Color Morale, The - Developing Negative Lyrics

I never knew exactly how this could feel.
Retelling stories from a movie life from reel to real.
You're still slowly developing and you'll die
if you're exposed to too much light at one time.
People like us have learned to feel at home
in the darkest corners of their minds.

What hurts me the most is hiding the scars across my body
and not knowing if they had a reason to close.
You and I know the price now its time to make change.
Listen decisions will need to be remade.

I told you sometimes days like these don't change.
I know you and I we have the same trouble keeping blood in our veins.

Addiction its not so much about us overcoming.
Sometimes maybe it’s more about us just replacing.
Look you and I will always have this song
just like I know I had a reason to write it.
Its not just a breathless sing along.

I will relive this so that you'll never have to feel alone.
I will relive this when you're alone
I will be the voice inside of your headphones.

I told you sometimes days like these don't change.
I know you and I we have the same trouble keeping blood in our veins.

I know some days I wish I could just erase the past
but if I hide my wounds ashamed then you'd never know we’re the same.
Let my darkness illuminate take my hand and let me light your way.
Just keep the blood inside your veins.

You and I know the price now its time to make change.
Listen decisions will need to be remade.

I told you sometimes days like these don't change.
I know you and I we have the same trouble keeping blood in our veins.

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Color Morale, The Developing Negative Comments
  1. Ian Fragomeni Music

    TCM will always have me but i just find its just a little to repetitive. Maybe its just me. I love and its a good album but not spectacular to me. When first got into them 3yrs ago it was but i just feel they need some different original material

  2. Awake

    Well know hope was amazing but this this album reaches me and I can't get enough thanks for the Album

  3. Josean Colon

    Cant believe so many people dont like this album.. i think is amazing!! Despite I started to listen to them since the first album... My devil in your eyes and this one are my favs. Know hope is great but i just like a few songs on that album. Cant forget about we all have demons, huge album also

  4. playaemf

    They used craig owens to get listeners and views. The color morale is good but cant hold his or chiodos jockstrap

  5. Chris Laumen

    The color morale will always be my favorite, old and the new im here to stay!!!

  6. Paramexer

    I can put this album in and listen to it, but it doesn't evoke any emotion like their other 3 albums did. It's like I listen to it and the music isint that bad, but I don't feel anything while listening.

  7. Tomas Nilsén

    this album in one of the most "stable" abolut of 2014. f#cking awsome tune.

  8. Vicious Vault

    i haven't listened to the whole record, just few songs, whoever produced, recorded, mixed and mastered this record did a poorly job at it, they should have gone back to the producer that help'd them make Know Hope and such, Fearless you broke the band, gosh, you just signed ABR, EVERYONE GET READY FOR THE WORST ABR RECORD OF ALL TIME.

  9. Adam Kelly

    I can't get into this album at all.  I see a lot of other people saying the same thing, but I was a huge fan of the first three records too.  This just sounds like a bunch of songs that got cut from Know Hope in my opinion.  The only really cool part of this song I thought was the end where they do that harmonic minor thing that Chiodos does a lot which makes sense since Craig is on it.

  10. David Scott

    Ive always loved this band

  11. Emiliano Hernandez

    I've made peace with the fact that this is a new Color Morale, I'm a big fan of "Know Hope" (not so much of WAHD & MDIYE) and the main reason for that was the lyrics on the whole thing, and on this one they feel even more raw, and that's amazing.  

  12. Travis Fahy

    Craig killed it great song

  13. dirtyboy1693

    2:50 for craig owens


    dirtyboy1693 my favorite part of the song

  14. Marc Tovar

    I've gotta say... When I listened to the album I saved this song for last. Simply because, every song Craig is featured in is just so harmonic, and he gives the harmony that extra boost that just leaves you in awe. But, I'm disappointed really. Not just with the song but with the album in general. I just thought this song would shed some light for this album. I mean, I did manage to like the first two songs they put out for this album, but aye, I guess I over estimated it. :\ Maybe their next album, I dunno, but I'll be waiting tho. :)

  15. Ed Alchorn

    2 and a half minutes in I got bored of listening to the same riff, this isnt tcm anymore. I don't think I'll be buying this album

  16. Seth Snyder

    You shouldn't judge the new shit they make, if you like it listen to it, enjoy it. If not, shut up and go listen to something else

  17. Abel Gonzalez

    I've been a huge fan of The color since they began, I've gone to shows talked to the band every other show and bought their music, but I can't get into this album.I syill love them though

  18. Eric Stepp

    All these people talking about Craig Owens from Chiodos, Drugs, Isles & Glaciers... and I haven't seen one comment about Cinematic Sunrise!?

  19. ginganinjabamf

    I don't understand how people don't know who Craig Owens is. Wow.

  20. BennyBooStudios

    favorite song off the album. that chorus though!

  21. Travis Fahy

    You guys are nuts craig killed it

  22. Gino Simplicio

    I was beginning to give up on metal for how generic and boring bands have gotten recently, but hearing this gives me hope that things can change.

  23. Tanner Jobe

    Craig kicks ass

  24. Tyler Endsley

    Craig Owens is definetly a reject even though he is one of the biggest growing underground bands (Chiodos) and was in a supergroup Isles and Glaciers, with Jonny Craig and Vic Fuentes. If you don't know then too then you need to leave this page.

  25. QuantumTeapot

    People claiming they're into TCM but have never heard of Craig Owens...I just can't even.


    @***** bruh, you must be odd


    Never used tumblr in my life, good luck with you though.


    They’re young

  26. Rich Hernandez

    Are some people being serious that no one knows who Craig Owens is?? Lol I think they must be some fresh meat. Hahaha

    Benjamin Yanez

    It's because everyone is to the mainstream shit like bmth and om&m and don't realize that chiodos, d.r.u.g.s and more of Craig's old bands are better

    Rich Hernandez

    Very true! In my opinion, around 2005-2009 those bands where at their prime like chiodos, miss May I, suicide silence, a day to remember, and so on. Bands and artists always has there prime states but music like today, they are going mainstream now, because of the fame. Bands/artists sometimes forget where their roots came from.

    Moths To Flames

    @Rich Hernandez Given the opportunity, you'd become fame hungry as well.  These are people just like you and me given extra-ordinary opportunity.  Of course they're going to grab at whatever's in their reach.

    Rich Hernandez

    Yeah, I agree. Making a better living for ourselves.

  27. Taylor Alexis Newcomb

    Craig Owens is the guy from Chidos

  28. Bud Schaefer

    Craig makes this song

    Anastasia Capps

    Craig makes everything.

  29. Michael Koh

    I feel that the song's vocals are a tad muffled. Anyone experiencing it?

  30. anowicki23

    I'm loving this album and this is my favorite track off of the album. Can't wait to see these guys at Mega Fest 2!!!

  31. jakegv28

    After a second listen to the album I actually really like it. At first uneasy iffy but this is one of those bands that you have to listen to a few times. As for the lyrics, even though they don't relate to me that well I can tell he writes from true inspiration even though the subject is cliche. He writes what he wants, he's a lyricist also so therefore you can't say his lyrics are bad because they are what HE wrote. You don't know what's going on in his head. Maybe they are true to him even if they aren't true to you. That's the beauty of music.

  32. Forrest Daley

    had no idea they had a new album coming out ;O sounding very stray from the path in a good way, gonna be tough to top know hope!

  33. Gubba Dawg

    who is craig owens?

    El Blvck

    Vocalist of Chiodos

    James Garcia

    Your mom


    He was also vocalist for Isles & Glaciers and D.R.U.G.S. :)

    Daniel Erlenmeyer

    @embie He also has a solo project.


    @Daniel Erlenmeyer Yeah, I know that :)

  34. Matthew Eble

    Such a fantastic song! Love the attitude and direction of this song

  35. Tanner Teague

    Pleeeeeaase just let Aaron throw down those sick ass low screams on his own instead of in the background. He isn't used enough at all.

    Joseph Schneider

    Especially live. That dude can throw them lows down better then I've ever heard.

    Tanner Teague

    No joke. Dude's a freak.

    damon york

    When he screams live and its just him (which is rare because the bassist and Garret are also screaming) it is seriously breathtaking. So brutal. Adds a super dark and hardcore-esque aspect to this otherwise happy and uplifting sound. So amazing... :)

  36. Anthony Flores

    Man this album sounds awesome.

  37. Josh Hill

    I just can't get into this album, and I absolutely loved My Devil In Your Eyes, We All Have Demons, and Know Hope...

    Myles Garcia

    I'm on the same boat you are. Their first two albums were absolutely amazing. Know Hope was a decent album to listen to, but I don't know how to feel about this album. The lyrics are great. they're touching and have meaning, but sadly that's the only good thing about it. :/

    Josh Hill

    @Myles Garcia I've tried listening to it since I posted this, and I still can't bring myself to like it. I really want to like it, though.

    Drumax Cruz

    All of DGD albums & songs are amazing. Can't wait for the new one ;)

    On topic; I love the my devil in your eyes album the most by far. Sucks can't find any good live videos they did covering it. They need to go back to that sound.

    Drumax Cruz

    I've already seen Beartooth live ty. Not a fan tbh.

    Josh Hill

    @Duke Gibo I have no idea what any of this post means.

  38. Crimson Armada

    the verses sound a lot like stray from the path

  39. TheAbstractHero

    Long time The Color Morale fan here, but I just can't get into this new album... It's not that good :(


    I'll agree they're nice when I'm feeling down... Truthfully Know Hope helped me and inspire me in a short 3 month stint of drug dependency, but now that's over and these lyrics are almost feeling to become a bit cliche. These boys are capable of more, but they're stuck in a bit of a loop.


    same i loved know hope but this eh......but then again i only really got into them after seeing them like 3 times lol and only because of know hope.... cool megadeth shiznit broski

    Greg Seelagy

    I logged in just to comment on this post… I am a huge The Color Morale fan as well. At first I listened through and shrugged and thought, "fuck, they conformed". I listened again. Chorus of Developing Negative was in my head. I listened a third time… slowly realizing each time there is a lot in this album which I didn't hear the first time. Now I love it. Give it a few listens before you totally put this record aside. Just a suggestion. 


    I think they should have took the usual 2 year break tbh. This album feels rushed, even the cover art looks crappy, not to mention the audio is just terribly distorted.

    Andrew Jackson

    Know Hope is my favorite album of all time, and I was a fan of their first two albums as well. But I completely agree that this album doesn't have the immediate appeal, and even after listening through a few times it's not sinking in quickly. I think rushed is certainly the most apt description, and it really is a shame. I know I'll be jamming it in a month or two and I'll always love the lyrics, but I don't think HOPE will build off the traction Know Hope gave them that well. Especially with them dropping of Rise :/

  40. Mark Hopkins

    I hope HMV will still stock this album

  41. David anderson

    So Craig Owens talks for 5 seconds "featured in a song".......

    Luke Peterson

    That's usually how most featured goes in songs. They sing a verse usually and that is it. Some songs are exceptions nut usually it's only a verse maybe two the guest sings

    Luke Peterson

    @***** I don't get the OP logic. He sings around 50 words. Thats plenty and its great!


    @***** I think Craig sings until like 3:36 dude


    C'mon meow. 


    It's till 3:35

  42. Eduardo Magallanes

    Call me mc donalds because im loving it

    Midnite Kaido

    +da poopies LoL

  43. Emma W.


  44. Celesty Murder

    Best song i´ve heard in a loong time!