Cole, Nat King - O Come All Ye Faithful Lyrics

Oh, come ye
O come ye to Bethlehem
Come and behold him
Born the King of angels
O come, let us adore him
Christ the Lord

God of God
Light of light
Lo, he abhors
Not the virgin's womb
Very God
Begotten not created
O come, let us adore him
Christ the Lord

Sing, choirs of angels
Sing in exultation
Sing, all ye citizens
Of heaven above
Glory to God
In the highest

O come
Let us adore him
Christ the Lord

See how the shepards
Summoned to his cradel
Leaving their flocks
Draw nigh with lowly fear
We too will thither hend
Our joyful footsteps
O come, let us adore him
Christ the Lord

Yea, Lord, we greet thee
Born this happy morning
To thee be glory given
Word of the Father
Now in flesh appearing
O come
Let us adore him
Christ the Lord

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Cole, Nat King O Come All Ye Faithful Comments
  1. Bledsoe Gaming

    It's January... I'm still listening to this.

  2. frere jacques

    2019! Merry Christmas.

  3. B Stephenson

    His music still lives on tho :-)

  4. lanzacash

    It doesn't get better than this !!

  5. MrWhiskers29

    Let the Lord Jesus be glorified and adored by all nations! For every knee will bow before Him! Merry Christmas 2019!

  6. Marilee Dent

    Merry Christmas

  7. suzawilo

    There's no Christmas without Mr. Cole🙏🏽🎄🎆💖

  8. Bug One

    Yep!!! That's the one!!

  9. Bryan Mcwhite

    2019 Rules forever nat king Cole Rules forever 👍🎅🎅.

    El Buchito

    And Jesus rules forever.

    Bryan Mcwhite

    @El Buchito 2019 Rules forever end is coming soon

    El Buchito

    Oh hallelujah!!

    Bryan Mcwhite

    @El Buchito 2019 Rules forever make sure you watch the Superbowl this year Vikings and cheifs for the Superbowl Vikings will be the champs 👍. I'm gonna throw my 🐕 dog Gracie in the Superbowl she's gonna be a viking s cheerleader I pray to God Vikings and cheifs for the Superbowl. And Vikings win then we'll be in heaven and Tom Brady and Donald Trump 🙏 will rott in hell god Rules forever the end is near goodnight now brother 🎅🎅🎅🎅🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. Chris Evans

    That voice always makes me cry .....incredible

  11. Susi Strolch

    Kommt lasset uns anbeten in German! But Nat is the King!!!🤩🙏🏻

  12. Nathan Habecker

    in 2020 beving in go

  13. Aemilia Coffin PhoneTube

    66 days left

  14. Carrieanne Michelle

    So beautiful. The world lost a gem the Day Nat King Cole passed away.

  15. Conquistador

    I am never fed up with his songs.

  16. Emerio Manzano

    What am i doing? its june and im listening to christmas songs

  17. Tony Di Paolo

    Feels like I'm a child again. 😢 ❤ 🎄

  18. Aemilia Coffin


  19. navycottoncandi

    Another beautiful voice. Very smooth. Thanks for posting

  20. bebot tandan

    Praise the Lord for Nat King Cole....( 5th day of January, 2019)

  21. Tom Greenough

    The one time of the year to hope and pray for peace over all the world, and that it might actually happen. Thank you Father.

  22. popsingerstar

    merry christmas!!! :)

  23. Indoorshoe Gaming

    I am a confirmed Christian and I love this song and some people in today’s world don’t adore this what happened to the Christmas Everyone cared about no matter what religion. People even laugh when I pray to the lord

  24. Robin Holmes-Muhammad

    The Lord is our one and only AMEN!!

  25. Mr P

    still is..2018

  26. Debbie Addison Jenkins

    Always and forever! Praise be to our Lord, Jesus Christ! <3

  27. Elida Arias

    Soy latina .pero e crecido oyendo a Nat Kong cole

  28. Cat Stevens

    So great! 🎄

  29. Laurens Light

    Glory in the Highest!!

  30. Jack Allensworth

    Yeah, my fellow human beings, all ye sentient beings: Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël!

  31. Valerie Velarde


  32. John Pearson

    One Of My Mother’s Favorite Singers

  33. Olivia Yolanda

    Como Nant Kole no hay

  34. m l anderson

    Keeping THE Faith!

  35. Mary Light

    Yes Jesus you will always be in my heart, thank you Jesus for your ❤️ always ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌺💐🌷😔🌹🌺💐🌷🌸 Alelluia, Alelluia

  36. John Jurkewicz

    Mary Christmas and Happy New Year to you all

  37. Nero Auz

    Glory To You Jesus Christ Our Lord. I love you so much lord. Thank you Lord for coming in my life. For what you have done on the CROSS for us, Lord. I pray for everyone out there that don't know you and about you, about your saving love. Thank you Jesus Praise to The Lord. Now and forever. Everyone will praise him. Amen!!

    Valerie Velarde


    Linda Tilzer

    It's all a bunch of bullshit

    Robert Astrop


  38. Barbara Sutherland

    Always loved nat king cole especially his voice merry christmas and a blessed 2019

  39. Mario Eslao


  40. Raymond Cox

    God is our savior, and for that I am grateful.


    Amen to that!

  41. Beeblebrox One

    Happy Christmas!:) If you're alone right now I'm sending a big hug right to you now!:)

  42. Igotit Likethat

    Come let us adore him- Christ is the Lord

  43. sandra appriou

    Most beautiful male voice ever

  44. Matthew Williams

    May we all come to adore our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

  45. Kakashi Kai

    May God bless all the world and all he made to his Glory!

  46. sandra appriou

    pour te réchauffer mon mamour!

  47. Lime Street Entertainment

    Is it me or does the intro sound like "Second Star to the Right" from Peter Pan.

  48. John-Del

    Lost on today's generation is the lesson here that a singer could make a song about the song itself, not the singer. Has there ever been a more reverent version of this song, ever? Too bad it didn't have a few more verses.

    Edit: And who in the bloody hell would vote this thumbs down???????????????

  49. ღMs Sinocentღ

    Beautiful song.

  50. Dojocho

    Jesus Is Lord.....Russian Orthodoxy

  51. Kaneki - kun

    Wow Christmas is coming!

  52. MsAndrea85

    I grew up listening to Nat King Cole every Christmas of my childhood I am still listening to his Christmas music

    Kayla Allison

    Same. My mom would always play the Nat King Cole Christmas album when we would decorate our house for Christmas😊

  53. Mr P

    My favorite Christmas song :)

  54. sheena Carol

    My tears well up, when I sing along. So Heavenly, and Peaceful! The Voices and the instruments! Sound Like Christmas*

  55. Tas Bot

    Never lose faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.. Keep your faith.


    @The Man With No Name I am not a heathen. See how dogmatic you are? Way to be a hypocrite.


    @Outlaw Gaming I made your whole narrative look like the farce I said it was, and now you are resorting to making up stuff about me. How sad, but so typical of zealots like you. You need to learn English before you try to even teach others about it. Worship that, little boy.

    Deborah Sisson

    So beautiful

  56. Emily L

    Gosh, Nat's tone was so rich and smooth!

  57. BUTTERS Brian Popo

    just a supreme a voice

  58. valmont moore

    great voice

  59. YoutubeFan 666

    I made the best classic Christmas song playlist actually. 😂

  60. deborah williford

    Goosebumps! Praise God! Nat had a voice like silk!

  61. Salvatore Ferruggia

    One of the greatest singers of all time..........................

  62. Judi Harbin

    Every good and perfect gift is from above.  (James 1:7)


    Judi Harbin James 1:17 😏


    Judi Harbin amen <3

    Kevin ONeill

    Judi Harbin ..

    Kevin ONeill

    EnigmaEightEighty8 p


    christmas is 2 months long not one. start now amen....hehehehe

  64. wrestling lovers like me

    one of my favorites

  65. Brigitte Brackett

    POWERFUL ! I am listening to it right now again over and over !!


    My dream is to be a gospel singer and I will sing praises to my Lord on Earth and in Heaven😇😇😇🎤🎤

    nunya bidness

    I hope your dream comes true :)

    Matthew Williams

    ALVINNN I wish you good luck! God bless you!

    vera sposini

    ALVINNNPl Very beautiful.


    ​@willnoff read this please read! May God bless you!

    saurabh johnson

    My prayers and blessings for you from India.
    This is the best thing that can be offered by an individual to a fallen world,
    Thanks for your courage and stand for Christ, dear.

  67. Zelda Williams


  68. Nikki Mcnair

    Merry Christmas!!!!

  69. Nikki Mcnair

    No Jesus was born on Xmas day Dec 25, and was resurrected on Easter


    Nikki Mcnair No, He wasn't born on December 25th.

  70. May Moravia

    Adeste fideles... Este hombre todo lo hacía más bonito...

  71. Felipa Pittsom

    I Like the old Christmas Carol, Nate King Cole. RIP.

  72. Pople BackyardFarm

    love it!

  73. ruthiehenshallfan99

    I am in love with the instrumental intro!

  74. Susan Patton

    beautiful song

  75. Jennifer Hunter

    Good Christmas song & good singer

  76. Letit Bemee

    I can't wait for Jesus to return to us, So we can listen to this kind of music all day & night long.Never ending praising our Lord of Lords & King of Kings.What a glorious day that will be!

    The Bradinator

    Amen sister. When Jesus our Lord And Saviour returns to Earth we can rejoice and praise him for the rest of eternity.


    +Letit Bemee Love=Love

    Valerie Velarde


  77. Val Garcia


  78. Sandra

    Amen i cant wait till Christmas! Im excited.

  79. Becky Becks

    O Come All Ye Faithful!  Fabulous!

  80. HollowedJes

    Nat King Cole can make any non-secular Christmas music a joy to listen to for non-Christians like myself. Thank you Mr. Cole!

  81. Esther Garcia Navarro

    a beautiful video and music

    Esther Garcia Navarro

    Very very elegant.!

  82. David Ofosu-Appiah

    Nat King Cole is Legendary,Iconic,He Is All.With voice Is Timeless.

  83. Deana LaPlante

    1:50 am and I am up listening to this "UNFORGETABLE" singer singing Christmas hymns thinking of the many wonderful memories I shared with my late husband. His voice is truly one that you'll never forget and I am so glad that my son which is 32 has acquired a taste for Nat's music as well. His songs were a big part of our holidays as well as everyday life while cruising on the Lake of the Ozarks. Thanks Nat!

    Jay Stew

    Hope you are sleeping better and not up, its 1am for me too and yeah :) enjoying this. I hope you have a great Christmas Deana :)

    Gary D. Derby

    Miss my Wife ( My Natalie) too ,especially during the season 1945 2003 R.I.P.

    Jason Haynes

    Gary D. Derby
    may God bless you Gary! may your wife look over you and your family.

  84. Rico Atlas

    Nat King Cole was the man. The world is a lesser place without his voice.

    Kevin ONeill

    Rico Atlas @u 1. Mill

    Dante Trainmaster

    Along with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, and Andy Williams

    Aida Adomian

    @Dante Trainmaster Those were the Golden Days with these Beloved Famous Legendary Iconic Sweet Voices Singers

    J Matt

    Now we have John Legend

  85. Ms.Min.S.

    Praise Jesus!  Beautiful, peaceful, graceful, and anointed!!  yES!!

  86. Michael Andersson

    One of my favorite versions of Come All ye Faithful...currently listening to

    Nat King Cole - Come Al Ye Faithful
    Nat King Cole - Hark the Herald Angels Sing
    Josh Groban - Oh Holy Night
    Helmut Lotti - First Noël


    +Michael Andersson I'll add Jackie Evancho's version of this and O Holy Night to the list! SHE'S FUCKING AMAZING!

    Aemilia Coffin PhoneTube

    Those are my favorite carols

  87. Aleksandra Cadichon

    most beautiful male voice ever

    Mark Scheer

    You are so right.


    Aleksandra Cadichon soul classic christmas

    Kevin Walsh

    Aleksandra Cadichon agreed! He was my Dad's favorite singer back in the day.🕊️

    Bunghole Shagnasty

    I suppose you never heard Dean Martin.

  88. fossefan

    Majestic. Just plain majestic.

  89. dearmalika

    Merry Christmas to the hole world!

  90. Tatiana Emery

    Getting goose bumps when listening to it....Thank You

  91. schlurp45

    Christ the Lord. <3

  92. Captain Rogers


  93. Sue Gorgeous

    WAIT..he's not for real?? I'm gonna go have a talk with my parents right now!!

  94. Drew Bonifant

    This, simply, is Christmas

  95. Heylilvelvet

    He was real a long time ago, when he died, the parents became the santa for us. His real name was St. Nick.... the kids, and us, call him Santa :)

  96. shack payne

    i wish santa was for real

  97. Heylilvelvet

    2 MONTHS AWAY!!!!! :D!!!! I'm almost tired of Halloween I want the warm seasons now! These are so warm and give such a great God like feeling that you're blessed from him!! Sigh.... I'm glad this is the first favorite holiday on my list :)