Color Morale, The - Clip Paper Wings Lyrics

Floating on like a plastic bag without a home
Pages folded became paper planes that we could fly
We've clipped every wing we used to fly

Your wings might be broken but it's not too late
You hide your emotions so you can escape
You can't be afraid to make mistakes
And you can't fake perfection

Broken compass still moving forward
A constant north the one I'll never know
Like everything I gravitate to what ends up killing me
We're separated by a hell of a lot more than the sky

Your wings might be broken but it's not too late
You hide your emotions so you can escape
You can't be afraid to make mistakes
And you can't fake perfection

It's not what you've done but what you'll choose to do
It's not what you've done but what you'll choose to do

Your wings might be broken but it's not too late
You hide your emotions so you can escape
You can't be afraid to make mistakes
Cause you can't fake perfection

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Color Morale, The Clip Paper Wings Comments
  1. Ryan Dyess

    great time for me to go back and hear this again.

  2. Maria Chavez

    This song is on fire!! 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Alexys Fugate

    What are the lyrics to the song

  4. Petr Ošmera

    I love this..we have a new fan.

  5. Niamh Irene

    I recognise the beginning guitar chords from somewhere not sure where tho? X 🤔

  6. Coug

    I don't mind songs with screaming in them, but if you got a great singing voice in general, don't waste it. Good song. 👍
    (My whole playlist consists of songs with screaming in it.)

  7. B P

    phil collins, need i say more?

  8. Constanza Varini

    i need the name of the flower plz

    Freddie Streisfeld-Leitner

    It's a rose, idiot.

  9. toastedcoins


  10. Shockers3000

    I will always love we all have demons and my devil in your eyes more but like a lot of people are saying TCM always makes some solid music and I still love this.

  11. bruh

    Like a plastic bag

  12. devilwearzprada XII

    i got OLN vibes on this one ,this is so amazing, deserves mire views thou

  13. Lindsay Noce


  14. Ungenial

    I'm really happy I found this band tbh. It's one of my favorites.

  15. ChonkAss

    this song really deserves a music video only just got into this band definitley admire this guys unclean vocals for some reason!

  16. Teoman İLTERİŞ

    güzel 👍

  17. Nova 142

    screams remind me of Owl Head

  18. Madelyn Beans

    If only all of the songs on this album sounded like this and "Walls"....disappointing but I still love them with my entire being <3

  19. R35_ STONESkull1

    awesome I'm feeling this

  20. someoneanonymous

    I love this song so much!

  21. Dezkiz Angel Leona

    I'm addicted to this song

  22. Allison McCarthy

    This song is fantastic! They're so talented and their new album 'Desolate Divine' is so good! If you guys haven't picked it up yet you should. This is not a band, or album, you'll want to miss!

  23. Madeline Cronin

    This song is probably my second favorite from the album! I love the guitar at the beginning and I think the lyrics are awesome!

  24. Taylor U

    I love this song! It has so much meaning and I instantly clicked with it. I love when you just know that a song will relate to you. Definitly one of my favorites by them!

  25. mermerity

    The lyrics to this song get me every time " your wings may be broken but its not too late" :,).

  26. Mariah Ann

    oh yes this has been added to my list of favs by this band

  27. Lauren Purser

    perfect song for a perfect album <3

  28. Jess George

    Such a solid song

  29. Barnam Bharatdwaj

    this band needs more exposure!

  30. Dank Fangirl

    This album is great

  31. Nina Guimaraes


    Greta Mae Newcomb

    Nina Guimaraes siiiii

  32. emocobra666

    really love the intro so beautiful

  33. Papa Floga-Chungus

    This mix is terrible. I hope the actual album quality doesn't reflect this too much, as I know YouTube isn't exactly the best at preserving audio quality.

  34. Sventacle

    I believe a great music video is in order for this song

  35. Freakyfyed

    Wait, I thought Skillet released a new album...

  36. cokeacola00

    This is a fuckin solid song

  37. My Black Minds

    fucking awesome!

  38. Spencer Whiteout

    Anyone else bummed on the logo change? I wish they would've stuck with the font they used for the other albums.

  39. My Arsenal

    That riff tho 2:19 this album is looking good as usual :)

  40. Medrea Bogdan

    Awesome song. Greetings from Romania!

  41. ddanahs

    the fuck, man? everyone here's hatin' on "Walls" yet it's like their best song-_-

  42. David Walbrun

    Love this track! Those deep screams!

  43. mothskeleton

    This song is amazing.

  44. Paul Pavel

    The song is listenable. Hope the rest of the album has more drive to offer. Walls was very low!

  45. jck1794

    Love it.

  46. 2011PootyTang

    Was sketchy to listen to this after hearing walls, Glad i did tho :D TCM!!!!!!

  47. Thomas Macdonald

    that almost sounds just like a day to remember singer on the screams ?

  48. kknyrass

    ahhhh those screams from my devil in your eyes.. gonna be an amazing album

  49. Bradley Giovenco

    the color morale has always made great music, they breathe life into people.

  50. Caleb Mullis

    Is this Aaron screaming? Or someone else?

    Cole Brown

    It's Aaron, he killed live

  51. Evan Wentz

    I got to talk to Garrett at Warped Tour for a little but and he said "This new album is going to be as good as Know Hope, basically the last album was a bunch of teasers almost. This new cd is going to be our best yet. That's what happens when you get more then a month to produce it."

  52. Mason.

    Walls had me like ehhh, but the screams in this have made me reevaluate my opinions.

  53. Dan Cross

    What genre is this?

    Ahmed Iyaadh

    Dan C Metalcore

  54. Ryan G

    a mix of OLN and my devil in your eyes? whoa. I can dig this.

  55. Colin Breslin

    this song is litterally so relatable

  56. Colin Breslin

    this song is litterally so relatable

  57. Colin Breslin

    this song is litterally so relatable

  58. Ashley Lorrens

    also this is a amazing song! love TCM! :D

  59. Ashley Lorrens

    i want this song so much but i can't download it :(

  60. Lucid Blue

    please do a song with your lows. just go hard. please. one song.

  61. Benjamin Lipsø

    Our Last Night luuul x)

  62. DudeUDontKnow

    This album is feeling like they are mashing up all their previous albums in one sound

  63. Kwame Coleman

    album sucks...this shit bout to sound like skillet witg the chorus lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂knope hope was better

  64. Kwame Coleman

    this album bout to the song tho

  65. Payge

    I love the way they're going with this album. So damn good!


    Buenísima canción!!!

  67. Ronnie Simmons

    I feel like this is going to be one of their very best albums. Production sounds tight, lyrics are amazing as always, and it's got an overall great vibe. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album. :D

  68. DoseofDrama

    The hate is pointless. This band saves lives, including mine. I'm excited for this album and whatever else is in store for them. Thank you, guys. Know hope.

    Madelyn Beans

    DoseofDrama This band saved my life, and I still have the necklace Garrett gave me at a show at The Lost. I wear it everyday as a reminder of how close I've been to that edge. And how they somehow found a way to pull me out.

  69. Juan Pablo Pitti Afonso

    Is that ft Aaron Mats?

  70. Elex Flores

    this is what I've been waiting for since know hope.

  71. BackFireZz

    Does the sound quality seem bad or is it just me?


    It's not that good, on Spotify it's much more beefy.

  72. Derk Ender

    mehh sorry.

  73. Shannyn Johnson

    This song takes me home. To that place in my mind where I'm free.

  74. huskerguy3

    honestly this is an improvement from hold pain ends. This is gonns be more like Know Hope but I wish they return to My Devil In Your Eyes sound. Those first two albums are just so raw and full of emotion. I love that sound.

  75. Dr Sodomy

    got the album at warped tour I'm so fucking excited now just a waiting game till you release it all!

  76. Dr Sodomy

    And it'll kill live no doubt so excited for this new album!

  77. Dr Sodomy

    only the best song ever created mad respect love you guys!

  78. Dante Masini

    this new album, like every other album will be incredible

  79. Roger Rabbit

    Love the chorus. TCM are back.

  80. Navina C

    Listen to it with headphones! It will give you all the feelings! So beautiful. :')

  81. James Pennington

    Fucking love it. those vocals.

  82. David Lonigro

    that breakdown tho

  83. derek vieira

    Also love the god dayum art work!!

  84. derek vieira

    I'm in love with these last 2 songs it's the happy medium with heavy and melody ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  85. UltimateKakashi5

    Music video please please!

  86. R 8 T E D_999_ERROR


  87. Pearson Lewallen

    This is band was so much better with the first 3 records, musically and lyrically. So boring and diluted to me.

  88. UltimateKakashi5

    This song reminds me of their first album for some reason, especially the first song off of that album.

  89. UltimateKakashi5

    I love the direction their taking, please keep going.

  90. Yuri Fazio

    Im in love with this new album, all these riffs, and Garret's voice ❤️

    Colin Breslin


    Colin Breslin


    Colin Breslin


  91. Lmaoism

    Not really excited for this album tbh. It's not particularly bad, its just not catching my curiosity. A little boring tbh

  92. David Black

    And were back to the My Devil In Your Eyes Screams! This album is going to be TIGHT

  93. Jeff Jacobs

    I became a fan during the Know Hope era. Maybe some of you feel like this might bridge the gap between older and newer stuff, but I don't know. It comes off very generic. It's not bad, but it's certainly not a standout track by any means. Walls had a very similar tone, but I feel like it was stronger all around. However, I'm hoping for better on the album.

    That being said, I didn't care for Hold On Pain Ends much the first couple listens, though, and it grew to be one of my favorite albums of 2014. So maybe that will happen here.

  94. Sid Sharma

    is this really the band that made Humannequin??

    Sid Sharma

    Musicians are just lucky us fans are so loyal, newer mediocre bands have better songs than this on their EPs now.
    I miss the old, complex, deep, insightful and extraordinary TCM.
    Be Longing Always... :(

  95. 4 2

    Keep inspire

  96. Alexander McYates

    Pretty damn boring imo, still not anywhere close to their first 3 albums

    Sid Sharma

    This. My Devil In Your Eyes was a masterpiece.

  97. freaksandgeeks

    i'm in love. the color morale needs to be appreciated more god damn <3


    freaksandgeeks I couldn't agree more!