Color Morale, The - Hold On Pain Ends Lyrics

And sometimes the most beautiful pain in life
is the kind you can't disguise or hide.
And the hard truth about life.
If I'm not allowed to give up on mine,
you are not allowed to not even try.

One day at a time you'll have to remake
the same decision as the one I made last night.

You and I have already started to die.
And now that I understand, why I've never felt quite so alive.
And I feel like I've sang about scars a hundred times
but for the record I’ve found the reason for mine.

And sometimes we need to find a reason
for the pain in our own lives.
Mine was you and I promise this song
is a place for the truth.
We can’t keep hiding and hurting.
I know I’ve tried to.

One day at a time we just might have to remake
the decision every day for the rest of life.

You and I have already started to die.
And now that I understand, why I've never felt quite so alive.
And I feel like I've sang about scars a hundred times
but for the record I’ve found the reason for mine.

And for the record, I'm in California still writing one day at a time.
And for the record, I refuse to be ashamed of all my scars.
You and I are both the same.

We've already cheated death so many times.
If we’re going to die, why not cheat it again tonight?

You and I have already started to die.
And now that I understand, why I've never felt quite so alive.
And I feel like I've sang about scars a hundred times
but for the record I’ve found the reason for mine.

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Color Morale, The Hold On Pain Ends Comments
  1. Primeval Art

    Anybody else hear a little Jonny Craig vibes? Specially those high notes?

  2. Primeval Art

    Very Beautiful just first few seconds, then when he started singing was amazing!

  3. Trevor Shoell

    A good friend of mine ended his life a few days ago. Heard this song and it made me cry. Thank you color morale. Know hope.

  4. wilfred mujica

    Underground bands end up to be the best that the internet has to offer

  5. Explicit Dinosaur

    stay strong everyone :)

  6. R35_ STONESkull1

    I always come back to this album when life does south

  7. Jordan Brown

    holy fuck.. 24 year old man and i actually felt a tear in my eyes from 2:27 on. haven't felt that in almost a decade. truly a powerful song! KEEP BEING AWESOME COLOR MORALE!!!

  8. Hadley Hawkins

    This band is my new favorite, after seeing them at Warped. Absolutely beautiful and stunning, and I am such a fan.

  9. Audrey Owen Petrus

    Hold On Pain Ends = HOPE


    Good eye! This comment makes me appreciate this song more than I already did!


    Audrey Owen Petrus

    ...OH MY GOSH


    How did I never notice this 😭

    mizanur Rahman

    I need this for a game clue you help me thanks

  10. Yoshi

    **colour lolzz

  11. GlitterZöey

    So deep.

  12. SkyeGoesGawr

    I was contemplating life again and for some reason a few lyrics of this song came into mind. And I just listened to this song and it helped me hold on for tonight. I mean I know that suicide is definitely not the answer, but I had to have something to get the thoughts out of my head. Thank you so much for this <3

    clark bolding

    I feel the same exact way. Even though I'm a year or so removed from my worst point mentally I would be lying if I said it never crosses my mind. I read somewhere that the thoughts never leave you, but rather you become strong and better understand how to dal with them.

    Rachel Dawley

    I can truly say that the suicidal thoughts DO END! I was suicidal for 7 years. I had been in a mental institution 3 times in the course of two years. I finally reached a point in my life where I was able to look past my problems and focus on helping others. I have been free from suicidal thoughts for almost 3 months now. Although I know there is the possibility of them coming back in the future, I have something to live for.

  13. DoseofDrama


  14. Marcello de vos

    3:42 gives me chills, great song guys

  15. Carly Ann

    It was amazing seeing you guys perform for the first time ever and meeting you was just as amazing.

  16. raquel burow

    Love that song very proud of u Manny too bad they don't give a shout out to the person who wrote the song . manuel beltran my son...

  17. raquel burow

    It would be nice if they would give a shout out to Manuel Beltran who wrote the song


    +raquel burow they probably did all that on the cd.

  18. Doug Dimmadome

    This reached the top as a hard rock album. This is hard rock.

    Booker Amadio

    +Jason Yonda Hard rock albums can't have a ballad? Stop bitching


    +Booker Amadio Dude, this isn't hard rock, at all lmao, more Post-Hardcore then anything..

    Doug Dimmadome

    @D/\WN This is easy-listening at best


    @Jason Yonda Did you listen to their other songs?

  19. BAGGR -

    If anyone needs a friend or someone to talk to hit me up. Depression and addiction can take over ur life if ruler it. Sometimes u just need someone that knows what it going through. There r people that genuinely care

    Initial T

    +BAGGR - sometimes music finds you to be lifesaver for someone to care about. This guy is amazing

    BAGGR -

    @Ahsyaa Pratama thanks. I totally agree

    BAGGR -

    @The Stratatigerizer keep up the postitivity! Sorry it took so long to get back to u

    BAGGR -

    @***** sorry i took so long. Keep ur head up and don't listen to the haters. When u get older ull have so many girlfriends u won't know what to do lol

    NIA Frost

    Nice to read words like that.
    There should be more people like u.
    Acts like that let me believe that theres still love in our cold world.

  20. Manzini

    no tabs ? ):

  21. Samantha Hernandez

    This song is pretty great! It's really amazing how TCM touches the hearts of people with this song.

  22. carlie sheppard

    This is a beautiful song and really helps me when I feel sad. Absolutely adore The Color Morale

  23. meridithhelms

    Love this song! Every time I listen to it, I get something else out of it. Great stuff.

  24. Julia Hernandez

    This is a very beautiful song! The guitar has such a nice tempo. It sort of gave me this almost supernatural feeling... It sends a very powerful message...

  25. Krista Connolly

    This song is beautiful I wouldn't have it any other way!

  26. julius27745

    does anyone know what chords he plays?

    Jake Hefter

    E G C G don't quote me on it but I think so. capo on the 2nd fret half step down

  27. thefriendlyvampire

    On Friday my classmate committed suicide and I would love it if anyone could help out for her funeral services. After those expenses are taken out all the money goes to Suicide Awareness. RIP Holiday

  28. MxHC Music Promotions

    This is such a beautiful song..

  29. Sloane Marvel

    I love that they brought in fans to do the chorus for this song

  30. Ty S.

    There's so much crap talk about this song and I don't understand why

  31. tommyboy417

    going through such a hard time right now idk how to deal with this but thank you color morale for writing this it helps

  32. Abigail Finn

    this is beautiful

  33. Kitt

    cant wait to see them at warped this year!!! 2015 is gonna be an amazing year!

  34. John Doe

    what is this shit? i came here for some metalcore.

  35. David Casas

    Does anyone know the chords to this? Or maybe a tab? I know its not complicated, but would rather not play it by only ear. Still learning a bit and want to learn this

  36. thekid_

    Just saw them live on Sunday, fell in love.



  37. Seth Lutman

    I wish they released a whole album of just acoustic songs.

  38. Random Anonymous

    If you like The Color Morale then buy this shirt!

  39. Gwen Learo

    The feelssss mannn xc but this song is so beautiful and Garret's voice is just perfect ❤️👌

  40. Doofing2

    Vocals sound a little like the first album pretty nostalgic

  41. Anthony Dela Cruz

    This song is beautiful. 

  42. kyaxsimmer

    am I the only one who likes how the band tried something new? change is not always bad. great album along with the others

  43. Brian Bedoe

    awesome fucking album 

  44. Autumn Baumgartner

    more people need to listen to this

  45. JTM Conceptions

    Okay, I know I'm going to get criticism for this comment, but after my first listen, I am not feeling this album so much. As a huge fan of Know Hope (probably favorite album of 2013), I feel like this one is one is a definite let down. Know Hope had amazing guitar work, lyrics, vocals, and was all around catchy and impacted me pretty hard after my first listen. This one had good lyrics but it was entirely repetitive all the way through. The lyrics lacked the metaphorical draw that know hope had, and the theme is different. In know hope it was about his struggles and what he was going through, which made it so relatable. In this one, it's like he is purposefully writing to a specific crowd. The majority of the songs theme is "Don't Self-harm, and you will eventually be happy if you listen to me". And I personally just can't relate to that as much. Also, the catchy choruses are gone. It went from being sad with a mix of hopefulness in know hope to an upbeat/uplifting tone. I preferred the anger and emotion. This album is also a lot less heavy. The guitars don't stand out as much either. This album is a good album and does have amazing lyrics (I did enjoy it, don't get me wrong) and a few songs I really like, but compared to Know Hope, I am very let down and kind of disappointed.

    Nocturnal Productions

    I prefer We all have demons and my devil in your eyes but Know hope was really good too :)

  46. hXc Marc

    I love this band but they had to go with " the last song is an acoustic song" stereotype. I hate that lame, old tired shit. The albums still pretty good and I enjoy a lot of the songs but My Devil in your Eyes and Know Hope blow this out album out of the water. I have no problem with them changing and going a more on the softer side, it's they're right has artists, but I think a bit more heaviness would have done them some good. That's what I love about this band and is good mix of melodic clean and heavy in your face. I think way to much melodic clean on this record and it kinda makes a lot of the songs sound the same. I still bought it though cause it's pretty good and I support them. Good band.

    landbuscus lee

    Gotta do whatcya gotta do

    Caio Camisão

    I don't see any problem at all in putting a acoustic song at the end. I think the message the song is trying to pass is a way more important than the order it is presented in the album. 

    Nocturnal Productions

    Well said I agree

    Icenler Firenler

    i shed a tear for the lack of Heaviness...   ;(

    Nocturnal Productions

    I know how you feel :(

  47. Vincent R Gilmore

    Guitar/Ukulele chords?


    I'm late but the tuning is half step down and chords for Intro are Em7, G, Cadd9, G, same goes for the chorus. For the verse I guess now you can figure yourself out :)

  48. TheUnholy AsianDude666

    Goose bumps and hard nipples ;-; oh my~

  49. tristananvilcaster

    This band and album are spectacular

    Yahshua Friend

    +tristananvilcaster eh the band at least

  50. Gizmo Gear

    Oh, man, I've been waiting for an acoustic song by this band. Love it<3

  51. Viliqqu

    The intro reminds me of You me at six - stay with me acoustic :D but really beautiful song <3 :3

  52. leonakita


  53. Ace

    Absolutely beautiful. Just saw your live broadcast on YouNow. So all I have to say is; Ducks.

  54. Rich Hernandez

    This song is beautiful! I feel like I'm singing this song with them.

  55. Devonte Bell

    I had chills through the whole song...this is amazing!

  56. Allyson Olson

    I'm sobbing. This is fucking beautiful

  57. bluefieldchecker

    Great lyrics and just a great song

  58. iHeart FlavoR

    Looks like 6 people dont have good taste in music.


    1 person can't make original comments.

  59. Simon Aldridge

    Holy shit the youtube comments are ridiculous. If someone is offering their criticism, skim over it instead of being an insufferable fuck. My god all i see is whiny little babies telling people to kill themselves because someone just so happened to not like a song. People who arent even bashing it but just saying their honest opinion are being attacked like a sickly sheep by itself. Grow the fuck up . 
    8.25/10 for the album. not Know Hope but got some bangers \m/

    Simon Aldridge

    9/10* after another listen to


    THANK YOU! Finally, someone who understands the difference between liking a band and being a blinded fanboy.

    Jaxx McCrow

    Agreed. I just recently started listening to these guys so i can't compare it to their old stuff. What you said goes for every band on here. If a band changes their sound people get all pissed off, if they stay the same people get pissed off. I don't get it

  60. shredsCSGO

    This is amazing! Made me tear up a little c':

  61. Adam Barkley Music

    the solo thing at the end reminds me of Circa Survive :')  LOVE this song

  62. Kurtis Heck

    Such a powerful song, and so fitting that the fans are the ones doing the group vocals.

  63. Daisy Van den Brink

    fav band 😍
    I cried tbh
    This just means so much
    It's incredible

  64. Vote Cartman

    Stop pushing lighter and go back to heavier pls thx

    Richard Wayne

    Let the band do what they want pls thx

  65. RoyaltyPkers

    this song is so amazing... really hits the spot

  66. Deion Herteis

    Honestly not a big fan of acoustic versions, but I like this one. I can never bash this band at all, and the main reason is how down to earth Garret Rapp is. He's done so many great things for fans and he always makes sure everyone gets to meet him! Nonetheless, can't wait for this album to come out

  67. cooberpedians

    Absolutely amazing :)

  68. Kahn

    That guitar solo is really outta place :/


    @Andres Herrera im a vocalist in a band lol. take it easy dude. my opinion.


    @Jake Walker Not a musician here or anything, but I disagree I think the guitar solo is beautifully placed.


    @Kendreck howland


    It's all good, bro. I just hate when people say that.


    I agree with you dude(I'm musician too and is my hunble opinion), but I like the rest of song.

  69. BAGGR -

    If you're feeling like nothing is going your way and ur trapped with depression, maybe some good music will help.... you're not alone

  70. Christopher Hankins

    So fucking inspirational

  71. Jordan tateno

    These are the type of songs I live for! Amazing song!

  72. Chris Driscoll

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!! <3

  73. Anthony Flores

    Did anyone pre-order at warped? If so, how will i know when it gets shipped?

  74. caarlile

    This is beautiful.

  75. caarlile

    This is beautiful.

  76. Josh Clay

    This song is so powerful and the lyrics mean so much especially to someone like me . Such an amazing song :)

  77. Josh Clay

    This song is so powerful and the lyrics mean so much especially to someone like me . Such an amazing song :)

  78. Bethany Lynn

    this is so beautiful and powerful! Truly what music should be 

    Iwonwae V2

    Well it doesn't really matter what genre of music it is what makes REAL music is meaning
    Which most now a days artist (rapper particular ) lacks of

    The Way Back Home

    @Iwonwae V2 fuck off. Music is about sound, poetry is a bout meaning you little shit

  79. Amanda C.

    This song gave me chills, seriously so beautiful and the lyrics are amazing. 

  80. Tyler Roerick

    I love this song so much! The idea of getting the fans involved with it, the lyrical meaning, the timbre of the song. Not only can I relate to it as a person but I can appreciate it as a musician.

  81. brittany sherman

    This is beautiful and I teared up listening to it, the first time especially. Involving "fans" made it even more special. So excited to pick up a copy :D

  82. Th3Burn1nator

    Unbelievably powerful. This gave me massive chills... I sincerely believe this song will help many hurting people. Wow.

    Bryan Price

    I wish all it would take is a song to help me at this point

  83. Kyle

    This song really hits home hard...

  84. Missael Torres


  85. anostalgicnight

    This song is so beautiful... I broke down in tears

  86. The Anna

    This is so great. But ... I can't afford any more bands ...  that music thing is becomming a fulltime job for me. But it's so awesome. Okay one more band can't hurt xD

    K A N E

    Its a tough life. Im with you there

  87. Eduardo Magallanes

    Call me tony the tiger because this is grrrrrreaaat!


    your comments are my life

  88. KMNBR

    This is BEAUTIFUL !

  89. Mal Rosette

    I really like this song. 

  90. Gilferdzon De Vera


  91. Cardude02


  92. Brock Freeman

    are you guys gonna post up the lyrics soon?

    Fearless Records

    good question -- we added the lyrics to the video description!


    @Fearless Records are you guys going to make a separate playlist for this album? 

    Groovy Me

    @Fearless Records Thank you! I really appecriate it when lyrics go in description! Most record labels don't do that! 


    @Shroomznetwork  just go buy it ... its worth it ^^


    @Curse Zorak. Ohh I will buy the CD no worries just like to know the songs to an album before I throw money at it and it's nicer to have a playlist for it to put it in the background.