Color Morale, The - Lonesome Soul Lyrics

Cashing in on rainchecks
I live withdrawn from surroundings
I'm trying to feel it's not very rich
Nothing stays golden

Yesterday is in the past but tomorrow I don't see coming
We have a gift, a new today but I'm so sick of the present

This is the end of what we used to know
I'm breathing just fine but am I alive
I'm living safe as a lonesome soul
But I'm dying to feel so much less alone
I'm reaching out but I'm feeling nothing

As heavy hearted as a feather with no wind
And broken hearted moving in circles
Like an angel with one wing

Yesterday is in the past but tomorrow I don't see coming
We have a gift, a new today but I'm so sick of the present

This is the end of what we used to know
I'm breathing just fine but am I alive
I'm living safe as a lonesome soul
But I'm dying to feel so much less alone
I'm reaching out but I'm feeling nothing

I'm still there
Walls surrounding me
I'm still there
With bricks others have thrown

This is the end of what I used to know
I'm breathing just fine but am I alive
I'm living safe as a lonesome soul
But I'm dying to feel so much less alone

This is the end of what we used to know
I'm breathing just fine but am I alive
I'm living safe as a lonesome soul
But I'm dying to feel so much less alone

This is the end of what we used to know
I'm breathing just fine but am I alive
I'm living safe as a lonesome soul
But I'm dying to feel so much less alone
I'm reaching out but I'm feeling nothing
Reaching out but I'm feeling nothing

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Color Morale, The Lonesome Soul Comments
  1. MadjaX

    This song fits Shibata vs Okada so well.

    Casiano Estrada

    Yputube take it down :C😭😭😭

  2. Sixpacklean 21

    That’s sad this album has no ratings or comments in iTunes

  3. Sixpacklean 21

    Ospreay vs dragon lee sent me here
    Awesome match and amazing song

    All Mighty


    djmankiewicz _

    Sixpacklean 21 Ospreay vs Shingo super junior finals had me here XD


    @César J. This song was perfect for that highlight goddamn i cried. Katsuyori Shibata is a beast

    Casiano Estrada

    @César J. Me too ;v


    @Talent very emotional and pretty awesome match

  4. Tom Collier

    Okada vs Shibata sent me here

  5. Andrew Zicler

    this is the end ? ... it's like the chorus of monuments song : I the creator .

  6. Blaze Arcane



    Rushane Thanushka same here

    edgy kid

    same lol, i remember this song but seems like the video was taken down

  7. Lera М

    my favorite song

  8. 2fast 4dad

    anyone else relate?

  9. Jake Thompson

    He's reaching out to God but feels nothing. Been there. Hang in there Garrett.

  10. ZANGiLiHEADz

    This song is awesome! I love it! From Japan.

  11. Patrik Černý

    Thank You. I can´t explain, but It is resonating on Soul level. Insanely Awesome. ♥

  12. LockjawGaming

    Just found this album, and I can't believe I let it slip by for this long! I have loved every album with changes or not, and this one is great!

  13. Jeremy Pike

    ever since I have found this song every time I play it I have a tendency to keep replaying it xD

  14. Callie Adams

    This is such a beautiful song. I relate to the lyrics, it's so powerful and raw. Amazing

  15. Al Zewski

    best song!

  16. ilysvengeance

    Guys, I really hate having to force my brain for 15 minutes to figure out what bands you're talking about when you are too lazy to write their whole name and I'm just left with a list that looks like this (GHTI, ABTWDQW, SDPJWQQQQQ and so on)

  17. Dan Mecca

    Don't really care if anyone agrees, but this is their best album to date. From production to vocals and songwriting. They've up'd their game tenfold. Bands grow, evolve, change. Get over it, grow up. Maybe you'll start enjoying music again. Peace

  18. Fernando Mendoza

    this song is fucking amazing and if the rest of the album is like this i cant wait to listen to it..

  19. Ethan Hittle

    Im seeing. These guys I really think they are talented musicians. I just don't know how to feel about them im not sure if i like them it just keeps growing more and more on me everytime I listen to them I figured since I'll be seeing them along with our last night and Hands Like Houses I might as well get to know this band too.

  20. Steven Akins

    I'm reading all of the negative comments and I just keep thinking to myself "How can you hate The Color Morale?" Lol.

  21. Dilemma

    I need the Tabs and tuning ASAP!

  22. soronefabrik1

    never listened nor heard of this band before, love this track!

  23. Dilemma

    What's the Tuning? Drop A#?


    I learned the breakdown part by ear and i figured out that it's Drop A

  24. Mike Lord

    Breaking Benjamin a little.


    thought the same, but the clean vocals are definitley higher than BB

    We Fall Again

    More like A Day To Remember. But that's a good thing actually.

    Gavin Wandersee

    not trolling but... it sounds a lot like The Color Morale.

  25. ventor11225

    This band used to be so fucking great. The first two albums were something truly special and different from any other band. They really had their own sound that no one else could touch. The instruments were not only way more technical but way more catchy and original sounding. Know Hope was just ok but these last two records are just so fucking mediocre. I'm so dissapointed in what this band has become. It just goes to show the guitarists they had on the first two albums really made the band.

  26. MindofSkellington

    loved it since I heard it live at warped in htx

  27. Anthony James

    The shit machine, just keeps shitting out the unoriginal garbage. This would have impressed the worthy in 2006.

  28. DJ Johnson

    Best TCM album yet

  29. SleepingWithPanic!AtTheDisco

    I was never really into The Color Morale until I liked their song Everlong from PG90s2 than after listening to this I'm now in love with them. You go The Color Morale!!

  30. Joanna Flores

    idk who this band is but their lyrics are so good

  31. Lj Avery

    Absolutely loving the guitar in this

  32. Dank Fangirl

    Fire af

  33. emocobra666

    this is the perfect way to open the album

  34. Trevor W.

    As long as the album doesn't stray too much from this, I'll enjoy it. Know Hope was their peak, H.O.P.E. I could never truly get on board with. It felt like a forced record that didn't live up to previous efforts.

  35. PSRevokeTeam

    Eh. Got an old Emarosa vibe but I miss their old music.

  36. LMH

    This is the first song I have liked since My Devil In Your Eyes! Stoked!

  37. 1396yuki

    literally all the cool things are happening the day I get my teeth out

  38. Dank Mems

    saw them at warped tour they're really good live

  39. My Arsenal

    That riff tho 2:10 :O

  40. Neverbloom

    the new album is going to be incredible & you can't deny it

  41. Frostbite6658

    i love this. i love the direction. the sound. it's just perfect

  42. Fred Wied

    Korn fucked NIN fucked Metalica fucked POD fucked Donny Osmond = THIS CRAP!

  43. XZYLO

    This is so good. Reminds me of old Color Morale with more singing.

  44. jck1794

    Not bad. Still like Walls and Clip Paper Wings more though.

  45. Ryan Hedrick

    I think I've grown out of this band... I want to love this new material, but I just can't. Their old tunes had so much meaning to me, but this new music just can't keep my attention. I wish them all the success in the world but I think I'll pass on this album.

  46. BAGGR -

    Amazing! love how they keep growing! can't wait to put on some headphones and listen to the whole album beginning to end.

  47. Chaos

    first second into this song and im hooked but they need to add more screams

  48. Aiman Hossain

    my new addiction, the song and also the band

  49. N. Ash

    Yoooo that intro riff sounds just like Nexus Point by The Room Colored Charlatan.

  50. Jessica Hughes

    Love, love, LOVE this! Can't wait to hear the rest!

  51. Diehlenbrothals

    I love this band so much, I am really glad the growling decreases

    Get over it you fuckers, grow up and change your emo clothes

  52. Kaobit

    La mejor cadena musical *_*

  53. Timothy Mieszala

    amazng!! can't wait for the album!

  54. truth654567

    This sound is perfect. I've been a fan since the beginning and this album I anticipate to be my favorite!

  55. JSweetbassplayer

    Love this so far Garret my bro

  56. Roger Rabbit

    sounds like outer demons

  57. Sav F


  58. sami lindholm

    Its normal to think. Some point on life.. Now i just want to die. Hope and relationships So important you'r jorney

  59. sami lindholm

    All the lonely souls.. :) if darkness fill up your heart. Remember, you NOT a alone!!! Mental issues is 2016Its so sad . Becouse about 60% on young people eat everyday mental medecation .. And reason?????? Long time periodi... Those vi.. U are so negative your normal brain funktion! So, love % päin. Happiness come back if you just smile and be honesty & friends /family. Bad things just belong to our life. :-)

  60. HopeAnchors

    Like all the singles released, can't wait for the album to come out. Loving the direction TCM is going, sounds great! :D The lyrics are so so great ^^ Garret's lyricism always hits me deep & I can relate to them!

  61. Kike Quiroga

    Holy shit, i'm loving this way too much. Loving the change.


    man this is ok i guess, just no real edge to this song man damn idk

  63. Crystal Cook

    This feels much heavier and I kinda like it


    Really got some "Getting Away With Murder" vibes in the beginning.

  65. Nicholas Angyal

    that guitar riff is fucking sick

  66. Lisa Last

    I love all three songs so far :D I'm excited!!!! I preordered the album wooooo!!!

  67. WhatUpEpicGamers

    I usually don't like Color Morale. This however... this is awesome.

  68. Pitra Agung

    Awesome chorus tbh :)

  69. Ted Edwards

    all these fake "fans" bashing all 3 singles that have been out so far. You bitched about the last album being slightly different than Know Hope then they bring back more screams on this new album & even better cleans, lyrics still just as great as ever. Some of this band's supposed "fans" can just be the worst, always spewing the same comments on every new song.

    Kyler DaNeko

    I couldn't have said it better myself thank you for being the only one who actually still has good taste

    Ted Edwards

    damn metal elitists lol

    allseeingowl 1220

    i like it i just wanted to here those sweet ass scream raps like in Know Hope and Hold On Pain Ends

    Nick Penny

    Ted Edwards I'm sorry that I'm a new listener.

    Marc Angelo Chiapco

    We can’t please everyone

  70. Shadow Metal Lover


  71. Shadow Metal Lover

    what a beautiful song I love her It is perfect I know if you will upload more songs "get scared" ?

  72. Brandon Needles

    Yet another song that I just can't get on board with :(

    Ted Edwards

    it grows on you each time you listen. i mean atleast the 3 singles have been heavy unlike most of the last album. 'Clip Paper Wings' is perfect how do you not like it??

    Brandon Needles

    @Ted Edwards I haven't been a fan of any of the singles yet. I don't know what you mean by being heavier, they are far from it. So far they have been really watered down, boring repetitive lyrics, very simple song structuring, no Garret screams, the list goes on... I love these guys, it hurts seeing the generic path these guys are taking :( 


    +Brandon Needles hit the nail on the head buddy

    Dan Shippers

    Its common knowledge that Aaron was picking up most , if not all of the unclean vocals on this album . i read it a few times in interviews before release


    +Brandon Needles I mean half the people gave garret shit for his screams so......personally i like them but i guess maybe it influenced him or something

  73. Hero of June

    These singles n the last album are boring af. what happen'd to these guys? their first 3 albums were fresh.

  74. Brunno Herreira

    essa banda é muito boa ! ta loco

  75. A R P I T

    Great song \m/

  76. Brian Shaw

    666 likes xD

  77. TheOnlyJayyke

    At first I thought this was called Lemonade Soul lol

  78. MonsterBreeee Ö.ö

    I don't know why but I would like this song more if there would be more growling .-.

    Initial T

    Dude lol

  79. Joey Dempsey

    Now I'm stoked for the album, great work guys!

  80. Pablo Uribe

    Lil hint of Nothing More?

  81. Joshua Reyna

    not bad

  82. Morale

    I can't help but just compare everything to the first 3 albums. Hold On Pain Ends and Desolate Divine (so far) just cannot compete with those 3. I used to be such a massive fan of this band, but now it just sounds boring and like everyone else. The lyrics and the creativity in WAHD, MDIYE and Know Hope, were so great. The play on words, the metaphors, everything. Now this..

  83. Ludovic STEYT

    Pretty good, this is the next episode of the "Walls story", isn't it?

    Ludovic STEYT

    @Oliver-Vic Carquinn I just saw the same explanation on a website, given by Garret in an interview. But thank you anyway!

  84. AlliLynn

    This really describes how I feel during this period of my life. Damn.

    derek vieira

    Same for me every album they release its like it knows what I'm going through at the exact moment! It's like what they do!

  85. Alexander McYates

    boring, just like the other singles and their last album. Imo.

  86. Voodoo

    So far my favorite is clip paper wings, the intro to that is just sooo good. This is good, but its number 3 behind walls at the moment.

    Ted Edwards

    i agree, Love Clip Paper Wings, dont know why all these elitist haters dont like it. Sounds like vintage TCM to me.

    Erik H

    I feel the exact same way. Still like all 3 songs more than any of HOPE

    Madelyn Beans

    Lol, the intro I thought to clip paper wings sucked cunts.

  87. Pate Arena

    First song I've heard by them and damn it's a good one. Definitely going to check out the rest of their stuff.

  88. tayla malcolm

    This is great! 🎶

  89. imouttamymind17

    I've always been so impressed with Garret's lyrics, regardless of what album. He makes sure the lyrics are truthful to himself and I can really feel that while listening to every Color Morale song.

  90. Silly Gilley

    this is the first song I heard and....OMJJ THEY R FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤

  91. Geddy Franco

    Holy SHIT!!!