Coldplay - Champion Of The World Lyrics

Gi nwa nke chukwu, gini ka ina ekwu
N'ihi ihe nile
Nke chukwu mere

I tried my best to be just like
The other boys in school
I tried my best to get it right
And died at every duel
This mountainside is suicide
This dream will never work
Still the sign upon my headstone, write
"A champion of the world"

Oh oh-oh
Oh oh-oh-oh oh oh

I tried my best to stay alight
Fly like a firework
I tried my best at taking flight
But my rocketship reversed
Oh, referee, don't stop the fight
Everyone can see I'm hurt
But I'll stand before conquistadors
Till I'm champion of the world

(When I sail) And when I sail
I'm sailing west
(Know I might fail) Knowing I might fail
But, still I'm hoping for the best
(In my dreams) And in my dreams
Onto my chest
She'll pin the colours and say
"I wandered the whole wide world but
Baby, you're the best"

Lo lo-lo-lo lo oh
Lo lo-lo-lo lo

So I'm flying on my bicycle
Heading upwards from the Earth
I am jumping with no parachute
Out into the universe
I have E.T. on my bicycle
Because giving up won't work
Now I'm riding on my rocketship
And I'm champion of the world

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Coldplay Champion Of The World Comments
  1. Aidan Kraus

    The most underrated song on the album. Absolutely love this 🤤

  2. PheBus Ziellonde

    This is one of the most underrated song ever. The music, the lyrics, the emotions they expressed deserves way more credit ;__;

  3. Blanca Hernandez

    Que bella canción

  4. Zenoks6

    ''She'll pin the colours and say'', always that soul touch from Coldplay in almost each song. My favorite one for sure

  5. Stephanie K

    I have E.T. on my bicycle. 🎶 ✨💛

  6. Heather Mc Erlean

    My hubby and I have listened to your music for years. I was there with you from the beginning. I just found this album. I have been playing the whole thing tonight so both hubby and I can listen to it. You've always moved us, touched us, made us laugh, sing, and even cry. We have gotten up and danced to your music, but this album is a new level to us. We love it. It's not just the music, but it's the lyrics, it's the human interests, it's the multiculturalism, and it's the heartfelt messages that are in these songs. We love all of this so far. I cannot say I love it more than my favorites I've had for years, but it's my first time listening. I can say there's going to be a few that become favorites ... close to already <3 Great stuff!

  7. Aditya Singh

    Thanks for making me more and more strong everyday....Thank you could play for making me realize who I'm and what I can do....I'll always be yours today tomorrow and till last breath. LOVE FROM INDIA

  8. Emmanuel Rodriguez

    Cada día me fascina una canción más de este interesante álbum larga vida a Coldplay y solo anhelo verlos una vez más 🙏

  9. Wonny Boo

    Coldplay ❤

  10. ismael santos

    Eu amo tanto essa música

  11. Contenido Neto

    Esta canción queda perfecta para mi situación actual de vida, gracias por estar ahí Coldplay.

  12. Joy AD

    "Oh, take me back to the start". This album took us back to the start! This is THE Coldplay we were longing to hear! ❤❤❤

  13. Sandi Eržen

    Superman is a Champion !!

  14. Humphrey Nkwama

    this song makes me happy everyday.........naipenda sana karibuni tanzania

  15. Rio Rio

    Sorry but NO.


    what do you mean?

  16. May04bwu


  17. Saif Ahmed

    "سلام وحب"

  18. RAISED 61

    1:02 This dream
    I gonna work

  19. riasat Alam

    just brilliant.....

  20. Ara Toroyan

    Nothing more nothing less , just MUSICAL GENIUSES ..........................

  21. georges dentzer

    New Wave style excellent

  22. mahmoud aziz

    سلام وحب ⁦❤️⁩


    I love this song.

  24. Erico Fernando

    Thank you, thank you so muchhh... You helped me a lot in this world, your music.... 2:52 iyooo.. iyooo... iyee..... what an happiness...:-)

  25. Lusine Gevorgyan

    Coldplay makes music for the beautiful minds... Chris has voice full of love and light .. can’t get enough of it 💫

  26. McKay Martin

    2:13, Chris must really hate the middle east. 😂

  27. leia

    Everyday I am grateful that I'm alive at the same era with Coldplay.

  28. Walter Fradus

    2:48 loh la la la loh-oh ee-oh ee-oh ee-oh ee-yea loh la la la loh...Loveit!

  29. MacTavish

    what are the lines in the starting of the song?

  30. Wish you were here

    I pity in my indecisiveness :/ I can't sequentially number any of these Coldplay s songs. '_'
    I love them all.😍

  31. Yusari Armika

    754 unlikes!?

    Loser of the World

  32. Rogelio Aquino

    Their music is the weapon of the future, it was in the past and it'll be for the present.

  33. Joana Booz

    Chris tocas mi corazon ..llegas a mi alma..adoro tu voz ...eres el amor de mi vida...

  34. maa dawg


  35. John Rouffa

    Best song on their new album for me

  36. muniru123

    I love the Afrocan vibe on this!!! fire!!!!

  37. The Tosin

    The intro is from a Nigerian tribe. Coldplay is God's gift to mankind.

  38. Layan Baghdadi

    اللي يسمعها في ٢٠٢٠ ليك😘

  39. Remus Sayed

    This was the best birthday gift I ever had.

  40. Fernando Pérez Torres

    Viva la Vida + Fix you = Champion of the world

  41. Vicente Juárez Serrano

    Coldplay THE BEST

  42. Lynnie Heal

    Very talented #Coldplay

  43. Edward Lewis Paxton

    Is there a deadline for them saints to come out and if so when is it?'

    Edward Lewis Paxton

    Yeah they're probably a bunch of pedos too?'

    Edward Lewis Paxton

    I know they'd probably spend billions on how to remove them just at the think tank stage!

  44. Edward Lewis Paxton

    I don't suppose Ariana told you she raped me when I was chloroformed did she?'

  45. Edward Lewis Paxton

    Well if they weren't all spies I might just go for a kiss but I don't know if I want to fly to the moon though cuz they've probably hidden a robot under the dust or summit!?

  46. Edward Lewis Paxton

    Might see if they'll put a bullet in my head sometime protesting that it's not me who's a machine nor the one who you should rage against but that may just be reference to Nazis!?

  47. Edward Lewis Paxton

    They also called me Jimmy hill for a bit as well!'

  48. Edward Lewis Paxton

    Think I'm a ghost still?'

  49. Edward Lewis Paxton

    I am champion of the world horror show covered up by a bunch of hideous cunts!.

  50. Senna Laverton


  51. the Irish man

    This is my favourite song in everyday life

  52. Anna Flecchia

    Fans is better.

  53. Anna Flecchia

    A big big fan.aP

  54. RATESP

    Русские тут?

  55. Hungry Peanut

    I wondered the whole wide world but,

  56. Ammar Junaid

    what is the language in the first 9 secs, I don't know it just gives a feeling of sadness

  57. Antonio Rodrigues

    O filme "E.T" aprovou essa música, kkkk.. AMOOO CHAMPION OF THE WORLD

  58. Shovon

    For those of you old enough to remember, to me this song sounds like something the band Babybird might have done!

    Chris's voice sounds so much like the lead singer Stephen Jones in this song too.

  59. Ismael Gutierrez

    This is probably one of my favorite Coldplay songs since Princess of China 🙌🏼

    Hell Yes Inc.


  60. Kaustubh Mayekar

    Will champion of the world

  61. Kid Marley

    The igbo sample! ❤

  62. chaxavv vv

    I'm here to cry

  63. Danny Delegato

    amazing song!!!

  64. magron1987

    Fix you vibes with the harmonies in the end.
    Loved it then, love it now.

    Axel Boetsch


  65. Adil Zafar

    In a world full of post malones, be a chris martin!

  66. Lauren

    great track, old school Coldplay vibes, can imagine this soundtracking a movie.

  67. Bill Shath

    One of the musical masterpieces of the world!

  68. donFranco2501

    Church and Champion Of The World are the best songs to drive and sing along to!

  69. Sunny Ilu

    listening and watching planes flying in the sky...laugh away the worries.

  70. Piraphat Feemizer

    Best lyrics best sound

  71. Ew Existence

    I wish I was a fan earlier ;-;

  72. Santos


  73. David Steph

    Needs music video

  74. Vincenza Altieri


  75. Oa R

    3:00 this part gives me goosebumps everytime

  76. Rehaan Kahn

    why does this song sounds like this:
    By the way, I'm a huge fan of coldplay, listening to them since I was in 7th grade

  77. Neyamul Arefin


  78. Anonymous Alligator

    This is the Coldplay I fell in love with. This song makes me happy and sad at the same time

  79. sacred franc

    "Coldplay your the best" 🎶

  80. Thiago Dutra

    I LOVE COLDPLAY! ♥️♥️♥️
    Look my the scientist cover:

  81. midhun dc

    how many think they should release a music video for this ?

  82. Aof Worathida

    It's one of my most favourite song from 'Everyday life' 🥰🥰

  83. Mary-Ann Leonowicz

    I love this song. It’s awesome.

  84. Bartosz Augustyn

    Waiting for Official Video for this song! Must be!!!


    Did anyone notice the intro from the song is from Nigeria language 🇳🇬 one of the language spoken in Nigerian IGBO...we are really the champion of the world🇳🇬

  86. Daniela Espinoza

    Es hermosa! Es como un alto para un suicida.

    El álbum es precioso, los felicito

  87. gadette gadette

    J adore cette chanson ! MERCI Coldplay

  88. Hanso Silli

    the best song, i always hear when i wake up in the morning, thanks coldplay

  89. Arya Stark

    Love you coldplay😘 you saved my life !

  90. Rainkid

    Hello world!! We are a new band called Rainkid and we try to make music haha ♪♪
    Check it out and give us some feedback, that would be amazing for us 😃
    Peace Rainkid 💜

  91. Ikenna Anunuso

    My best coldplay song till date. They're back to what they used to be. Wonderful album

  92. jonofleury

    Thank you for everything <3

  93. Kovács Tibi

    By far my favourite song of 2019. The lyrics, the way it sounds, it’s all perfect ♥️ Probably also in the top 3 of my favourite songs of all time from Coldplay. (Yellow, Up&Up)

  94. Abhishek Nikam

    This is how my life is.word to word

  95. Gauss24

    damn, it's amazing


    For such songs to be underrated, is a crime.

  97. thintiourita

    Chris martin I love you ❤❤❤😘