
  1. Nick Sharp

    These guys helped more than any anti-depressant I've been prescribed ever did. People, expression is what can save you more than anything in this world.

  2. metalhead684

    I love this album

  3. Aaron Snyder

    i think garretts voice gets better every album and the guitar work really grabs my attention in the new album

  4. Uriel Figueroa

    You don't need a great voice to make great music. Look at Nirvana

    cayla simmons

    +Uriel Figueroa Wait, I'm confused. What do you mean by this?

  5. kurishey _95

    this is soo goood! love this <3

  6. Annoyed Husky

    I'm loving this !

    People who complain about the screaming are so close minded, music is music, nobody needs stupid rules !

  7. Sempiternal Saberwolf

    This is amazing. Who cares about the difference between Know Hope and Hold On Pain Ends. They are good no matter what. A true fan wouldn't start minipulating the differences. They are a band that are different from the rest, with an exception of that bands like TCM and OM&M, PTV, SWS, MMF, TAA, etc. all saved my life!!

  8. The philadelphia buddhist

    voltage lounge april22nd, 300 ppl venue, :)) ill be there if not at finch and yellowcard show at the chameleon club same day!!

  9. Martin Quilindro

    scene boys talking about screams and shit, this isnt about vocal styles, grow up. fucking love TCM, the play songs and i  listen them.

  10. Deep Throat

    I always see comments on other bands of how they're so generic and they make the same songs. When we get a band like this, they still complain -_-

  11. GuitarMinor101

    Alright so this is my first album im trying with TCM,why does he sound like he's drunk when he's singing? Lol no offense,it's just weird


    I dont understand why people hate on this so much. I loce TCM and honestly i think this album and them themselves are really creative and just different. And i love it.

  13. jared holm

    This isn't a good song

  14. UndeadHybridS9ldier

    I think this is probably the worst song from this entire album. I still like the album but I really don't like this particular song. The voice doesn't really meld with the instrumentals to well.

  15. Jade Jarosz

    I am seeing them tomorrow. There will be tears. I love this band.

  16. mbailey696969

    Am I the only one that really doesn't understand the hate behind The Color Morale? It really goes to show, no matter how hard you try to help people, someone will always bring you down.

  17. Lilie Jorgensen

    My god people it doesn't matter what he sounds like it's the emotion being poured out through music. The lyrics say scream out the pain instead, it's his filter. Lol you people don't even get it.

  18. Lone Star Leftist

    This band went way downhill, now they're just another scene fad. Hope it was all worth it, guys. This music makes me feel nothing like what We All Have Demons made me feel. There was so much emotion in your music. Since Know Hope, I haven't felt that way about most of it.
    "Music > Image"

  19. Bartolo Termulo

    the problem with these kids, these self-proclaimed metalcore experts is that they don't know what the fuck 'uniqueness' is all about. they always wanted every screams to sound like the same-old-over-processed bullshit they usually hear on more recognized metalcore bands. if you don't like what you're hearing then get the fuck off and fap over nicki minaj's music videos.

  20. Brandon Deoliveira

    Not gonna lie...drums are kinda annoying on this track ...

  21. Lyddy Ree

    I came here because I heard their song called prey for me. And I like the words but in my opinion this song sucked :/

  22. Barb StMary

    I have listened to the songs that our teens are playing and it must be me either the lyrics are gone gangster or the tunes are off key.
    What has happened to our music?

  23. Carlos Eduardo

    2:38 Like Moths To Flames - You Won't Be Missed.

  24. GPXgirl

    I love this and I love the lyrics! 

  25. Corban Shipman

    The drums ruin it though

  26. Corban Shipman

    I loved them at warped ^_^

  27. Matt Dorfman

    can't wait for my album to come in the mail

  28. Matt East

    this hate is just ridiculous. SO FAR this is sounding amazing. the saddest thing is that you guys find it so hard to accept change - especially seeing as you consider yourselves to be 'hardcore, lifelong fans of the band'. Bullshit.

  29. Mike Kasala

    Listen or don't; it is up to you. I'm sick of close-minded people.

    Comments like "Garret can't scream anymore." "Hope doesn't exist."
    Simply put, don't comment if you do not have anything nice to say.

    He said in an interview, the generation today hides behind keyboards and phones, pretending to be someone their not, bringing people down.

    Because of this band, I Know Hope everyday. I know it exists. It lives in my veins. I saw them for the first time this year at Warped at Blossom in Ohio. It was the same time as Of Mice and Men, but I know I needed to see them more.

    Music is goosebumps on your skin. Something to believe in when people aren't reliable.

    With that being said, you either get my message or someone will post something negative about my post.

    Know Hope.


  30. manny garza

    everyone stop bitching and enjoy the music.

  31. darren terry

    Garrett can scream, perfectly well actually, I think they are going for a whole "Austin Carlile" way of screaming to build the tension in the song, when instead it just makes them sound unable and weak, just another crappy technique! Listen to anything from Know Hope, and you can see that he's a far better vocalist in that album!

  32. FlamesBloodlust

    Lyrics are top notch as the other comments have said but the music and some of the vocal patterns aren't great in my opinion. Not a step forward from Know Hope in my eyes

  33. randomkidlolol

    For all you people talking about garret and his screams, I personally think that the guitarist Ramone should scream more. If you see garret live, all his energy is lost because of screaming. I think it'd be better health-wise and better for the whole band too. That's just my opinion though. Garret might have explained why this is but yeah

  34. TJ Hayes

    The more I listen to this song I start to love it more and more at first I didnt like it but its growing on me and after hearing it played live at warped made me really start to enjoy it. This album is gonna be so awesome I can tell already.

  35. towa7

    Soooo yeah this song has the same breakdown as the song you won't be missed by like moths to flames.

  36. Fernie Esparza

    I'm pretty sure they don't care about the negative opinions that you all have towards them and it's pretty pointless for you all to put your negative opinions because the band doesn't look at them :p

    I love the color morale bruh. \m/

  37. Alberto Matias

    Everyone has to get a point in now a days.... Just love the music guys. Everyone do something good like helping an old lady or something, stop being little keyboard warriors! I'll love this band till I die. Amazing song guys

  38. Dylan Klebold

    You guys are amazing and truly role models and your music speaks to me like no other

  39. Hello!Nurd


  40. Kyle Richardson

    I honestly don't care for this song as much as the other single released....but those lyrics though. TCM lyric's have always been far above par.

  41. kalliedanielle

    I was really wishing they would have stuck to their old unique sound. I was hoping this album would top Know Hope. This sound sounds like a billion bands I've already heard

  42. anowicki23

    I don't understand why this song is getting so much hate. This song is fantastic and continues to show Garret's unique and great vocals. Also the riff in the verses is awesome and the chorus is as catchy as pretty much any TCM song. I can't wait for this album to come out and I have a feeling it will be as great or if not better than Know Hope was. I saw these guys at Warped in Detroit the other day and they do not disappoint as others are saying. 

  43. daowsley

    My first listen, I was kind of...I didn't know how to feel because these guys have been one of my favorite bands from their first album.  But then when I listened to the song more...I love it.  The song has a really powerful feeling to it and it is VERY aggressive.  Those verses are just so damn fast lol something like you'd here from their 2nd album.  I think this album will be awesome!

  44. Matt M

    Going From an album Like "We all have Demons" and "My devil in your eyes" to something like "Know Hope" was difficult for me because I never like it when a band changes up their vocals. However I grew to like it because i love this band and respect what they write. This song specifically has an odd "Bones Exposed" vibe to me. Which is disappointing because OM&M sound like a completely different band now. I will always support this band because I love the members, but I hope there's redeeming songs on the album that differ from this one. 

  45. Suzoo

    This song sounds even better live

  46. Drunken Yeknom

    Could've done without the 2009 metal core chorus but it's pretty good

  47. praisefeeder

    How the mighty have fallen

  48. drkillsmith

    This song really grew on me I just HOPE the rest of the album gets heavier but only time can tell

  49. Livin' Large with LCruu

    this song is definitely one of their best yet!

  50. maddie thomas

    I love the color morale. I met garret at warped in boston and he was one of the kindest guys I've ever met. I personally love his style of screaming- it's unique. Its raw, it's him. you can hear the emotion in his screams. everyone leaving negativity on here needs to stop. I will always stand behind this band 100%

  51. Matt Verdi

    Very disappointed..

  52. Erik Martus

    Sounds really good, but in all honesty not to the same greatness that some of the Know Hope songs seemed to have. Don't get me wrong this is still a great song (I really love it actually) and band and all. I just don't get the same feeling as I did from the last album. I hope this is kind of the "different" song on the album where they test a new sound. Its probably that pounding drum in some parts of the song. I guess it kinda sounds like a kid pounding on something with a stick. Other than that its really a phenomenal song. I have high hopes for this album, I hope it doesn't disappoint. This is just my opinion of the one song. If you disagree go ahead and hate on me because that's your opinion but don't ruin a perfectly good song.

  53. Tyler Roerick

    I like it a lot! I really liked the rawness of know hope, but I like the instrumentation and Garett's clean vocals in this record are awesome. These guys never disappoint, between the strong lyrical messages and the really "down to earth" feel that I get from these guys. The Color Morale is an all around great band.

  54. Nel Bautista

    If you have haters it means you're good.

  55. Austin Wake

    All these comments are super negative. If you don't like it just leave that to yourself. This song is pretty great. 

  56. tristananvilcaster

    Not bad

  57. Tori Johnston

    What makes me sad, is ice followed these guys since the killer apathy days; the days before tcm. Its been over 6 years and I always want to believe their music is gonna move me and help me line we all have demons did, but album after album, it gets to be less connection in the words. We all have demons was personally my savior and still is. And my devil in your eyes was a crowd pleaser; an album of songs for the fans. Know Hope was okay but I feel life that was a personal record for gar although I'm not 100% sure. And this one I'm really worried about. I just want them to carry on being the band that helps heal.

  58. banks4343

    And to whomever said Steve's drums sound plastic, you know nothing about mastering and good tone. Drums sounds very crisp, clean, and full on this song!

  59. banks4343

    You guys are all haters. This song isnt terrible. Its just slightly different than their other stuff. Garret's vocals are getting weaker but they are still raw and fit their sound nicely. Dont judge the album from this song. It seems that bands will release either their slower or more mainstream songs first when releasing singles. Know hope was good but it wasn't that much better than my devil in your eyes, in my opinion. I have faith it will be good!

  60. wtfbrett

    I thought this was ok at best. His screams, (just like everyone else seems to think) aren't even screams anymore. For me, it's too whiny and just sounds like yelling compared to their older songs. And I think the worst part of the song is the obnoxious snare drumming in parts of the song. The drummer is just banging the snare trying to make it sound like something it's not. The cleans are good, but in my opinion not as good as in Know Hope.
    I just feel like they got worse. And it's an opinion, not me "hating" on them.

  61. James Bennett

    I'm just gona come out and say it. His voice is horrible in this.

  62. Samuel Lupercio

    I like that he's singing more i don't know why everyone is so butt hurt bout this song, its only one song. i have high H.O.P.E. for this album ;)

  63. Alice Busato

    I was so excited about this new album because I love Know Hope so much, but this song just tore me down. I really like Garrett's screams, i wish there were more, this is just a plain, clean song, it's boring. I like the lyrics, I really do, but the music should make you feel them and it honestly doesn't, it's just a poppy song and I'm pretty dissapointed. i sat through it hoping for some passion in the vocals and it's just not there. i'm sorry

  64. Abdullah Fadul

    Shit this gave goose bumps

  65. absence

    Wow this is the first time I actually sat through the entire song, now I'm even more disappointed. The lyrics are boring and Garett's vocals are getting worse. I loved Know Hope and I was really excited to hear that they were releasing this last year, but now I'm not looking forward to it at all. What a shame, this band used to be so good.

  66. glenn lawless

    Love the clean vocals but I feel like everyone in the industry is doing this yelling bullshit its fucking horrible

  67. Jade McKenzie

    The Color Morale is progressing their sound to suit them as they see fit. It's a wonderful song with a great meaning that many youths need to hear these days. The catchy-ness just adds to the overall appeal.

  68. Caroline Taylor

    Great song! I'm really looking forward to the rest of this album! :)

  69. Rey Malagon

    Garett should stick with cleans. His screams are horrible. His lyrics are boring as well. It's like he is just having an informal conversation. It's also the same materiel as know hope. We get it. You're going through some hard times, but that's life. Get over it and live like the rest of us. There are better things to right about, and more creative styles to write them in as well. It's like he just barffs out lyrics and expects people to enjoy them. I can already tell that this album will be an even bigger disappointment than Know Hope. If his lyrics actually help you through hard times then you've got some problems. I used to love this band.

  70. Anthony Bentivegna

    They lost me after the last album and i cant say i feel they got any better. These vocals arent what i expect from Garret. He was good because he was awesomely versatile. And the instrumentals were good because they felt different. Now all that i enjoy is the lyrics and even that isnt all that compelling anymore. Sad to see another band do a 180 on their style. Does no one stick to their guns anymore?

  71. Matthew Mccune

    btw he knows how to scream properly..its nice to hear someone who is the real deal and not cuffing and faking it like every half assed screamer out there..if you posers hate it so much tell him about how you think he sucks and you want him to sound like every other screamer....when you hear Garrett Rapp you know its him...because he has his own style its his personality...not some bullshit over produced over processed same ole same ole....again you posers should be ashamed...disrespectful assholes with no real understanding .....he knows how to scream properly thats the difference stupid fucks!

    James Bennett

    You seem butt hurt. And by the way not a fan of this singer. And I think there is something off. But can't pinpoint it.



  72. kieran10G

    I don't see why people are hating on this, its a great mix of old and new, the vocal melodies are brilliant aswell. But each to their own.

  73. Tony Harrop

    I enjoyed the opening riff and its usage throughout the song, and really all of the parts with clean vocals, but what a terribly poor effort on the screaming vocals, just sounds like he put nothing into them. If you're gonna do something, do it right or not at all, the clean vocals are strong enough to stand alone. The opening riff would have been a great verse if used with some real screamed vocals, but oh well. Screams seem to get weaker as the albums go on, makes it hard to listen to even with the great cleans, so I don't expect much different from the rest of the album.

  74. XGrizzlyBearHugX

    I like this song.  I have a problem with the title of the album. It's not very original. I have heard it many times. Their past albums have been talking about the same thing. Hope is something that everyone needs but I think there are other aspects of life and human nature that need to be explored in today's world of constant media and literacy.

  75. Brandon Elrod

    Screams and cleans are killer, as always. A little pop-push in there is also a welcome change up. Keep it going, my dudes. Don't listen to the people who'd rather you just make "My Devil In Your Eyes" ten times over, and that's my favorite TCM album, just so you understand where I'm coming from. Change is good, change is healthy, and these talented men can do whatever they damn well please. This album is going to be fantastic, enough said. 

  76. Landon Kays

    This is great, a lot like Know Hope, but honestly, their old stuff puts this to shame. Should've stayed with Rise.

    Chris Luna

    @Landon Kays They changed their sound while they were on Rise, and they are just bringing it with them to Fearless. Know Hope was different from their previous releases. Besides when they started out they were young and trying to discover the sound they wanted the TCM to sound like and it's message. I don't mean to argue just saying what I think.

    Landon Kays

    It's cool man! I also believe that they were still figuring out things during My Devil In Your Eyes and We All Have Demons. I just wish that sound would've been carried on forever. This stuff sure kicks ass though!


    @Joe Bxer
    They don't. People have no idea what they're talking about.

    Jimmy Abrams

    goddamn it landon..... its jimmy bro

  77. whitechapelmusic123

    This was pretty good, the chorus was very catchy. If more songs on the album are similar to this, it's going to be a good album.

  78. UZ1 #OneArmy

    Not feeling the song except for the last 45 seconds maybe??? Idk just seems rushed, like they needed something out soon for their new label.

  79. Kevin M

    I would say I'm surprised by all the hate on this track, but who am I kidding. Same shit happened with know hope, and look at the success of that album. Bottom line is, its still the color morale, the lyrics are still meaningful, the hooks are catchier than ever, and Garrett's vocals are on point. I think people need to give it a few listens with an open mind they would see that, but hey that's just me.

  80. jakec3404

    Honestly, as someone who's loved everything this band has put out...

    This is a disappointment to me. Super nervous for this record. Hoping they make something solid.

    Also...those pitch yells gotta go...yikes

  81. Hydra_16

    so much hate for this song, thought it was pretty sick

  82. Patrick Lawrence Magat

    I miss the scream/growl on Falling Awake, but I like his cleans :D

  83. ichigo hiei

    God what happened to them

  84. Tommy Pickles

    I wish everyone would realize that a single is usually not the most groundbreaking track on the record, but usually a mid to upperlevel track to at least give a sneak peak. I think this song is really, really solid and good. Can't blame a band for evolving and experimenting also.

  85. Joe Woolley

    Both times I've seen TCM live Garrett has explained how much he prefers singing over screaming, I think this new album will be way more vocal based than screaming and I have zero problem with that as he has an amazing voice. If you've ever had the chance to go to one of his acoustic sets after a gig you would know.

  86. Mynor Martinez

    Don't like the fucking song? Then fuck off. Better yet, make your own band you little untalented shits. Make the music you think is best and leave bands like TCM or others alone. Just cause fucking is to hardcore for you doesn't you gotta get your little fuckin panties in a twist. Jeez

  87. Patrick Grana

    at this point, rapp would be better off with cleans like the ones from inertia by in hearts wake. he, also, needs to learn how to sing a full set. having your backups sing the whole song for you is a bit embarrassing.

  88. Andrés Azcazuri

    I just miss the old TCM. This is not what I expected, and it's not positive.

  89. Wyatt Rauch Music

    I couldn't be more excited for this album. It's going to be just as good if not better than Know Hope!

  90. bogart bruno

    wtf happen ?

  91. tjisatotalsellout

    I like it, but it could have been better. I like the direction they're going with more cleans than screams, but I expected better. Hopefully the rest of the album is better than this

  92. Jesse Kees

    You guys can't judge the whole album by one single.  Most of the best tracks on Know Hope weren't even singles. I don't think I will be let down when the new album drops. I know it will sound Dope as Hell.

  93. XraxkillerX

    I liked it

  94. Flying Dutchman

    this is shit, what the fuck men my brother can sing and scream better than you garrett

  95. Lexis Rez

    Maybe they really do love the music they are creating? Dk why people are so quick to judge. "they are only trying to sell records now." Mind telling me what they ate for breakfast this morning, since you know it all?

  96. Ryan Davis

    Liked the chorus and breakdown & outro. Couldn't stand the verses.

  97. Tanner Teague

    I don't think I've ever had as much mixed feelings about a band. I'm either digging the hell out of it or not liking it at all.