Color Morale, The - Fill;Avoid Lyrics

I’ll never know comfort till the sun sets.
I’ve always known the struggle when the light and my eyes met.
They connect.
Put me back in the earth.
I came from dust and not dirt.
You made me from dust, not dirt.

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Color Morale, The Fill;Avoid Comments
  1. Daniel Johnstone

    garret sounds a lot like Chino Moreno here

  2. daehrren

    6 years later and im still listening to this masterpiece..this music is timeless

  3. xxhardforcorexx

    Can someone please explain the difference between being made out of dust instead of dirt?

    Jesse Kees

    it's a biblical reference if I'm not mistaken.


    @Jesse Kees I'm pretty sure it is, but I just don't see the difference between dust and dirt, unless he's referring to stardust. Regular dust is what you find laying around on shelves that haven't been wiped down in a while. That doesn't seem much better than being made out of dirt. Lol.

    HideousTV official

    xxhardforcorexx I believe the reference means he believes he is composed by god of the stardust of universe not the diet of Earth. embracing science and religion

  4. Jdmtramp

    has a deftones vibe. good stuff

  5. Jeff 95

    This song makes me cry sometimes, it's just so personal to me.

  6. MeStuffedBunny

    Hey guys guess what...
    This is an amazing song. c:
    Now just enjoy it.

  7. iluvBTF09

    Are you kidding me!? And I can link you to Plenty of videos where God isn't mentioned. But sorry, this song is Straight of Genesis! And as an "atheist" it should not at all piss you off! That's so much BS stop fooling yourself hahaha

  8. ilikecheezze

    This song can have so many meanings even though there aren't very many words to it. Uh yeah...let's not have every song on YouTube have something to do with religion, can't we at least have one song where religion or god isn't mentioned? I get how everyone has their own religion but as an atheist it seriously pisses me off how much people talk about it. Great song though, I pretty much killed the replay button.

  9. iluvBTF09

    Last night when I was at college youth group with my Church we were worshiping and then we started singing Beautiful Things by Gungor and then this song popped in my head and just made it all the more beautiful to me, I started singing 'You made me from dust and not dirt.' Just worshiping God with this song! And then the funny thing about that night was the sermon happened to be about Creation! Pretty awesome :)

  10. dewalims

    Bigger Entity than us... *hollow* *tearfall*

  11. Aleksander Zurawski

    Buy some equipment and start film-making... Who knows what you could accomplish!


    Every song I listen to I see people that say that the lyrics refer to the bible..

  13. Man on Fire

    feels like a song I could cry to, so bittersweet ~_~

  14. Leesa hennessey

    Inlove with this song!

  15. Darius Evans

    This was pretty

  16. Araceli Heredia

    Me too c':

  17. benferrisswheel

    This song is so haunting, yet so beautiful. It sent chills down my spine.

  18. infallibleghost

    "you made me from dust" refers to genesis in the bible. if they were atheist he would say "I evolved from a rock" rofl

  19. scream25jazz

    i want this song at my funeral

  20. Low StringTV

    This song sounds like it could be at the end of the movie where the protagonists has died and all his happy moments in life are played out in slow motion-ish and at the end they see people at his funeral saying goodbye and mourning his lost. I would totally choke up to shit like that.

  21. Killingkarebear

    saw these guys open up for ABR on the 22nd (hob, anahiem) and i fell in love with them c:

  22. Chad Robinson

    you made me from dust and a turd ?

  23. Benjermin7

    I'm not exactly sure what the meaning of this song is, but what I perceive it as is that whoever wrote the lyrics (was it Garret?) feels that they are treated like dirt, and would rather be put back into the earth (symbolically) as dust. Dirt is usually used to describe something or someone of poor quality. I love lyrics that have mysteries behind them. Thank you The Color Morale.

  24. Tormented

    I kept on thinking the lyrics were "You made me from dust and nectar" until reading what the lyrics actually were.

  25. Dillon Roley

    I would say that their lyrics are definitely christian themed.. what else could they possibly be talking about?

  26. Kairu Natsukawa

    this song is amazing.

  27. james

    the song sounds like it should be in a horror movie

  28. n1cowboybebopfan1985

    the band is listed on jesusfreakhideout websites as a christian band

  29. C4LLitK4RMA

    This song is so eerily beautiful. I love it, but at the same time it chills me to the bone...

  30. Jamie Wolfe

    I want to have sex while this song is playing.

  31. xxbukwildxx

    open this in 2 tabs and play one like 5 seconds after the other,,,,5x more beautiful!........thumbs up so everyone can see and try!!!

  32. rey carranza

    i wanna get a tatoo that says 'u made me from dust and not dirt' :)

  33. n1cowboybebopfan1985

    @Feamsterr are you asking if their christian? Yes they are.

  34. Ryan M

    This is gorgeous.

  35. Jacob Miller

    as far as the beautiful songs by TCM i think Manumission is better :/

  36. R_THIRTY2

    christian??? i love this

  37. Angel Holguin

    Lmao when i was high this song tripped me out bad xD

  38. JTBKnuggetsauce

    @FalzerSama2010 well with that attitude you might break up!

  39. Dario Rivers

    @VeronicaVee15 you know as much times as Ive listened to this song, ive just realise that now, thats so awesome, TCM fucking rock

  40. dragul0pr

    I'm falling in love with this band. The lyrics from each song in this album.. so true so relatable, I Love You The Color Morale.

  41. Henry Joestar

    The first thing I ever think when I'm listening to this song is the first day I met the girl I like... now she's my girlfriend and this song always makes me feel happy, somehow. And I know that always I listen this song, after we broke up someday, I'll cry.

  42. Dezmond Newsome

    i wish i can show everyone the epic music video that i made up in my head as i listened to this song.

  43. Zac Johnson

    Amazing song. Amazing CD. Amazing band. <3

  44. meetme4tlake

    I'm speechless, heard this song on someones Tumblr, thank GOD for that. I'm so checking out this band.

  45. dkrdTV

    I still find myself singing this.

    "You made me from dust, not dirt"

  46. Cymatic Vibration

    ♥ Glorious

  47. Corey Rou

    @Br00talToon3s4582 your right bro, this and other songs on this album have obvious christian lyrics

  48. Nate Seymore

    Hahaha this has Deftones written all over it. Garret Rapp said in an interview that he would love to tour with them. Love TCM!

  49. Tristan Crowley

    @RedSonRising1 wait really? did you actually drift in and out of consciousness because of the song or because you were tired?

  50. rawrler McGooliger

    @flyingmohawke nice rebuttal genius

  51. flyingmohawke

    @RedSonRising1 More like CuntSonRising cunty.

  52. rawrler McGooliger

    Oh my GOD!! there is a subliminal message in the song, as I was listening I began to drift in and out of consciousness.... then Itunes notifies me that it just finished downloading the cd WHAT THE HELL!

  53. KS Audio

    This whole song is one giant brown note.

  54. hey where's the chocolate

    @kevinrmarvin wow I felt the same way

  55. Quentin Straw

    the song is only on the album because it keeps your ears from bleeding after listening to the rest of the album. plus, its just cool.

  56. Princess Zelda

    The instruments are played in reverse until 2:04. I'm so in love with this song :3

  57. daehrren

    oh,thanks for clearing that up :D

  58. beangryatyourself

    @daehrren they were the band mentioned it in one of their studio updates :)

  59. daehrren

    lol the instruments sounds like they were put in reverse or something.Awesome song though

  60. Matthew Kalapuch

    This is my favorite song from the new CD.

  61. CzarYourselfBrett

    miss mess with brown eyes

  62. Carter Jones

    garret rapp is my hero. i absolutely love this band and its members. greatest musicians i've literally ever heard or known of.

  63. David Acosta

    I would have been content if the song was called "Tear Jerker" I wish there was one more song though. But overall this album was awesome. WAHD and MDIYE are just great albums by The Color Morale.

  64. Trey Fullmer

    I teared up to shit shit that how amazing this is.