Collective Soul - Big Sky Lyrics

Conversation brings us
Life's peculiar ways
No warning signs ahead
Our breaths are breathing slower
Some hearts misunderstood
So much is left to be said

Big sky, one day we'll see and know we're not alone
Big sky, one day we'll feel and know it's all our home

The pouring of affection
The gardening of love
How could one want to stray?
All properties we covet
Give guarantees of what
They just get in the way

Big sky, one day we'll see and know we're not alone
Big sky, one day we'll feel and know it's all our home

See space
See space moving out
See space
Space is moving now

Big sky, one day we'll see and know we're not alone
Big sky, one day we'll feel and know it's all our home
Big sky, one day we'll see and know we're not alone
Big sky, one day we'll feel and know it all, come home

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Collective Soul Big Sky Comments
  1. Believe in Yourself

    I love their concerts. Danced to every song. Met these guys staying at the same hotel. Great bunch of musicians.

  2. Scott L. Royal

    Another excellent CS song.

  3. Pam Nichols

    My daddy passed away Oct 2, 2019. Collective Soul ,,,,, you have touch my ❤️ His Big Sky is home!!!!! Looking down. My heart is broken!!!!

  4. Gustavo Teófilo

    Kiss FM...

  5. usnr00

    Now this album is Collective Soul. Much better than the previous album! Thanks guys, Ed, you've done it!

  6. William McKinney

    I like this song but feel like there is a missed opportunity for a great guitar solo here after the breakdown that would have really made the song. Maybe live they will rock it out!

  7. Bill

    Definitely a more matured sound

  8. TUBEro GUY

    Collective soul is always cool,The best & The Future.🍷😎🤘🏻!!!

  9. Bugeanu Florin

    Absolutely fabulous music, good time for you, thank you

  10. 1802Sacha

    I really liked this one.

    Troy McLure

    1802Sacha same. Good song. I like the drumming.

  11. anthony lane

    My great friend which I respect tremendously says that Collective Soul is nothing without the original guitarist!! And although I wholeheartedly respect his opinion I believe he is dead wrong on this Collective Soul is as good as they ever were


    He (Ross) was bass player. Very good but they are quite fine without him, IMHO.

    Troy McLure

    Keith R yes, apparently they were caught spelling together. Ed got mad because he wasn’t included and fired Ross. Never spell with another man’s wife.


    @Troy McLure LMAO!!!

    Vlad the Inhaler

    @usnr00 NO, Ross Childress was the lead guitarist

    bigboost Laser

    I never even knew they had a different guitarist until I read your commit, to me they've never skipped a beat one great song after another, Ed is the man,

  12. bigboost Laser

    You would think they'd run out of idea's after so many cool songs they have done but they haven't cool song!

    Robert Justice

    Absolutely,Ed has always made awesome choices,and never parted badly with anyone who has ever worked in Collective Soul

  13. NAMRON

    One of my top 3 tracks from the album. The right blend of CS music trademark. Likable. Hummable. Singable. Now made available.

    Troy McLure

    NAMRON what are you other favourites from the album? I really like this one, them blues and right as rain.


    @Troy McLure I also like Porch Swing, Changed.


    @Troy McLureThere are Collective Soul slower tunes that I like more than their hard-hitting rock sound. The typical songs in their Dosage album like Run, Needs, something like those kind.

    Troy McLure

    NAMRON yeah, they have such a great mix of rock songs and quieter songs. I’m digging this one and changed as well.


    @Troy McLure Oh thanks for responding. Yes I love the new album Blood. However I'm just left to streaming or listening to the songs on Spotify. The physical copies of the CD or vinyls were not released or manufactured and distributed by a local company here in my country. Im still asking a friend in the US to purchase one for me because I don't do online shopping. Haha. Anyway thanks 😊 and it's good to know another Collective Soul fan.