Collective Soul - Youth Lyrics

And you said we would be golden when we grow old
And you said we'd never be broken when we grow old

But if a river can dry to dust
I guess the angels we learn to trust can fly away
Like a mountain can lose it's peak
I now know a heart can change it's needs quietly

And you said we'd never be parted when we grow old
And you said I'll see you in heaven when we grow old

But if a river can dry to dust
I guess the angels we learn to trust can fly away
Like a mountain can lose it's peak
I now know a heart can change it's needs quietly

And so goodbye, come tomorrow; goodbye, come tomorrow
goodbye, goodbye
Yeah, goodbye, come tomorrow; goodbye, come tomorrow
Goodbye goodbye

And you said we would be golden when we grow old

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Collective Soul Youth Comments
  1. The Organized Garage

    All hail to the Soul Machine

  2. Bobby Mcgee

    Thanks. I love this band. Melodic.

  3. fisty mopar

    Could you please post all the other albums in their entirety so I can listen to them without commercials and ads? Ill subscribe....

  4. Dimas Surya

    apik seru....

  5. Dimas Surya

    top markotop

  6. bruin ruin

    I woke before my alarm clock went off this Saturday morning to put in more overtime and what was playing in my head as soon as my feet hit the floor? Yep, Collective Soul! I'm the only man to show up on the jobsite and have been cranking out the excellent sounds of Collective Soul since dawn. Loving it.

  7. Debby Ahearn


  8. Wing Nut

    This band takes pop to a whole new level. It is all based on The Cars song writing and sound changes. Just throw in some Seattle influence...and a bunch of Jim Morrison and Eddie Vedder singing, but just much better phrasing. This band is really a gem lost.


    What do you mean gem lost? Their 2015 album was stellar!

  9. MikeBertelsen SwordFlameMedia

    Well done! Thanks!

  10. Corry Borges

    All i have to say is, " its got my soul shaken"..."musicology masters at there best". Keep it up Ed Roland ....ill never forget as he walk across the stage an leans off of the stage after he sang youth an gave me the thumbs up at Riverside amphitheater CA. My girlfriend was recording me singing to her..i guess i caught ed's attention . Also Seen u guys at the Murate Shrine Temple.Indianapolis In. The Egyption room which holds up to 2500 seats the best place to hear them perform at. The amphitheater is the best for sound upper balcony an standing floor room only...six times there much of a good time. By far my all time favs

  11. sonic jet

    Collective Soul are the best all time American modern / alternative rock band. They write some good solid albums with the best in feel good music, feel sad music, feel happy music and feel hopeful and inspired music , this rock band took on the post grunge attitude of Pearl Jam and mixed it up with LiVE's upbeat spirit. This rock band has been doing it since 1994 and hasnt stopped ever since. I really like them :) and wish they would be inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame by now in 2017. Goodluck to their futures in music and art and whatever the band wants to do, as long as they do it with real passion, honesty and a good purpose. Not just to entertain, but to inspire and teach :)

  12. Ace Ludenberg

    cool band!

  13. Jeremy Cubs

    This has to be the worst album cover for CS.

    Hadley Wolf

    yur mom

  14. Kellie Sheakoski

    Love it!

  15. Richard Wilson

    Good view

  16. Richard Wilson

    good song

  17. Patrick Radford

    This song is a blast to play simple if your a guitar player...simple and crank the heck out of the amp and have your drummer hit the crap out of the drums.this whole album is great.

    Zento Gaming

    +Patrick Radford lol would you do that at home?

  18. TJ Lemke

    I love the beat to the song called general attitude!!

  19. Kelly Clarkson

    best album by them

  20. Rick Alan

    Awesome roadtrip memories with my family.

  21. Bob Man

    people listin to so much crap music anymore. Thay need to listen to Collective Soul! Great music with meaning . Not crap an bitching!

    Lisa Mcguire

    Christian rock bands have a way of doing that.

    Stacey Christensen

    Lisa they are not a Christian rock band just a real good rock band

  22. tibschris

    I'm of two minds about this. It's obviously a very good album; very technically clean and tight. But it's very reminiscent of older stuff. When a band changes too much it can be for the worse but I'm not sure if this album offers much of a new experience.

    Sheri Van Duren

    That is the exact point of why it is so great!!  more of the same kind of awesome sounds from the beginning

  23. Space Monkey

    And there should be more bands like this.. I've searched, but no one comes close

  24. EVERFiT

    One of my fave albums to workout to!

  25. The Dude Man

    Come up to Montana one of these Summers!

  26. Bob Man

    Great Band The rocked The Buffalo Chip Aug. 3rd

  27. sksigil

    pity the album cover is so gross... music is good tho

    The Dude Man

    The Hell is so gross about the Cover?

    CLM 1224

    +Brad Thomas ....he must be gay.

    Hadley Wolf

    @CLM 1224 nope, just a feminist

  28. scott6154

    One of the most under rated bands of all times! They have 10 times the number of hits than half the bands getting all the press! They will be ignored by the RRHOF when the times comes. It's too bad!!

    Maggie G

    I totally agree!!!!  These guys are sooooooo freaking good!!!

    Maggie G

    Every album and every song on each one is awesome!!!


    +scott6154 agreed. They are masters at creating superb hooks. Their music is always excellent and to the point. "Yeah, dig!"

    jay olsen

    scott6154. true that,great band for along time.

    larry strick

    Roland is a modern gershwin-level writer.

  29. Rick Burrows

    Saw them LIVE at "The Webster" Theatre in Hartford, CT in 6/6/06.  UnF#@%ing Real!!! Whole Audience swayed and Sang!!  Love to All.

    Dax Orien

    lol Saw them a few years back: the crowd kept singing the "shakin" part for like a minute after they were done with the track. Ed is a great fun to watch ^_^

  30. Wolfpackgaming

    this was such a great underrated album

  31. kenneth phillips

    what a great band they just keep getting better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kenneth phillips

    yes they really r getting better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. shredsofhumanity

    Never could get over how different satellite was compared to better now, for some reason the song always seemed out of place to me on this album.

  33. Ash

    Hi -JavaBoy