Cole, Nat King - Am I Blue Lyrics

Am I Blue ?
Got up this morning
Along about dawn
Without a warning
I found she was gone
Why should she do it
How could she do it
She'd never done it
Am I blue?
Am I blue?
Ain't these tears
In these eyes
Tellin' you?
Am I blue?
You'd be too
If your dreams
And your schemes
Just fell through
Was a time
I was her only one
But now I'm
The sad and
Lonely one
Was I gay
Till today?
Now she's gone
And we're through
Am I blue?

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Cole, Nat King Am I Blue Comments
  1. Beatles❤Girl

    Always enjoy the "real" music coming from your channel Jim ~ no denying this man's gift!


    A divine gift of a wonderful voice, for sure, BG. Thank you so much for the very nice comment. Wishing you all the best :))

  2. Christine Anne

    what a great voice this guy had jim. very relaxing track, big like from jane and brian.


    A wonderful recognizable voice, Jane and Brian. Thank you so much for listening. Have a great Saturday!

  3. Carol's Oldies/Soul

    This is very nice, Jim.. A wonderful song, by one of the greatest. Thanks for posting this one.. Have a great weekend. Carol


    One of the greatest, for sure, Carol. I'm so happy you liked it. Sometimes a nice laid back song like this is just what I need. Thanks so much for listening! Wishing you a great weekend as well :))

  4. Larry ♫

    (♫♫ ˆ◡ˆ♫♫)


    So glad you liked it, Larry. Thank you so much for listening and smiling :)) Very much appreciated.